A great DeathMatch level.

DETHSTAR Version 1.1
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Title:                          DETHSTAR      Version 1.1
Author:                 Jaswant S. Hayre  <a.k.a. BLADE>
Location:               Kent, UK
E-Mail Address:         CompuServe  100070,3233

Description:    A great DeathMatch level.

This level is specifically designed for DEATHMATCH play.
If you want to experience the ultimate DeathMatch level
try MEGADETH by this author. It's the best available!

DETHSTAR incorporates the use of enhanced weapons.

Laser sights and MegaViolence mode are independently

Story:          You decide you've had enough of this fighting lark and
accept the demons' invitation to tea and cream cakes aboard
the Dethstar. Unfortunately, there's no Earl Grey left so
you get a bit annoyed... 

This will be your toughest mission yet and you will have
Earth's most advanced weaponry available to you: guns with
laser sights, silencers and enhanced firepower!

Gameplay:       DETHSTAR is designed solely for deathmatches although all
other modes are supported.

Weapons:        DETHSTAR is an assassination mission and therefore gives
you access to enhanced weapons. These incorporate laser
sights for the pistol, shotgun and chaingun. (Laser
sights are optional.)

The laser sights are not used for the rocket launcher,
plasma rifle and BFG9000 because these weapons have a blast
radius and do not need precise aiming.

The laser sights will auto-dim when you enter darkened areas
to avoid giving your position away  :))

Like with the real thing, if you keep the trigger down on
the pistol, shots will tend to wander after the first one.
It is best to release the trigger after each shot. This also
applies to the chaingun. Short controlled bursts of fire are
most effective.

For super-enhanced weapons, try MegaViolence mode.

Mode:           MegaViolence mode only operates with Doom V 1.2. You must also
ensure you have at least 581 Kb free on your hard disc for the
installation program to create a backup of DOOM.EXE. This mode 
gives you access to enhanced super-weapons :))

In this mode, you have enhanced hand to hand combat, a quick
-fire auto-pistol, a rapid re-load shotgun, a 2200 rounds
per minute chaingun, a rapid re-load rocket launcher firing
super high explosive ammo, a fast-fire plasma gun and a
rapid-fire BFG9000.


* Play Information *

Episode and Map #:              E2M7
Single Player:                  Yes - boooring
Cooperative 2-4 Player:         Yes - yawwwn
Deathmatch 2-4 Player:          Yesssssss!
Difficulty Settings:            Yes (1-5)
New Music:                      Yes
New Sounds:                     Yes
New Graphics:                   No

* Instructions *        To activate the LASER SIGHTS, type "LASERON" at
the DOS prompt. This will work for all Doom levels.
To switch the laser sights off, type "LASEROFF" at
the DOS prompt.

To activate MEGAVIOLENCE MODE, type "MEGAON" at
the DOS prompt (Doom V1.2 only & 581 Kb free disc
space). This will work for all Doom levels. To
switch back to ordinary mode, type "MEGAOFF" at
the DOS prompt.

To try out the level in single player mode, type
"DOOM -FILE DTHSTAR.WAD" at the DOS prompt. Then
start your game as normal. When you enter a level,
type "IDCLEV27". You will be warped to DETHSTAR.

* Compatibility *This version 1.1 is compatible with the LASER and
MEGAVIOLENCE files packed with MEGADETH V 2.4 and
V 2.4a.

* Play Guide *
This WAD should not be judged by playing it in
single player or cooperative modes, but if you
insist on playing it this way then try skill
level 4.

For an extremely violent game, use MegaViolence
mode. However, this mode significantly reduces
the strategy element of the game.

* Construction *

PC used:                Accelerated 486 DX2 66
Build Time:             40 hours (i.e. 30 on MEGADETH V 2.4a LASER &
MEGAVIOLENCE files + 10)
Editors used:           Deu, V 5.2
MIDI2MUS, V 2.04
DMAUD, V 1.1
Audiostation, V 1.04
Windat, V 1.64
Known Bugs:             None
Slowdown:               None on development machine (full screen, high detail)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels but must give credit.

Anyone may distribute this PWAD, provided that NO charge of any type is made for it
and the following files are included unaltered:

-DETHSTAR.TXT:          this file.
-DETHSTAR.WAD:          the PWAD file.

Users should also obtain MEGADETH V 2.4a for the following files:

-DMGRAPH.EXE:           the graphics editor.
-LASERON.BAT:           the batch file for installing the laser sights.
-LASEROFF.BAT:          the batch file for removing the laser sights.
-REDCHAIN.GIF:          the laser graphic for the chain gun.
-REDPISTL.GIF:          the laser graphic for the pistol.
-REDSHOT.GIF:           the laser graphic for the shotgun.
-MEGAON.BAT:            the batch file for installing the enhanced frame
-MEGAOFF.BAT:           the batch file for "removing" the altered frame table.
-MEGADETH.FRT:          the enhanced MegaViolence mode frame table.
-DEFRAMED.EXE:          the frame table editor.

* Disclaimer *          I will not be held responsible for any damage done
to your hardware, software, personal relationships
or your state of mind by the use of any of these files.


Additional Credits to:  The programmers at ID for DOOM.
The programmers of the various editors used.
The unknown author whose warzone4.wad was used as the
basis for DETHSTAR. Very few changes were made to



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