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A deathmatch gameplay enhancement, based on SiN. Not nearly as complex as my Quake3 based patch... All weapons are changed: 1: Fists Twice as stron...

DM Patch #2 (Inspired By SiN)
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Version 2:

-Fixed crashing due to offset plasma decals
 The wall scorches appear off center now, but it's the lesser of two evils,
 so live with it.
-Minor dehacked tweaks
-Close range plasma accellerator no longer consumes cells, but still gives
 cells upon pickup
-Shotgun now uses 1 ammo per shot
-nerfed rifle to only shoot 10 shots
-fixed some engrish in this file

Archive Maintainer: Combos directory
Primary Purpose: DEATHMATCH
Advanced Engine Required: ZDoom or Skull Tag
Title                   : DM Patch #2 (Inspired By SiN)
Filename                : cw-sin1.zip
Date Finished           : November 2001
Developer               : Cory Whittle
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Releases          : Yes
Misc. Developer Info    : None

Description             : A deathmatch gameplay enhancement, based on SiN.
          Not nearly as complex as my Quake3 based patch...

  All weapons are changed:
  1: Fists
     Twice as strong as before
  1: Plasma Accellerator
     In close combat mode. Is 3 times as powerful up
     close as it is far away.
  2: Machine Gun
     Finally, a useful default weapon.
  3: Shotgun
     Fires the SSG spread. Slow action, but deadly.
  3: Rifle
     Super strong pinpoint accuracy.
  4: Chaingun
     Spray and pray.
  5: Rocket Launcher
     Nothing too different here.
  6: Plasma Accellerator
     Again, not too different. Faster plasma.
  7: Quantum Destabilizer
     Fires a spray of flames. Be careful, as it hurts
     to touch the spray! Has a limited range, so no

Additional Credits To: -Don Tello for his DT-SIN2.WAD, which I used as a base
  -Ritual for SiN
  -Randy Heit for the awesome #1 Doom Port
* Play Information *

Required Game           : Any Doom iwad
Required Engine         : ZDoom or Skull Tag
New Graphics            : Yes
New Patch               : Yes, a bex patch
New Sounds              : Yes
Single Player: NO
Cooperative: HARDLY
Deathmatch: YES, Primary Purpose!
Included Files          : cw-sin1.wad

* Construction *

Base                    : 
Build Time              : A couple days
Editor(s) used          : Wintex, PSP
Known Bugs              : None that affect gameplay (See below)
May Not Run With...     : Anything that isn't ZDoom or Skull Tag

* Copyright \ Permission *

 Authors MAY NOT use this wad as a base to build additional wads.

* Where to get this WAD *


* Other Comments *


Advanced Description:

I had to make the BFG wall scorch decals fade out after a second. When you
fire the BFG, you are essentially firing 8 projectiles, and they tend to
hit the wall at the same place. This can cause slowdowns, especially if you
look directly into the decals. SO, I used the imp decal, and made it fade out.
Obviously only applies to ZDoom 1.23 for now.

I used the same technique for the machine gun and sniper rifle as I did in the dehacked
version of Immoral Conduct. Hence, running out of ammo and auto-selecting either
of these guns will cause them to lose their accuracy.
Note: This appears to happen much less in Skull Tag.

Sometimes, the machine gun and the BFG will cause your ammo to go into negative (-1)
values. Once you pick up some ammo or a weapon containing that ammo type, you
will be fine. ZDoom 1.23 doesn't allow you to select empty weapons, however
1.22 and Skull Tag will, so often you'll have to manually swith to another weapon
if this happens. Some common sense will do as well, IE if you have 1 cell left, don't
fire the BFG or you'll end up with -39 cells.

This WAD file was uploaded by WildWeasel - since Cory Whittle doesn't seem interested in Doom anymore.
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