The Quake dm2 deathmatch level. Designed as a DooM2 level, it should look familiar if you are a Quake skull cracker. Please E-mail your comments!!

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Title               : "DM2"
Game                : DooM2 (!)

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Filename            : d2qdm2.wad

Description         : The Quake dm2 deathmatch level.
                      Designed as a DooM2 level, it should
       look familiar if you are a Quake skull 
                      cracker.  Please E-mail your 

Author              : Larry "Rocketman" Herring 
Email Address       : <email removed>

Info About the
 Author             : This is my First ever level for any 

Special Thanks to   : Matthew Ayers for Waded

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Map #               : 01
Solo                : no
Cooperative         : no
Deathmatch          : deathmatch only

New Sounds          : no
New Graphics        : no
New Music           : no

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Based on DM2, QUAKE deathmatch level #2.
Completely converted by Rocketman

Editor              : Waded
Other Utilities 
 Used               : none
Build Time          : 1 week

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This level is copyright 1997 by Larry Herring.  
Permission to use, copy and distribute unedited copies 
of this file [d2qdm2] is hereby granted, provided 
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(1)  This file contains intellectual property 
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     artwork) owned solely by Id 
     Software (www.idsoftware.com), and is subject to 
     any and all copyrights held by them.  The author 
     does not have authority or permission, either 
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