DM2GM3A.ZIP (dm2gm3a.wad + .txt)

A DOOM II combo co-op/ deathmatch / single player wad. This pwad represents my most ambitious effort for pwad design to date. I have payed particul...

DM2GM3A.ZIP (dm2gm3a.wad + .txt)
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Title                 : DM2GM3A.ZIP (dm2gm3a.wad + .txt)
************** DM2GM3.ZIP is NG use DM2GM3A.ZIP ****************************
Author                : Eric C. Reuter
Email Address         : <email removed>
                        (All comments, suggestions and criticisms greatly
                         appreciated; its way to quiet around here.
Misc. Author Inf   : I'm Sysadmin for  supercomputing, with an obsessive
     desire to spend my time in persuit of totally 
     non-productive pastimes, like designing DOOM and 
     DOOM ][ pwad maps.

Description        : A DOOM II combo co-op/ deathmatch / single player
                     wad. This pwad represents my most ambitious effort 
                     for pwad design to date. I have payed particular 
                     attention to design elements like textures, lighting
     and shading, weapon placement, monster selection,
     and most of all playability. One area of this level 
     is extremely complex, graphically, and had occasionally
                     caused a NoAvailableVisplanes or similar message and
                     subsequent crash to DOS. This should be fixed, but 
                     if you have any trouble, please e-mail me right away. 
                     This wad designed for use with DOOM II and replaces
                     map01 (level 1). Any and all feedback welcomed.
                     Also, there are no unsolvable puzzles or traps. 
     all secret doors are identifiable via texture change
     lighting, or similar. Any area you can see, 
     you can get to.
                     Hope you like it, if not please tell me why, so I can
                     improve on design. ANY and ALL Feedback Welcome!
*  Play Information  *

Episode and Level #             : Episode 1 (map01) of DOOM II
Single Player                   : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player          : Yes (2 player tested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player           : Yes (2 player tested)
Difficulty Settings             : Yes
New Sounds                      : No
New Graphics                    : No
New Demos                       : No

*  Construction  *

Base                            : New level from scratch
                                  Build Time: long, long, long.... 
Editor(s) Used                  : Edmap 1.22 (Love it!)

Known Bugs                      : Had occasional NoAvailableVisplanes 
                                  crash. Should Be Fixed. If any problem
  please e-mail me right away.  

Recommended:: 486-66 or higher processor, with at least 
  8 MB Ram. Local Bus Video a big plus.
  This pwad will strain a 486-33.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
Authors/ Users MAY add or remove weapons, monsters and ammo
to suit taste for playability.

You MAY distribute this WAD provided you include this file with no
modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format
(BBS, Diskette CD, etc.) as long as you include this file intact.

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites :  
(any other ftp site if you request it,
 just e-mail me.)



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