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A package of 12 different deathmatch levels, varying in weaponry, size etc. The levels are sorted by "fragginess": first are the levels c...

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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09, MAP10, MAP11, MAP12
Title                   : DMATCHES.WAD   
                          version 2.3
          ÛßßÜ ÛÜÜÛ ÜÛÛÜ ÛÛÛÛÛ Üßßß Û  Û Ûßßß Üßßß
          Û  Û ÛßßÛ ÛÜÜÛ   Û   Û    ÛÛÛÛ Ûßß   ßßÜ
          ÛÛÛß Û  Û Û  Û   Û   ßÛÛÛ Û  Û ÛÛÛÛ ÛÛÛß
          Ú Dmatches.wad v2.3 from Iikka Ker?nenÄ¿
          ³ now available for DOOM2. 12 well-made³
          ³ levels with no bugs, this is the best³
          ³ deathmatch wad ever! Fun for months! ³
          ÀÄ Includes documents and a demo file.ÄÙ

       (Death-matches... You know the Death-cigarettes...)

Author                  : Iikka "Fingers" Ker?nen
Email Address           : <email removed> (For emergencies only!)
Cmail (conventional)    : Iikka Ker?nen
                          Kiiskitie 4
                          93400 Taivalkoski

Misc. Author Info       : Won the Taivalkoski Deathmatch Championship 1995
                          - very proud of!

Description             : A package of 12 different deathmatch levels, 
                          varying in weaponry, size etc. The levels are
                          sorted by "fragginess": first are the levels
                          containing only shotguns, catlings etc, and 
                          last are full of bfg-plasma-cyberdemon things...
                          All the levels are made with taste, texture   
                          alignment is excellent and there's no bugs!
                          Go fragging your friends for next month!

Additional Credits to   : Everybody who wants credits and thinks he is 
                          worth of them... 

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01 - MAP12
Single Player           : Yes, but only for training, testing, etc.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No, hell no!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes!!! This is why DOOM exists!
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Title picture
Demos Replaced          : Watch the DMATCH07.LMP to learn the "Cyberdemon
                          control" - buttons. There's as many as 13 buttons
                          controlling the "demon slots" and the spider's 
                          To watch the demo, type:
                          DOOM2 -file dmatches.wad -playdemo dmatch07

This wad should be played with monsters, as I have positioned them for making
Deathmatch play even more exciting. In some levels the monsters are a vital
part of the game, so please don't disable them! For example, some of the
levels have cyberdemons guarding valuable items or just keeping the players
running... like in the very first level. It is best to use the -respawn -
option so you can play a level for hours and still have the same barons 
shooting at everybody trying to catch a bazooka or a supercharge...

* Hints & Tips *

1st level: Never stop in a place where you can see the central tower! The
           Cyberdemon can truly mutilate you! To best time to catch the
           supercharge is when the Cyberdemon is going up in his elevator.
2nd level: Watch for an opportunity to get the supercharge... when the 
           elevator goes down it's sure that somebody is trying to catch it.
           Just jump down and get the power-up yourself!
3rd level: All the deathmatch starting points have a hidden entrance. Find
           it and you can any time get 100% health! If you are in the grey
           tower and see the lift coming up then welcome the visitor with 
           your bazooka by shooting at the wall above the elevator!
4th level: You can get the rocket launcher by carefully stepping out through
           an open window - but beware the Cyberdemon! The super shotgun is
           very near to one of the chainsaws... find it and you will rule!
5th level: Almost every place can be reached without stepping on lava. But 
           not the place containing the hidden supercharge! This makes the
           "underwear" very important... Exit is in one of the start points.
6th level: Nearly anything can lurk in the dark shadows of the disco house...
           To get the chaingun you'd better choose the right "lane" or be 
           crushed! Super shotgun is located in the "Baron's tower". 
7th level: This level contains Cyberdemons! The only relatively easy way to
           defeat them is the patented Demon Crusher (tm). There is a bullet
           proof shield that has an armored window (the thing that looks like
           a node building error...). If you hide behind this shield and the 
           Cyberdemon walks towards you, it disappears just to appear in the 
           crusher! When you open a demon slot you can open another one by 
           pressing a button appearing somewhere. Also there's buttons for 
           closing the slots. With these you can quite easily choose the
           number of demons ruling the level (0-4). See the demo...
8th level: A remix of the previous one, this level has up to three 
           Cyberdemons and a demon crusher. The monster teleport is between
           two metallic pillars at highest floor. Lure the demons to their
           death, but how to avoid the rockets? Try it!
9th level: It's not sure how many secret doors there is in this level. Maybe
           ten, even more... ANY wall can contain a secret door, even some
           door's tracks contain a secret door! Chech a torch near Exit...   
10th level: A mega-armor is hidden in a pillar near to another armor, but how
            to get it from there? The baron's elevator contains both a trap
            and a secret door - use the last one! You can get all the BFG's
            and such, but they are illegal weapons and you can get in jail...
11th level: In this level there's two BigFraggingGuns but both can be reached
            only in a painful way... To get the supercharge it's a nice idea 
            to know some "strafe keys" to get around the barons. And remember,
            it's always possible to get some resupply from exit!
12th level: The final one, this has no exit at all! The cyberdemon dominates
            the weapons, but there's a better shielded entrance than the 
            stairs. Remember: The one that first reaches the demon will rule 
            the game!
* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Build Time              : 4-8 hours/level, just a few months ;) 
Editor(s) used          : waded 1.37, waded 1.83beta
                          bsp 1.1x, bsp 1.3x
                          wadcat 0.6
Known Bugs              : I have seen no bugs in this wad (except a single
                          spider in the 7th level...)
                          There might be a bug in the 6th level as the bsp13x
                          didn't work on it (caused visplane overflow errors)
                          and I had to use the node builder of waded 1.83b...
                          Anyway, I haven't seen any bugs! 
                          If you see some, please try using your own node 
                          builder and if the level works perfectly after that
                          you can email me and say what program you are using.
                          This means, if you find and FIX a bug on any level. 
* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

However, you may add FTP sites or other places to the list below, if you 
upload this wad somewhere.

* Where to get this WAD *

WWW : Doom2 Project
BBS : Gamenet 
      (Both two are Finnish)
Title                   : DMATCHES.WAD   
                          version 2.3


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DM Spawns
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