Team game that works within Doom ]['s current architecture. Deathtag requires that a team score 5 points to win (score is tallied WITHIN the map).

DOGTAG: Team play for Doom ][
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04
Title                   : DOGTAG: Team play for Doom ][
Filename                : DOGTAG3.WAD (as in Reservoir Dog-Tag)
Authors                 : MrBlonde
Email Address           : <email removed>   or
                        : <email removed>
Description             : Team game that works within Doom ]['s 
                          current architecture. Deathtag requires that 
                          a team score 5 points to win (score is tallied 
                          WITHIN the map).  
Additional Credits to   : Talon and Aikman for the Dethtag Concept.
                          Playtesters: CtKill, Bane, Aztec, MrOrange
                          and Mindwave. Couldn't have found all the
                          bugs without you.

* Play Information *

Level 1                 : DogTag1 (Revised Enhanced Version of the Original)
Level 2                 : DogTag2    "         "       "     "  "      "
Level 3                 : FragTag    "         "       "     "  "      "
Level 4                 : DogTag3 (New Level)
Single Player           : Yes, to check out the level
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : NO!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES!  Designed for TEAM PLAY!
Difficulty Settings     : No, But Skill 5 is recomended for the extra ammo.
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes 
New Music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Editor(s) used          : DCK, DEU for Doom ][, BSP
Build Time              : Light Years
Known Bugs              : None

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT alter these levels.  

* Where to get this WAD *

The Wall (DWANGO BBS) 214-286-8291 (Use username DWANGO for instant access)
KCE BBS 613-0992 (maybe)


                  Experienced Dogtagers may skip to the 
                end for the minor differences in Dogtag3.

               D O G T A G 1 & 2    I N S T R U C T I O N S

  Gameplay for Map 1 (DogTag1) and Map 2 (DogTag2) are the same.
  DogTag3 is very similar, with its differences explained at the 
  end of this document.

- There are two teams, Blue (Green & Indigo) and Red (Brown & Red).  
  These are std "team" colors, but you may deviate it you like.

- There are two forts, a blue one and a red one.

- Within each fort is a switch which opens a colored door marked "Rad
  Suit" in the other fort. Behind the door is a Radiation Suit.  So, 
  Deathtag requires that one player hit the switch, and the other 
  get the suit.  Once you get the Rad suit, you'll be teleported to the 
  same fort your switch-hitting partner is in.  Then, you make a run 
  for the scoring lanes to the North side of the map.  You'll have to 
  cross the hot lava and access a lift to reach the scoring ramp.  
  Run in your scoring lane (red or blue) and you will have automatically 
  tallied one point, and teleported back to the main playing area.
  Note:  You can ONLY take the suit out of your own fort.  The blue team
  gets their suit out of the blue fort, the red team gets their suit out
  of the red fort.  If the blue team obtains the suit out of the red fort,
  the game will only allow you to score a red point, so stealing the other
  teams suit is of no benefit and is somewhat frowned upon.


- Points.  You play to 5 points.  Each time you score by running into your
  scoring lane, your point will be tallied on the digital scoreboards found
  throughout the level.  Once a team has 5 points, the scorer will be beamed
  to a raised area with a tall lift which lowers automatically.  To win the 
  game, you must cross onto this lift (Expect lots of resistance from the 
  other team). This lift is actually a teleport, and crossing onto it beams
  you to the Victory Room where you will instantly get a megasphere and
  a BFG + lots of ammo as your reward for winning.  You will see two 
  teleports, a Blue one and a Red one. By entering your teams teleport 
  you reveal a sign showing your team has won, and you are beamed back
  to the play area where you can now go wild on the losers with the BFG.
  As a bonus to further humiliate the losers, they will find their fort
  is now sealed off, and access is no longer possible.
  If you get killed on the platform before the lift lowers, you must get 
  the suit again and make another scoring run, even though your score will
  not increase. You have not won the game until this task is completed.
  Meanwhile, the other team can continue to try to catch up. It is
  critital that your partner come to your aide, if you are to survive 
  long enough to make it into the teleport. 

- Scoring Activity indicators. This new feature is visible on the back 
  wall of each fort, to either side of the colored doors, and at the 
  entrance to the scoring area, and they serve a dual purpose. These
  indicators are actually very small, but very tall sets of colored lifts, 
  one blue, one red. These lifts drop when a team gets the rad suit, 
  so viewing these tells you if a team is making a scoring run. If the 
  other teams indicators are down, get your butt out there and try to 
  stop them. These lifts are in synch with the door to each scoring lane, 
  which is another very tall lift. Once you get the suit, your scoring lane 
  will be open for about 30 seconds. If you don't make it, and return to get 
  the suit again, make sure that your indicators are back up, since you 
  can't send a lift back down until it has stopped moving. The wait may 
  seem like an inconvienence, but it corrects some problems with earlier 
  deathtag style pwads and eliminates cheating. 

- Scoring Lanes. You will notice that the doors to the scoring lanes stay 
  open for a limited length of time (more that enough to score).  They 
  close at the same time the radiation suit wears off, so don't delay your
  entry.  This is done with the use of some very very tall lifts, which
  act as doors to the scoring lanes.  They drop very far below the entrance
  which gives you plenty of time to score before they come back up. This 
  dealt with the problem in dethtag.wad, where the lava lake was often
  closed off if your opponent had just gotten a point. As mentioned earlier,
  these are in synch with the indicators in the forts, so DO NOT get your
  suit until your colored indicators are back up. If you do, your scoring 
  lane will NOT be open. Unlike in Dethtag.Wad, you no longer have to press
  a switch in the scoring lane to score.  Just run in and you pass a series
  of lines that does the same job, but is 100 percent effective, and beamout
  is automatic. No more botched scoring runs because the wall came up before
  you got to the switch! Don't bother trying to score twice with the same
  suit, once you enter, a second barrier closes to keep this from occuring,
  and it won't go back up until you get the suit again.
- Weapons.  Rockets, super shotguns, and chainguns only, except for the 
  BFG you get for winning. 

- Megasphers.  There is a megasphere it the rear of each scoring lane,
  but you can't get it until your 5th point. You will need it if you
  are to survive the rocket barrage that will be waiting for you when you
  beam back to the main area and try to cross the ending lift.

- Ending the Level.  Once a team has won, and its scorer returns to 
  the play area with the BFG, two switches will be revealed which 
  allow you to end the level. If you are playing Map1, these switches
  reset the game so you may play again, but in levels 2-4, they simply
  end the level and tally the frags.  You will have to set it up again
  if you wish to play again past map1.

                    F R A G T A G   I N S T R U C T I O N S

FragTag is a true 2 player DeathTag Style level without all the cheating
or "no-suit" scores found in other 2 player tag wads. Like DogTag, you have
to get a radiation suit which allows you to survive on the lava long enough
to make your way to the south end of the level, where you must go up your
colored lift, down and out another lift and out to the ramp leading to the 
scoring lanes. Whats different about FragTag is that radiation suits can
only be obtained cooperatively.  
   When you begin you find yourself in the starting room. You will see
two teleports, a scoreboard, and 2 doors labeled "Handicap Lane".  The
"ALERT" sign is visible letting you know that the Handicap Lanes are 
open and accessible. More on the Handicapping later. Green scores in 
the blue lanes, Indy scores in the red lanes.  Exit your teleport
and you will find yourself on your side of the playing field.  The two
sides are blocked off from each other for now, but open up as soon as
radiation suits are obtained.  Get a gun or two and go to your "Rad
Suit" door, and your opponent should do the same.  Both of you must 
now open your doors to get the radiation suits.  Since it's actually a 
double door, you will not be able to get a suit by yourself, the secondary
door on each side is lowered by pressing the front door on the other side, 
making this a cooperative task. Make sure that before you press your door 
that the other guy's door is fully closed, or that he has just opened it. 
If he is standing in the doorway, keeping his door open...don't open yours, 
as it will let him get a suit, but not you as your secondary door will have 
already closed. These doors are actually lifts and are only open for a few 
seconds, so be careful about when you open them.   

   After you both get your suits, you will be teleported back to the exit 
pad and off you go. The dividing wall will lower allowing you to cross 
over to each others side.  Now run like hell to the south end as you must 
go up your colored lift, in and around the tunnel, and down and out the 
exit lift which will lower automatically.  Doing this lowers a barrier in 
the scoring lane, which makes a score impossible until this task is 
accomplished.  Next take the lift up and on to the scoring ramp and run 
to your door. Press it, and it will lower, but it takes a few seconds 
to open, so you better get ready to dodge some rockets while waiting.  
There is a second door in the lane that opens and closes automatically and 
is timed with the radiation suit. (Dogtag players will recognize this
feature)  It closes as the radiation suit wears off, meaning that you 
took too long to score and you will just die out there on the ramp, 
as Fragtag does not give you an unlimited time to score.  If you die, 
you just start over. Make sure your colored bars are up which indicate 
that the radiation suits have respawned and it is now possible to make 
another scoring run. Be sure you are familiar with this feature...
the blue and red bars you see between the radiation suit doors and
also on each side at the entrance to the lava are actually very tall
lifts that are in synch with the radiation suits.  Make sure that 
these bars are visible before getting radiation suits.  If they 
aren't, you will find that when you get out there to score, the 
secondary barrier door in the lane will be up, making a score
impossible. If you do everything correctly you will be able to
run into your lane and get one point.  Scoring and beamout is
automatic, and you will see a point registered on the scoreboard. The
game is played till someone gets 5 points at which time that player 
will be rewarded with the BFG at the end of the lane and be teleported 
to a small room which is a most likely still rising. (Its actually a
tall lift.) When this room stops rising, you will be facing an unlit
switch which lowers the door infront of you.  This lets you back out 
to the playing area where you can now belittle your opponent further 
with the BFG.  Also a sign outside will have lowered showing which 
player has won. In that same little room is an exit switch which will 
end the level.

The Handicap Lanes
   Dynamite had the idea to make handicapping possible.  This way, a
lesser player can be spotted points during the game to even things 
out.  Hopefully this will allow everyone to enjoy Fragtag no matter 
who you are playing.  You have only two opportunities to give away
points, at the begining of the game, or after someone reaches 4 points.
When you begin FragTag you will see two lanes with colored doors labeled
"Handicap Lane". To give a point, you must exit to the play area while 
the recipient stays in the starting room.  Do NOT press the unlit green 
switches yet or you will block off the lanes.  If the Blue (green) player
wants to give a point to the Red (indy) player, he must open his blue 
"Rad Suit" door.  It will also open the Red door in the start room.  
The Red player just simply runs in and is teleported into the heart 
of the scoring lane where he can proceed to get a point.  The floor 
is "hot" so don't delay.  Now he will be beamed back to the start room 
where another point may be given.  When you are through giving out free 
points, just press any of the switches to close off the Handicap Lanes.
They will remain closed until someone gets to 4, at which time they 
reopen, making it possible to even out a lopsided score. If no further 
handicapping is needed just close em off again and continue playing. 

Be sure to close off the Handicap Lanes when they are not in use 
to prevent accidental handicap scores.

                  D O G T A G 3    I N S T R U C T I O N S

  Gameplay for DogTag 3 is very similar to DogTag 1 and 2. Dogtag3 is a
  new level which has the exact same scoring area as 1 and 2, but has 
  a completely new fort.  There is in fact, only one big fort in dogtag3
  but in the rear, there are 2 sides, a blue wing and a red wing. 
  You will notice that the Rad Suits are elevated, and can only be
  obtained by riding up a small lift that is lowered by pressing the
  switch in the other wing.  Other than that, you play exactly as
  you would play dogtag1 or 2. What makes this level fun and interesting 
  to play are the numerous ways to manuver and outsmart your opponents 
  while moving in and around the forts. 


I would like to hear from people who enjoy dogtag. I spent a great deal
of time developing these levels, and It would be nice to know that they
are getting played. Feel free to e-mail me with comments or bugs.



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