1.91 MB
WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP31
5 single-player levels for DOOM II with new music, some new sounds,
a new monster, and some gorey death animations for existing monsters.

NOTE: BAKPK21B.WAD requires a Source Port which can import wads
      containing sprite data - such as ZDoom, MBF, Boom, PRboom,
      Legacy, etc.

This is a modified version of BAKPAK21.ZIP which included BACKPACK.WAD
(dated 1 Sept 1996).

Original author    :   Scott Langstaff            <email removed>
Version 'B' Update :   Sparky of KISS Software    <email removed>

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
- deleted the Level 30 Nightmare Demo ( as it was irrelevent
- converted the thanks.doc file from MS-Word format to plain text and
  appended onto the end of this document.
- deleted demo2 and demo3 (internal lmp demos) as they were demos of
  the original Doom II levels and had nothing at all to do with the
  levels contained in BAKPK21B.WAD.
- deleted MAP 31 because it was a Deathmatch level, and besides, none
  of the levels had an exit to the secret level.
- deleted the faulty m_doom menu graphic
- renamed the levels so they run one after the other like a real set of
  levels. Note that the original authors designed these levels to be
  stand-alone (i.e. you start with a pistol only) so they may be a
  little too easy played sequencially.

    OLD LEVEL      NEW LEVEL      LEVEL NAME                AUTHOR
    ---------      ---------      ----------                ------
        4              1       Loki Level 4               Philip Ward
       13              2       metro13.wad                Mike Reed
       19              3       caslotr2.wad               Scott Crank
       22              4       The Undiscovered Realm     Ian Cunning
       26              5       Mines                      Iiika Kernen
       31           deleted

- renamed the music to match the level changes above so the levels
  have the same music
- deleted all the unused music - only kept title/intermission music
  and the music for the 5 new levels.
- converted the lmp demo for Map 26 Mines to operate with Map 5
  (using Lmp Fiddler v1.9 by Ryan Robinson).
- the original backpack.wad was 2.6MB uncompressed, this version 'B'
  update is 1.9MB uncompressed.

Patching is not required when BAKPK21B.WAD is used with one of the
above mentioned Source Ports. Just use BAKPK21B as-is.  For example:
     zdoom -file bakpk21b
     legacy -file bakpk21b.wad

     (See the intructions specific to your Source Port)

BAKPK21B.WAD was tested okay with:
   ZDoom v1.18b      MBF v2.03              PRboom v2.02
   Boom v2.02        Legacy (DOS) v1.28     Legacy (Win32) v1.28

Known bugs - the lmp demo ends prematurely at the same place using all
             the ports (except ZDoom which does not support lmp v1.9
             at all).

The original text file follows:


                       DooMII Backpack V2.1
                 Scott Langstaff  (<email removed>)

This wad was originally inspired by Mark Klem's excellent
Markinc wad. The idea of including things you would always 
want when you play DooMII :)

What's "DooMII Backpack" all about? Well, basically I have taken 
a whole bunch of cool DooM stuff, stuck it all together, and
added some of my own touches..In short, this is everything
you could possibly want for DooM2 (almost).

For a full listing of everyone who has contributed towards this wad,
see THANKS.DOC as soon as possible.
Apart from the files required to play backpack.wad, I have also

LEV30N.ZIP }   

This is purely for interest and you may remove it if you wish.


        - this will put all the sprites into the wad, making it playable.
          (afterwards you will be taken straight into the game)

         - after it has been installed, you can play it again by typing this.

That's all there is to it. It doesn't edit the main WAD or EXE file or 
anything else - so don't worry. Just enjoy.


I would greatly appreciate people's opinion on this wad. 
Of course, you can e-mail me about anything related to DooM if you like.
Or black metal, or ferrets (Ferrets TC?) or whatever.
Also, if you discover any bugs, please let me know.

If you wish to use any part of this wad elsewhere, check out THANKS.DOC
to see if the part you wish to use is listed with the author and contact
address.. However, if an author or contact address is not known 
for some reason then I'm afraid I can't help..
If you wish to distribute DooMII Backpack as a full package, then 
feel free, but please let me know first. 


1.0 > 1.3 - new:

title picture,
menu logo,
lost soul,
death scenes for zombieman, imp, demon,
lastguy wav files..

2.0 - in addition:

demos (now for 1.9),
soundtrack adjusted,
sounds tampered with,
replacement maps (4, 13, 19, 26, & 31 - more planned for future versions!)
different sky#3,
lmp file of map30 on nightmare..

2.1 - now:

two new demos,
new map22,
installation changed..


   The following files should have been included in BAKPAK21.ZIP:






Special thanks go out to the following (in no particular order) who have contributed towards 
                                   DooM][ Backpack V2.1 :


The New Sprites 

Dethset - Home of the WadFactory have provided the great new Lost Soul and 
the Plasma Rifle sound - both taken from their excellent HeXen.wad which you can download -
along with tons more cool stuff- at:
You can e-mail Dethset at: <email removed>

Included in Backpack.wad is Aidan McGinley's brilliant Ultimate Gore. 
This includes cool new death sequences for the Imp, Pistol Dude, and the Pink Mother.
You can download the sole Ultimate Gore at and Aidan can
be reached at: <email removed>

The Replacement Levels

Loki Level 4 is provided courtesy of Philip Ward. This cool little map is at
(get Loki1-3 too!) and he can be contacted at: <email removed>

Scott Crank for the brilliant new Map19 (Castle Of The Renegades2). Unfortunately, this is
without the new graphics, but you can grab it with the new graphics at
E-mail Scott at: <email removed> 
**Also check out his awesome Wtrfront.wad at! My favourite level ever!!**

The new Map13 is Mike Reed's excellent Metro13.wad which you can get at his DooMII site at:
This guy is special when it comes to making levels!
E-mail at: <email removed>

Iiika Kernen for the amazingly good looking\detailed new Map26 (Mines).
This is available at and Iiika can be reached at: <email removed>

Map22 was taken from Ian Cunning's excellent IC DooM Series: The Undiscovered Realm.
There are two other excellent maps in the package so I recommend downloading it from now! Also check out his web page at:                         
E-mail at: <email removed>                                                        

Tim Tracey for Balcony2.wad - my favourite ever deathmatch wad which has replaced Map31 
here. Although Tim can't seem to be contacted, the text file said I could use it as long as
I made no profit. This is also available at

New Graphics

"Tag" made the awesome Dm2_rock.gif - which I used as a title screen.
I have no idea where to e-mail this person!  If anybody knows, please tell me! 

The Momento Mori Crew for Sky#3. Visit the MM web page at: and grab both of the excellent MMs (as if you 
haven't already!) E-mail: <email removed>

The Replacement Demo's

Map26 - recorded by Iikka Keranen - the author of the level. Check out that dodging!

Map07 - recorded by Klob - <email removed>. Get more of his cool demos and other
stuff at:

Map03 - this one was recorded by me - Scott Langstaff. My web page is at: 
You can e-mail me at: <email removed>

The excellent Lev30n.lmp within was recorded by, um, ?
However, he can be e-mailed at: <email removed> 

The All-New Musical Score

Thanks to the makers of the excellent Midi's which I collected to compile the new soundtrack.

New Sounds

Thanks to all the makers of the Wav's which I used as new sound effects. 
Thanks to Dethset for the Plasma Rifle sound (see above).

The Utilities I Used

WinTex 4.3 - the best DooM Utility on the planet! Thanks go out to Olivier Montanuy.
You can e-mail Olivier at: <email removed>

Ted 1.2. An excellent Endoom editing program. Thanks to Peter Monks.
You can e-mail Peter at: <email removed>

Midi2Mus - I am grateful to whoever made this program. 

The people behind Paint Shop Pro are also to be thanked.

Anyone Else

Mark Klem for the original inspiration with Markinc.wad located at 
Visit his excellent DooM2 page at:
and his ftp site at:
You can also e-mail Mark at: <email removed>

Peter Meiklem, Craig Meiklem, and Peter Nellist for playtesting.

Cradle Of Filth, Emperor, and My Dying Bride for the background music.

Coca Cola -

And last, but by no means least, id Software for the greatest game of all time! 

                                   THANKS EVERYONE!

                                   <email removed>


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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