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                by Dr. Death of The X Organization (XoRg)

Half-Baked Meaningless Babble:

Ok folks, here it is, the long awaited (haha) DRDEATH1 patch wad for your 
killing pleasure. I enjoy DOOM wads with a space station motif, but I don't 
exactly enjoy running around trying to solve all kinds of puzzles. There are 
a few things to figure out in DRDEATH1 but nothing extreme. This is a level 
designed with killing in mind. Getting trapped in a little room with 4 barons 
of hell sucks, so you won't find anything harder to kill than a cacodemon. I  
prefer getting in shotgun fights with the sergeants and being overrun by the 
little bastards, so thats what I have created. Lots of former humans, 
sergeants, and imps with a few demons and cacodemons thrown in. I also indulge 
in two more of my favorite scenarios: big rooms and dodging fireballs. You'll
see.  This is a good size level with 500 something enemies so I recommend a 
pretty speedy 'puter. 

Worthless Statistics:
 Things: 534
 Vertexes: 1382
 Linedefs: 1352
 Sidedefs: 2048
 Sectors:  238
 Platforms: 23
 Why am I telling you this?

 Bizzbum Sheethead - for getting me my editors and being cool in general.
 Necromatic (XoRg) - for being groovy and having faith in my level making 
                     abilities. Hope ya like it.
 Maldorer - for being cool enuff to have a good DOOM file section. 
 ID - guess!
 Hinge Syaxx - Where the hell are ya?
 Gwar - for all those special moments in my life.

Dr. Death uses DoomEd 2.50 beta 4 (Its buggy but it works! <sometimes>) Waded
1.17 (fun little program) Depends Undergarments (for the times I shit in my 
pants) and lysergic acid (makes me shit in my pants)

Dr. Death refuses to use: Any form of Deu. Buy a real nodebuilder, Deu-Boy!
This level took me a real long time (70+hrs)to make (editor learning curve, 
editor crashes more times than the Italian Air Force Demonstration Team, umm, that
week I spent in a coma). I haven't found any bugs in it, nor any HOM effectz
(that wuz a bitch) Um, Anybody can use this level to build on, and rip any of
my ideas, providing you give credit to me : Dr. Death the Mighty. 

More useless info:
 Graphics replaced: No
 Sounds: NO!
 Multiplayer: No If I can't play multi-player, why should you?
 Deathmatch: Make it yerself
 Demos Replaced: Whats the point?
 Animals killed in making of level:  Many

Thats it. I really hope you enjoy this level, I spent a lot of time to make 
it fun and aesthetically pleasing. (ha, another mind saved from higher 
education, look at all those big words!) Anywayz, if you like this level, 
send 100 dollars to yeself and consider yer level registered and yer 
conscience clear. (sorry, can't do anything about yer cattle mutilation 
conviction) If you are literate, Netmail me at Fidonet address 1:388/13
 Have lots of fun!
        Hey Necro, Get off of Tee-J!!!!!!!



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