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Title    : Dark Eden
Filename :
Version  : 2.1
Date     : November 7, 2000 (11/7/2000)
Author   : Patrick Martin
Email    : <email removed>

     This is a relatively large-sized villa style level.

* ID for Doom, Doom][, Quake, and QuakeII.
* Raven for Heretic and Hexen.
* Renaud Paquay and the DEU Team for Win32DEU.
* Marc Rousseau for Zennode.
* Jens Hykkelbjerg for RMB.
* Robert Fenske, Jr for Warm.
* Denis Moller for NWT.
* John Diamond for the red sky.  It remains my favorite ;)
   Go download his HELRZOR level pack!
* Malcolm Sailor for making great levels, introducing me to
   John Bye and The Coven, and encouraging me to finish what
   I started long ago.
* John Bye for GARDENSD.WAD.  A part of the design of this
   level is inspired by the 'hanging gardens' from that
   level.  Also for accepting me into The Coven.
* Chris Martin (no relation to me) for finding a visiplane
   overflow and reporting it to me, so I can fix it.
* Scott McNutt for the "Stairway to Heaven" midi.
* George Bell for the name Mr. C and for starting the
   Doom Tyson lmp collection.
* Colin Phipps for the helpful review at Doom Underground.
* Every other wad author for placing wads & other add-ons
   available for downloading.
* Mom & Dad for plenty of good stuff.
* God!


You have arrived at the residence of an enigmatic individual
known only as Mr. C.  Mr. C is best known for 'donating' money
to fund UAC's research on interdimensional travel.  With Mr. C's
help, UAC has managed to develop technology that allows humans
to travel from one place to another without crossing space.

Soon after UAC's progress, strange events have occurred at
Mr. C's residence.  Unearthly lights and snarls of beasts were
reported by those who passed by Mr. C's residence.  This has
caused some to suspect that Mr. C is not what he seems.  A few
have even ventured to say that Mr. C's true form is anything
but human, and he is using the technology developed by UAC to
open a gate from his home dimension to Earth.

After a few days of these frightening incidents, you and a
buddy were sent to investigate and stop Mr. C if possible.
You carried a sidearm with 50 bullets plus a berserk pack,
and your buddy brought in a shotgun.  Soon upon your arrival,
a grate slams shut, sealing off the escape.  Your buddy tells
you to stay behind with the berserk while he moves ahead to
clear out an area.  After a few moments you hear yells, snarls,
some gunfire, and a scream.  It is clear your buddy was killed.
Now it is your turn.  Find Mr. C, stop him, and escape alive.

Below are some areas at Mr. C's residence.

The Dark Eden
This is where it all begins and ends.  The eden is large,
and it connects to several different areas, though not all
are accessible at the start.

The Marble Hall
This long hall connects the Dark Eden to various areas inside
Mr. C's earthly residence.  Huge windows are carved into the
ceiling to provide light into this great hall.

The Lounge
This is the room where Mr. C's personnel and guests sit down
and enjoy themselves.  Mr. C keeps plenty of books and games,
and a few artifacts.  Get ready to crash a party.

Twin Balconies
Aside from connecting some halls, these two areas overlook the
east wing of the library.  Many of Mr. C's prized artifacts are
on display on top some of the bookselves.
(Hint:  You need help from someone to reach them.)

The Library
Mr. C is a highly educated individual, and he keeps books of
arcane lore plus a stockpile of weapons, ammo, and other items
in this seemingly quiet area.  Visit Mr. C's seer; he is more
than happy to have your palm red -- with blood!

The Temple of Doom
This is Mr. C's dirty little secret, for it reveals his true
nature.  Beware of the cultists, for they will stop at nothing
to prevent you from leaving.

The Courtyard
Mr. C enjoys the great outdoors and awaits here for
the final confrontation.  Go ahead and make his day...


Play Information
Game                    : Doom][
Map #                   : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes (designed primarily for it)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes? (not tested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes? (not tested)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Music               : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
Demos Replaced          : None

Base           : New level built from scratch.  I built major
                  sections as separate levels then merged them
                  with Warm.
Build Time     : I lost track... I started this about June 1997,
                  then put it on hold until December.  I guess
                  off and on for two months.
Editors used   : WinDEU32 v5.24 - level building, wad merging
                 Zennode v0.98a - blockmap/nodes/reject
                 RMB v2.1       - reject special effects
                 NWT v1.3       - resource manipulation
                 Warm v1.6      - wad merging
                 Windows Paint  - construct level title gfx
                 MS Imager      - convert gfx file types
Hardware used  : Pentium-100 with 16MB RAM and Doom][ v1.9.
Known Bugs     : You may see sliver HOMs near the pentagram.
                  In addition, the level contains arch-viles and
                  many doors.  The ghost monster bug can happen
                  if you are not careful.

Author Information
I am 29, and I like game design.  I build maps and mods
when I get the chance.  I was the lead coder for the Quake2
mods MAD and ArmourBack in The Coven's Disposable Heroes.

I am also the author of the following Doom and Quake stuff:

  DOOM][ levels

  Quake QC mods

Copyright and Distribution Permissions
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute DARKEDEN.WAD, provided you include DARKEDEN.TXT
and DARKEDEN.REJ, with no modifications.  You may distribute this
file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as
you include this file intact.

Use this wad at your own risk.  If by using this wad you or
your belongings suffer damage, it is your problem NOT mine.

FTP sites: (at the very least)


Revision History
version 2.1
* Made secret much easier to reach.
   (This may wreck .lmps that depend on the secret.)
* Added more ammo in multiplayer games.
* Faulty door (sector 274) does not open slightly anymore.
* Removed some sounds.  Changed pistol .wav.

version 2.0
* Simplified the dark eden.  This should fix the rare
   visiplane overflow bug.
* Minor texture swaps.

version 1.3
* Front door in courtyard cannot be opened from the inside
   by monsters.  This stops the player from using a sick
   strategy to telefrag Mr. C.

version 1.2
* Fixed one minor omission.

version 1.1
* Flagged sector 147 as a secret.

version 1.0
* First release.

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