This level was built for my afternoon DeathMatches, hence the title. It consists of a central raised area around which there are several walkways a...

DeathMatch Afternoon v1.0
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Title                   : DeathMatch Afternoon v1.0
Author                  : J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

Original Release        : September 2nd, 1997

E-Mail                  : <email removed>
Web                     :

Included Files          : DMAFTER .WAD - The main data file
                          DMAFTER .TXT - The file you're reading

Additional Credits      : Matt Fell and Hank Leukart, for all their
                          useful documents pertaining to DOOM, the various
                          utility authors who made the tools that allowed
                          the creation of this WAD, and id Software, for
                          their excellent 3D games.

Description             : This level was built for my afternoon DeathMatches,
                          hence the title. It consists of a central raised
                          area around which there are several walkways and
                          weapons. There are also several "hiding-holes",
                          perfect for an ambush.

                          All the weapons are present, as are a Soul Sphere,
                          Combat Armor, Beserk Pack and a Backpack. These
                          items can only be reached by lowering one of the
                          outer lifts, then running to the corresponding plat
                          in the center.

                          There is no exit in this map, so you'll have to
                          play it with the '-timer' parameter. I usually like
                          DM levels where there is an exit, but in testing I
                          found it led to too many people accidentally
                          pressing the exit switch as they ran to the center.

                          In addition to the stuff mentioned above, each
                          of the four corners of the level are color-coded;
                          red, blue, green and gray. This helps you tell which
                          direction is which, as well as where the weapons

Technical Notes         : This level has been packed with WARM, so if you
                          mess around with it without unpacking it and
                          it screws up your system or something, that's
                          too damn bad. Disregard this message if all
                          you want to do with this level is play it.

Revision History        : v1.0 - Initial release.

� PLAY INFORMATION                                                           �
Game/Map #              : Doom, E1M6
Demos Replaced          : None

Supported Modes         : Deathmatch
Difficulty Settings     : Full implementation

Special                 : New music

Base                    : A UAC facility on Phobos. Oh, I mean, all new
                          level from scratch!

Build Time              : About 2.5 hours

Editor(s) used          : DETH v3.00
                          WARM v1.5

Known Bugs              : If there were any bugs that I knew of and I still
                          released this, I would go to hell.

� LEVEL QUESTIONS                                                            �
 Q. How can I get to the items in the center area?

 A. Just lower one of the lifts on the outside and a corresponding lift in the
    center will lower. For example, lowering the NE lift will lower the SW lift
    in the center (which is directly across from the NE one). If you don't get
    it, just try it and it will make more sense. :)

 Q. Are there any secret doors or hidden rooms?

 A. Nope, what you see on the map is what is there!

� COPYRIGHT/PERMISSIONS                                                      �
 Authors had better NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels,
 or else I'll do something very cruel and painful to you!

 You MAY distribute this compilation, provided you include the original .ZIP
 file with no modifications and all other associated files.

 This map copyright (C) J.C. Bengtson
 All mentioned trademarks are the property of their respective companies.



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