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Daleky.wad is a severe remixing of elements of the drwho.wad. This wad has new graphics and sounds to turn the player into one of the most imfamous...

Deathmatch Daleks
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WAD Type
Dalek Players for DOOM2 version 1.9
Title                   : Deathmatch Daleks
Filename                : Daleky.wad

Description             : Daleky.wad is a severe remixing of elements of the drwho.wad.  
                          This wad has new graphics and sounds to turn the player into one
                          of the most imfamous of Doctor Who villians, the daleks.  It's 
                          intended to be used for deathmatch, but is quite enjoyable to 
                          play single player. It is intended for DOOM II, and you will 
                          need to use DEUSF to merge all the sprites and sounds into it 
                          before playing it.
Additional Credits to   : ID Software for finally giving PC owners what they secretly 
desired most but never wanted to admit to. A game that
was more impressive than anything on the Amiga. (Only took
EIGHT years for PC technology to finally catch up.) ;>
  Andrew Brockhouse - Creator of the Doctor Who wad to which a
the dalek graphics originated from. Long live the new
Doctor Who series, piloted May 14th, 1996 on Fox.
  Olivier Montanuy - For Wintex and DeUSF, which I used heavily
to move the graphics and sounds in.  Get Wintex or DeUSF
so you can use this graphics and sound patch properly.
          The various authors of the Starwars.wad, of which the dalek's
pistol gunstick and heavy was lifted, which probably was from
Dark Forces originally.
  The Innocent Crew (TIC), whose sonic disruptor became the base
for the Dalek Tazer.  Get Obituary, perhaps the finest
Doom2 augmentation since Aliens-TC.


* Play Information *

To install: Unzip daleky.zip into your Doom2 wad directory, and use Wintex or DeUSF to
    merge the sprites from the Doom2.wad into Daleky.wad to make it playable.
Episode and Level #     : No maps
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : DALEKS CONQUER AND DESTROY!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : EX-TER-MI-NATE!
Difficulty Settings     : Not Applicable.
New Sounds              : Player/Weapon Related Sounds.
New Graphics            : Player/Weapon Related Graphics.
New Music               : Nope.  Get DrWho.wad for some appropriate tunes.
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : Chunks of DrWho.wad, fragments of Starwars.wad and Obtic.wad
Editor(s) used          : Wintex 4.2
Known Bugs              : None really. :>
Release Date: May 14, 1996, in honor of the newly regenerated Dr. Who series.

* Comments *

The Story (Single Player):

The Gallifreyan High Council was not pleased.  The Doctor's favorite species had an ingenious 
knack for getting itself in trouble.  Some thousand years earlier, the Time Lords
had worked hard to time loop the dimension of Hell to prevent its exceptionally stubbornly
evil inhabitants from violating other time lines.  Now, on Deimos, the humans had 
accidently breached the hysterysis with a space time corridor, and the temporal marauders 
were spilling out like a leaking water balloon. Even as they watched, the humans sent their
forces into the slaughter.

They contacted the Doctor and dumped the responsibility on him, as is the way with matters
like this.  The Doctor was not terribly pleased at all about this.  This wasn't a situation
that could be solved by ingenuity.  Hundreds of powerful monsters were swarming through the
gates.  This was a job for a something of equal combat fortitude.  Alas, all the creatures
he knew that were capable combat machines were also equally hateful.

The daleks were the archetype of war machines, bred to subjugate and kill without
pity or mercy.  They rarely left their armored peeper-pot shaped vehicles, armed with a
terrifing array of lethal weapons. They hated all other life and would never work to save
humanity, though. If only...

The Doctor suddenly realized... yes.  There had been, once, a long time ago... When the Daleks 
wanted to understand how such irrational creatures as the humans could resist their power, 
the Doctor had 'helped' them by introducing the 'human factor' into their cold,
ruthless minds.  The daleks that had been conditioned that way became almost friendly. The
Doctor sighed.  All of those Daleks had perished -- despite their ingenuity, they were 
outnumbered.  If only one had survived...

It hadn't been easy.  He managed to rescue one in the knick of time, almost getting clipped
by a fusilade of disruptor fire as he lassoed the dalek with a long scarf he hadn't worn
in some time.

"What shall I do now?" the Dalek grated, "I have no comrades and no cause."  Its burnt out
disruptor hung limply. The Doctor took him back to the TARDIS storage and gave the renegade
Dalek something he had aquired from Exxilon, a pneumatic projectile pistol.

"Listen, there are a people that you can help out there right now from their own 
shortsightedness.  Once you have done this, you can make a new beginning for yourself
in the dimension that has been opened," the Doctor suggested, "I'll try to transmat whatever 
Dalek specific supplies I can into your general area as you progress."

The lone renegade dalek bid the Doctor farewell as it slid out of the TARDIS... and into 
a dimension no one had seen before to exterminate the invaders.

Dalek Weapons and Equipment:

Sucker Arm (SA): A very ineffective way to fight originally, since until recently, the end
of the sucker arm had a rubberized end.  It now sports a titanium sleeve, and can inflict
severe injury, especially when Dalek psychokenesis is augmented by Berserker Drugs.

Electrosonic Disruptor (ED): A short range device used to defend in close quarters, 
replacing the sucker arm unit when installed.

Pneumatic Projectile Pistol (PPP): Created originally by the Daleks to deal with an energy
dampening field  that rendered their disruptors useless during the Exxilon Incident 
Cf. Death to the Daleks).  It uses super-heated compressed air to fire a metal projectile.

Cybergun (CG):
A piece of modified technology borrowed from another race of machine creatures, the 
Cybermen. The cybergun discharges a flurry of five laterally aligned kenetic energy bolts.

Heavy Cybergun (HCG):
Similar to the CG, only it fires a rapidly expanding cloud of twenty kinetic energy bolts
and takes longer to cycle.

Pneumatic Projectile Cannon (PPC):
An innovation of the PPP, this is a six-barrel version capable of firing six times as fast.

RAM Grenade Launcher (RAM-GL)
A rocket-assisted tube-launching grenade launcher, dangerous to use but highly effective.

Dalek Disruptor (DD):
The classic dalek armament.  A very lethal beam weapon capable of continuous supressive
fire. (Sound from Genesis of the Daleks)

Dalek Disruptor Cannon (DDC):
A very powerful augmentation of disruptor technology, typically only used by the special 
weapons daleks. It fires a single bolt exploding in a wave of powerful disruption around 
it. It has the advantage of disruption dampeners to prevent damage to the firer. (The very
appropriate sampled word from Genesis of the Daleks).

Daleknium Mark III/IV Mobility Units: A large armored 'skirt' to fully replace damaged 
outer casings of Daleks. The Mark III/IV can be told apart by their green and blue tinge.

Daleknium Plates: A flat strip of polished metal that can be applied over the current
dalek casing to correct damage.

Enviroment Canister: A set of three brown canisters that allows a dalek to seal its casing
for a limited time to prevent damage from hostile enviromental conditions.

Dalek Light-Amp Lens: A self-powered light intensification monacle of limited duration.

Future Plans:
If the inclination strikes me, I might try to get more weapons towards the left
hand side of the screen, where most Daleks keep their lighter arms.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Since most of these things were modifications of DrWho.wad, it's best to ask 
Andrew Brockhouse. I've pretty much given him the rights to this wad's contents
as a compainion piece to his DrWho.wad. The only thing I did was piece together 
stuff I found and touch up some of the graphics a little to make them more daleky
and useable in deathmatch.

* Where to get this WAD *
ftp.cdrom.com, probably under the graphics add-on directory.

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