As I only have five living brain cells left, anything I type here as a description will make absolutly no sense. See, I told you.

Deathmatch Prison II (DPRISON2.WAD)
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� GENERAL INFORMATION                                                        �

  Title                  : Deathmatch Prison II (DPRISON2.WAD)

  Author                 : Justin Powell

  Email Address          : <none>

  Additional Credits     : Ken Forte, for many of the concepts and ideas
                           that were put to use in this level.

  Additional Noncredit   : Not an ounce of credit to non GO32 compiled
                           DOOM II editors.

  Description            : As I only have five living brain cells left,
                           anything I type here as a description will make
                           absolutly no sense.
                           See, I told you.

  Points of Interest     : LOCKOUT HALLWAY
                           The very large hallway which starts at the west
                           and east of the main room can be operated in such
                           a way as to lock out other players while you are
                           There is a bank of switches located just inside
                           each of the entery points which are used to close
                           the bars to both entry points, locking yourself
                           into the hallway.
                           The two switches in the very south portion of
                           the hallway are used to repoen one or both of the
                           LOCKOUT RESTARTS
                           If you've already run DOOM with this level to 
                           check it out, you will have noticed that all the
                           player and deathmatch starts are located on raised
                           platforms.  This is done for a reason.
                           Any time someone dies and restarts on a platform,
                           walking off the platform will reopen both gates
                           of the lockout hallway.  This is done to insure
                           that the hallway cannot become locked out forever.
                           CELL ALERTS
                           In the control room (the room with the Baron of
                           Hell behind the desk) there is a row of switches
                           and a row of silver poles.  Any time a cell door
                           is opened, the pole representing that cell will
                           lower to reveal a red bar.  You can then hit the
                           related switch and lock the other player into
                           the cell. 
                           The cell alerts were originally set up so that
                           when someone was actually in a cell they would
                           activate, but I encountered resistance from DOOM
                           to the way in which I tried to do this, so I
                           changed it.

                           GAS CHAMBER EXIT
                           That's right, someone must be executed to end
                           this level, and it takes two players to achieve.
                           To end the level, have one player stand outside
                           of the west door in the room just north of the
                           cell block.  The second player will then go 
                           through the eastern door, and hit the switch 
                           which will open the western door.
                           When the first player steps into the gas chamber,
                           he will suffer down to 10% health and the level
                           will end.
                           This was originally an electric chair, but I had
                           problems making doom raise a floor and match it's
                           type to the required type.

� PLAY INFORMATION                                                           �

  Map #                  : MAP 01
  Single Player          : No (one player start in level)
  Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
  Deathmatch 2-4 Player  : Yes
  Difficulty Settings    : No
  New Sounds             : No
  New Music              : No
  New Graphics           : No

� CONSTRUCTION                                                               �

  Base                   : New level (from scratch)
  Build Time             : 17 hours
  Programs Used          : DEU II (SONiC+ADMiRAL version)
  Known Bugs             : None

� Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels.           �
� You may distribute this PWAD, provided you include this file, with no      �
� modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format      �
� (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as you include this file.                �


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