Deimos Labs is a wad I started a few years back. Even though it's only a single map, every time I began mapping, I'd say, "No, this isn't how ...

Deimos Labs
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WAD Type
Advanced engine needed  : ZDoom
Primary purpose         : Single + coop play
Title                   : Deimos Labs
Filename                :
Release date            : 03/01/2013
Author                  : Smashy Smith
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : I first played Doom in 1994 on my grandpa's
                          computer and have continued playing it since.

Description             : Deimos Labs is a wad I started a few years back.
                          Even though it's only a single map, every time I
                          began mapping, I'd say, "No, this isn't how I
                          want it to look," and then I'd start over from
                          the beginning. This happened numerous times, and
                          after studying a myriad of community-recommended
                          wads, I have finally created the wad I
                          envisioned. This didn't really take a few years
                          since I stopped working on it for a long time,
                          but I did have the idea in my head for that long.
                          The map is quite long (it takes me about 30
                          minutes to finish it, has a moderate difficulty,
                          and is a techbase-themed map. I wanted to make
                          the base feel and look like it's 'infested', and
                          I believe I accomplished that quite well.
                          Oh, and just a heads-up: You won't be able to
                          complete the map without jumping. Sorry, old
                          school fans!

Additional Credits to   : id Software, the Doom community
* What is included *

New levels              : 1
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : Yes
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No
Demos                   : No
Other                   : No
Other files required    : None

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom 2
Map #                   : Map01
Single Player           : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Designed for
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Other game styles       : None
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
Build Time              : Not taking into account periods of inactivity,
                          about 4 months.
Editor(s) used          : Doombuilder, Doombuilder 2, SLADE, XWE
Known Bugs              : It's a large map, so there might be some bugs. I
                          had a few friends playtest it and they didn't
                          find any, but if you do, then please report them
                          to me.
May Not Run With...     : Any source port that can't run ZDoom wads.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for modification or
reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original authors for any of
their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with no
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.  I have
received permission from the original authors of any modified or included
content in this file to allow further distribution.

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