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It's a weapons mod with DEHSUPP. My main aim for this weapons mod was to create a few original ideas with this mod an IMO I have acheived it.

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===========================================================================Archive Maintainer      : Replace the old Destructomaniac with this oneAdvanced engine needed  : ZDoom 2.0.63aPrimary purpose         : Weapons Mod===========================================================================Title                   : DestructomaniacFilename                : Destruct.wadRelease date            : 24/12/2004Author                  : TheDarkArchonEmail Address           : <email removed> Files By Author   : That Hectebus WAD.Misc. Author Info       : I'm the marine in "Mancubus Encounter"Description             : It's a weapons mod with DEHSUPP. My main aim for this weapons mod was to                           create a few original ideas for weapons an IMO I have acheived it. This one  fixes a couple of problems with the old Destructomaniac and add's a new enemy   into the mix (SS replacement)Additional Credits to   : Id Software - Doom (Of course).The Energy Shell box pickup (modified)The plasma sprites (modified)The plasma pistols pickup (modified)  WildWeasel - I ripped the following from his WADs:        The pump for the plasma shotgun (modified)       The EFC 24000 sound       The AK-47 sound (modified)       The "Demonslayer" HMG sound (modified)       Then punch idle grpahics                                  Xaser - I ripped the following from his WADs:  The Burst pistol sound  The Plasma pistol sound  The Plasma shotgun firing sound   The homing plasma sound  The plasma shotgun graphics (modified)                                  The plasma shotgun projectile  The 7.62mm clip graphics  The 9mm clip graphics                                  The 9mm box graphics   The Energy Shell pickup srite (modified)  The burst pistol pickup (modified)                          NMN - The "Demonslayer" HMG graphicsThe EFC 24000 graphics  MasterOfDeath - The Burst pistol graphics (modified)                                          The homing plasma gun graphics (modified)  Captain Red - I ripped the following from his WADs:                                        The rocket launcher sprites                                        The rocket spritesThe rocket pickup sprites (modified)  Jetflock - The plasma pistols graphics (modified)  Grubber - The DEHSUPP lump  Ixnatiful - The Plasma Zombie.  ===========================================================================* What is included *New levels              : NoneSounds                  : YesMusic                   : NoGraphics                : Yes Dehacked/BEX Patch      : YesDemos                   : NoOther                   : Yes (DEHSUPP, DECORATE, SNDINFO)Other files required    : ZDoom 2.0.63a.* Play Information *Game                    : Any Doom IWADMap #                   : N\ASingle Player           : YesCooperative 2-4 Player  : YesDeathmatch 2-4 Player   : YesOther game styles       : YesDifficulty Settings     : N\A===========================================================================* Construction *Base                    : From scratchBuild Time              : About a weekEditor(s) used          : XWE, WhackEd2, GIMP, PaintKnown Bugs              : Energy shells get dropped in Doom I but you can't use then since  the plasma shotgun replaces the SSGMay Not Run With...     : Nothing other than ZDoom 2.0.63a===========================================================================* Weapons *1: FistNothing special, it's just speeded up.1: Dual Plasma PistolsThe Doomguy weilds two plasma pistols at once. He isn't a good shot with the left one though.Uses Cells.2: AK-47An assault rifle which fires moderately fast and uses 7.62mm Bullets. What more can I say?3: Burst PistolFires pistol bullets in bursts of 3 at a decent speed. Good for sniping.3: Plasma ShotgunIt's a shotgun, but fires plasma instead of buckshot. Very powerful but ammo capacity is low. Uses energy shells.4: "Demonslayer" Heavy Machine GunA weapon that fires powerful bullets at chaingun speed. Can gib zombies on occasion. Uses 7.62mmammo.5: Triple Rocket LauncherI don't need to say anything :P6: Homing Plasma GunShoots at 1/2 of the speed of the normal plasma gun, but the shots home in on their victims. >:D7: EFC 24000This thing produces spectacular sights for a mere cost of 100 cells. It fires a BFG ball thatexplodes in to a huge wave of plasma ball which, when the explode, produce even more plasma balls.Looks like a fireworks display when used in open spaces. ;)===========================================================================* Copyright / Permissions *Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base formodification or reuse. You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, withno modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronicformat (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact. ===========================================================================* Where to get this *The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames/ and mirror mazes
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