My first map. A large, two-themed level created for Co-op, inspired by Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta. Emphasizes large, well-choreographed fight...

Deus Vult
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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05


Advanced engine needed  : A limit removing source port for Map 01-04, 
  An extremely strong limit removing sourceport for Map 05 (41,467 Sidedefs)

Primary purpose         : Single Player, Co-op


Title                   : Deus Vult

Filename                : DV.WAD

Release date            : May 25th, 2004

Author                  : Huy Pham, AKA Converted Doomer

Email Address           : <email removed>

Other Files By Author   : None so far.

Description             : My first map.
                          A large, two-themed level created for Co-op,
  inspired by Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta.
                          Emphasizes large, well-choreographed fights. 
  Exceptionally calibrated for Single Player.

  Deus Vult starts you off in an underground tech base 
                          and will eventually plunge you into the depths of Dante's 
                          Inferno in front of your eyes.
          Difficulty holds up to the extremes of HR. Legions of monsters. 
                          150 minute [estimated] par time.
  The map can be played in two distinct configurations:
  Config 1 - Split into four sublevels for 
  people who do not have patience to play through
  large maps, or do not own a high-end PC (<1.8 GHZ).
    Also good for co-op play, since smaller levels lag less.
                          Designed to be completable from scratch.
  *Runs from Map 01-04.*

  Config 2 - The full monty, the unabridged version
  of Deus Vult, for people who likes big maps.
                          Designed to be completable from scratch.
  *Runs on Map 05.*

Storyline               : Situated in the last standing UAC base on Deimos, a team of
                          combat-hardened marines must fight their way through
                          the brutality of Hell to save humanity and themselves... Deus Vult.

Additional Credits to   : Richie Agnew - For his unbelievable 1337 DooMing skills =),
 testing this map like crazy, gameplay
 suggestions, and proving Deus Vult beatable.
  Id Software - Nuff' said.

  The Doomer / Kaiser - For the Doom64 textures, and Doomer for
                                                obtaining permission to use it, and [Doomer] 
                                                for co-op testing Deus Vult.

  Raven Software - Hexen/Heretic textures and flats.

                          The Alien Vendetta team - For the graphical resources in AV.wAD,
                                                    and the incredible maps that inspired
    Deus vult. AV Map20 & Map29--this is opinion--
                                                    represents the very best in Classic Doom mapping.

  Yonatan Donner / Haggay Niv - For the legendary Hell Revealed megawad,
                                                        which inspired Deus Vult's gameplay.
  B.P.R.D (AKA the guy who made nuts.wad) - For showing us how many 
                                                                    bastards can be packed 
                                                                    in a level without 
    crashing =p

                          Cheprasov Andrey, Michael Dorfler,
                          Alexander Hvostov, Chilvers,        
                          Mr. Chris, WWS, Video Ripper,
                          mmnpsrososkl, KMan,         
                          Simon D Howard, DoomKid,
                          Alexey, Albert, redM, Carol, Reinhard
                          Saint, Gamedude                        - For graphical resources at

                          Rick Clark, Crista Forest          - For graphical resources at

  Konami Ltd. - Title Screen, Contra Music

  New Line Cinemas, WETA studios - Lord of the Rings stills.

  Midnight[AUS] / Doom Marine II - For additional co-op testing on 
   Doom Connector.

Last-Minute Credit to:    Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore - For Recording a PrBoom Demo that neither Ragnew
                                                   nor I would be willing to do (were both too
                                                   accustomed to 60 fps :). Rich ran through map03 in
                                                   28 minutes, I ran through map03 in 32 minutes, Vile
                                                   demolished it in 17 minutes, incredible. Vile also 
   DESTROYED map04 in just over 13 minutes. A demo that
                                                   should NOT be missed!!!


A Little Bit of Credit to : Shadowrunner/Ralphis - For inspiring some really stupid shit.
                                                   (you'll understand once you've seen DV's secrets =)


* What is included *

New levels              : Yes

Sounds                  : Yes, DSKEENDT and DSBOSSIT replaced

Music                   : Yes

Graphics                : Yes, Textures and Flats.

Dehacked/BEX Patch      : None

Demos                   : Yes, UV-MAX demos of Map01-04 are included.
Other                   : No

Other files required    : None

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM2

Map #                   : 01-04, if you want to play Deus Vult in bite sized chunks.
  05, the demo recorder's worst nightmare, the full monty.

Single Player           :    Ragnew and I have spent well over 150+ hours each
                          calibrating the gameplay on UV. The fights may be extremely large-scale,
                          but we took the time to calibrate them case-by-case, play-by-play... 
                          the dynamics of the fight are extremely precise as a result.
                             There are legions of monsters, but health and ammo are given at 
                          intuitive places and isn't tight as a garrote wire, so the player can 
                          make plenty of mistakes and redeem himself, this is speaking UV-wise. 
                          It's more fun than cuthroat, that's for sure.
     All monsters behind holographic walls, including secrets, will
                          be killed by a crusher activated by default, ensuring a fair UV-MAX.
                          All maps are completable from scratch without the use of freelook, 
                          access to secrets, or jumping on skill 1-4. 
             Be warned though, some parts of Deus Vult may require trial by fire.

Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Throroughly tested.
                             Full ammo support for a 4 player game w/o items respawn,
  multiplayer monsters, extremely convenient co-op shortcuts 
                          without usage of teleports; the player should be able to reach
                          the latest fights within 20 seconds of death (providing that
                          he knows the shortcut, which may take some time to figure).
     The difficulty in co-op isn't as crushingly hard as SP, given
                          the extra padding of ammo and health to compensate for careless deaths.
  All maps are completable from scratch in Co-op w/o dying, freelook, 
                          access to secrets, or jumping on skill 1-4.

Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Player starts only. Map04 has no DM starts (oops, too late =)

Demo Recording          : All monsters can be killed by one fair means or another, if a monster
                          is out of reach, there must be a secret teleport, or viewpoint, or secret
                          room, or powerup that enables the player to kill each monsters in all maps at least
  once with relative fairness. All monsters behind fake walls are killed by default 
                          at a certain point into the game.
  *UV-Max possible for all maps.
                          *UV-Speed possible for all maps.
                          *UV-Fast should not be attempted for any map.
                          *UV-Tyson physically impossible for all maps.
                          *Pacifist Runs physically impossible for all maps.
                          *Nightmare runs physically impossible for all maps.
Difficulty Settings     : Skill 2 - Should give most casual Doomers a nice easy game.
  Skill 3 - Recommended for the regulars, those who played AV/HR on UV before...
                          Skill 4 - Knowledge of the map and strong hands are required for survival.
                          Skill 5 - Nightmare Runs are physically impossible for all maps.

Map Names/Quick Info    : Map 01 - *Insurgents*
                                   Tech base corrupted by hell.
                          Map 02 - *Torture Chamber*
                                   The real Hell, not a representation, not a symbolic Hell, 
                                   this is the real deal.

                          Map 03 - *Cathedral*
                                   A Cathedral in Hell, real original... *cough*

                          Map 04 - *End of Days*
                                   The last stronghold of Hell.
                          Map 05 - *Deus Vult*
                                   Map 01-04 in one level.

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch

Build Time              : 600+ Hours from October 23rd, 2003 to May 10th, 2004 

Editors used            : Doom Builder 1.5, Deepsea 11.76, Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Known Bugs              : -Sound files may not work properly in Legacy and Prboom,
                           can be remedied by playing on ZDoom.

                          -MIDI music for Map-02 and Map-04 will not work with Legacy 1.42,
                           So if you're a Legacy player... be sure to have version 1.41b Ready
                          -In Open-GL mode, the "shadowcasting" effects used for different ceiling
                           and floor lights in the same sector will look weird, 
                           Open-GL not recommended.
                          -PRBoom and other Doom2.exe mimmicking ports will display more slimetrails
                           in DV, can be remedied by playing on ZDoom.
May Not Run With...     : *Map 01-04 will run in PrBoom and higher source ports.
  *Map 05 will only run on source ports that supports 65,536+ sidedefs

* Hypothetical Comments & Q & A *

Q : What is the best port to play these maps in single player?
A : ZDoom without a doubt, you get stuck less often, uncapped framerates, and infinite actors heights removed.

Q : What is the best port to play these maps in co-op?
A : Doom Legacy or ZDoom as of today, you can respawn items in legacy, but you get nice sync with ZDoom.

Q : Why did Map-05 crash my sourceport?
A : Your sourceport was not ZDoom, and could not handle 42,000 sidedefs.

Q : Map-05 lags like crazy.
A : Map-05 is just a summation of all the previous levels in one map, you have the choice of playing sections
    of Map-05 via Map-01 to Map-04, or get a new PC.

Q : This map is wayyyyy too hard!!! Help!!!
A : Watch the demos included in the zip, or turn down the difficulty settings.

Q : There are too many monsters in Deus Vult...
A : The Demo Recorders and the Co-op crowd thinks otherwise. Tough.

* Copyright / Permissions *

This is the lumps in DV.WAD I've modified to an extent that credit should be given:

You may use and modify the listed graphical lumps above, 
provided you include my name in the credits.

Do whatever you want with the rest of the graphical and audio resources, 
just be sure to trace back those lumps to the rightful author 
and give him/her the rightful credit.

Authors may NOT use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse. You may not butcher the author's map without his permission.  
Permissions have been obtained from original 
authors for any of their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact.  I have received permission from the original authors of any
modified or included content in this file to allow further distribution.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: and mirrors


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