Holodeck Adventure Series Volume #1 - DireStraits Enter HoloDeck to escape deadly energy scan on ship. Locate Holodeck exit and return to ship. Sec...

DireStraits Vol #1 of the HoloDeck Series
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Title                :DireStraits   Vol #1 of the HoloDeck Series
Author               :Mike Adams
Email Address        :73162,2144
Misc. Author Info    :None

Description          :Holodeck Adventure Series
                      Volume #1 - DireStraits
                      Enter HoloDeck to escape deadly energy scan on ship.
                      Locate Holodeck exit and return to ship.
                      Secure ship.

Plot History
                Aboard a starship, you and your maintenance crew of 25
                remained to repair some of the systems, while all of
                the other crew members beamed down to the planet of Zyraph 
                to enjoy its bountiless servings from its  restaurants, 
                brothels, merchants, and recreational forums.

                Suddenly, a searing electrical force rips through the ship.  
                All communications and most other systems are down.  Using 
                the remaining scanners that are operational you detect the 
                force.  You discover that it was caused by fluctuations of 
                the time space continuium activated by the garbage 
                jettisoned from the starship a few weeks prior.

                You also learn that another much larger electrical force 
                will hit the ship in 15 minutes.  This force has the power 
                to destroy the ship and you unless you act quickly.

                You and your crew work hard to bring the shields back on 
                line.  However, the modulation required for the shields to 
                save the ship when mixed with the electrical force will 
                create a bioflux throughout the ship killing all living 
                matter.  Your only chance is to operate the untested and 
                unprogrammed holodeck by teleporting your crew through the 
                holodeck as pure energy.  Then after the electrical force 
                passes the ship, you will exit the holodeck, recall your 
                crew, complete the repairs, contact your superiors, and 
                have a beer.

Additional Credits To: Testor/Bug Exorcist      - Bob "Bummy" Baumcratz
                     : WadAuthor Support        - John B. Williston
                     : TG Sound F/X FH          - Underground Sound F/X 
                     : Id for Doom
                     : Patience & Support       - my wife, Pam


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #  :Map 01    
Single Player        :Yes, and good luck
Coperative2-4Player  :Yes, and very helpful
Deathmatch2-4Player  :Yes, and most cool
Difficulty Settings  :Yes, fully supported
New Sounds           :Yes, only wav's not midi
New Graphics         :Yes, only textures, not sprites
Demos Replaced       :None

* Construction *

Base                 :Completely Original
Build Time           :Longer than expected
Editor(s) Used       :WadAuthor v1.02, WADDIR, WADMERGE 
                          by Williston Consulting
                      WinTex 3.41 by Olivier Montanuy
                      STUCK v1.0 by Jim Flynn

Known Bugs           :None

* Copyright/Permisions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels as long as the levels created are designed as part of
the HoloDeck Series.  

All submissions for new HoloDeck Series levels must be sent to 
73162,<email removed>  This allows me to incorporate your idea into the 
plot and record it the HoloDeck history.  Send a message requesting the 
HoloDeck History file.  Once you've received it, write a few paragraphs 
explaining your your idea will fit into the plot.  Send it and your expected 
time of completion again to 73162,<email removed>  You'll receive the 
updated HoloDeck History, the motif information, and the logo.

You May distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact and contact the author at 73162,<email removed>


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