2nd I have released, many puzzles and traps. Single player, but could be edited for multi or death match. Medium length. Medium to hard. See story.

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Title                   : DmPairs.wad
Author                  : Nick Anderson
CIS Address             : 1000074,2455
Description             : 2nd I have released, many puzzles and traps.
                          Single player, but could be edited for multi or
                          death match. Medium length. Medium to hard.
                          See story.


Additional Credits to   : My son Robert for his advice and testing,
  and to those who took the time to create
  and improve the editors.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes 
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No 
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Easy, Medium, Hard
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : From Scratch.
Editor(s) used          : DETH 2.66 and WARM 1.3
Known Bugs              : Nope, which means there is nothing serious I can see.
Design Time             : Yes there was some, don't know how much though, days?
* Misc. Notes *

        If you are into editing wads then this could be turned into a deathmatch
        or multi player level. There is a very large area which is ideal for this.
        I had the idea of creating it as co-operative until players reach this large
        area 'outside' and then it's everyone for him/herself. But I didn't...

The story? Well... you have to clear each area or room and kill all the
        monsters then use the exit. Thin stuff eh? [You may remember these word from
        an earlier Wad I wrote called 'punchit.wad', try that if you haven't already].

        OK. The story starts many centuries ago when the planet was inhabited by people,
        plants and pussy cats. It was happy time but resources were getting low so YOU and
        a dozen or so of your fellow females and males are sent into deep space to find
        a fast food takeway. Only by bringing back the secret of Belugian Beefburgers and
        Vespan Vegetable Pizza can the planet survive. The journey will take many years so
        all the crew are put into deep freeze hibernation in handy chest freezers (obtainable
        only from your local NASA store).

        Alas, as you slumber away the decades tucked amongst the popsicles and frozen peas
        things take a rather sinister turn back home. The monsters escape from the ID Software
        Dynamic Link Libraries where they are kept for experimental purposes.  As usual they
        take over the Earth and subjugate (look it up if you don't know!) humanity under the
        collar of tyranny. There is only one, yes one, entrance to Earth and that is kept under
        lock and key by a bunch of Doom2 creatures who seem to like going about in pairs, thus the
        name of the level. Unfortunately some of them cannot count!

        They have built the:

        Ever Changing Gray room: which changes it's layout from time to time.
        Wolfenstein prison area: these blue idiots keep specimins of the other monsters
                                 for a bit of fun to pass away the hours between fights.
        IMPerial guard house: Full of imps hoping to stop you from making it outside into
                              the big unknown.
        Tower of the machine gunners: surrounded by poisonous stuff you have to pass
                                      through the slime canal to get here and... find out.
        As well as several other tricky bits and pieces.

        Meanwhile the sub-space 'HELP' signal sent by Earth has reached the ship and it is
        decided that an immediate return by sub-sub-sub-space is required, highly dangerous
        of course, but the quickest way to help our stricken world. But where is our hero (YOU)?
        You are on the planet below fighting it out with the evil Pizza-Vendor monster for
        the secret recipe that will save the human race. When you return to the space shuttle
        they have left you you find a note:

        "Dear Thingy (we forgot your name), can you use this shuttle to make your own way back
        as we have gone to save the human race? Sorry it's a bit slow, suggest you use the
        freezer and arrive back after we have all been foolishly killed in our feeble attempts
        to kill the monsters. You will probably see our bodies scattered around when you get
        back, sorry! Anyway YOU are the hero and like the guys with the red shirts
        in the original Star Trek (TM?)  we are only here to make up the numbers.

        Yours,   Captain Cannon-Fodder and crew.

        PS: don't bother looking for the chocolate and nut ice cream in your hibernation
        Unit, we ate it all at the farewell party we held for you."

        So, pausing only to shower off the tomato puree and selected herbs from your
        last fight you hucker down and sleep out the years as your shuttle slips back home.

        When you get back your little craft is tractor beamed into a national parking
        lot and suddenly you lose conciousness. You awake in a little room, outside there are
        two demons raising the alarm and waiting to get you, don't forget to press F6 for
        an early morning call.

        You will see your late colleagues as you make your way round the map.

        Good luck and have fun ....

* Copyright / Permissions *

None, you can do whatever you like with it (except sell it for gain) but 
I would appreciate this text file being included in any postings or 
        collections of wads. 
        If you really want to you can use this as a base but it's much more fun
        creating your own from scratch

If you use it for a base I would appreciate a copy of your amended wad or
an E-Mail as to where I can get it from, e.g. Internet or CIS.

* Warnings *

These files have been virus checked using S&S International's Dr Solomons
Toolkit for DOS V7.15, so there should be no problem. However if not in their 
original form or passed around from any other source than CIS or the better 
Internet sites it is remotely possible that a virus may have been attached. 
Check them out! 

I cannot accept any resonsibility at all for these files, so there!


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