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**Now works with ZDOOM** Fixed some reported bugs.. -Revenant respawn bug fixed- -Revenants are grey now, much better looking- -Minor adjustment of...

Don's Enemy Pack Updated Edition
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Please put this in the Combos Directory, replacing dt-nme2.*    Thank You.===========================================================================Title                   : Don's Enemy Pack Updated Edition Filename                : DT-NME2.ZIPDate Finished           : Mid January 2000Developer               : Don "too many source ports" TelloEmail Address           : <email removed>  www.isn.net/~gwhittle                          Other Releases          : YesMisc. Developer Info    : Description             : **Now works with ZDOOM**  Fixed some reported bugs!!                          -Revenant respawn bug fixed-                          -Revenants are grey now, much better looking-                          -Minor adjustment of some hit points-                          -Guardian Demon fireballs have rocket death-                          -SS Guys have shotgun attack-                                           Advanced Description: (What is what...):WAS                     IS       (hit-points are not changed)Pistol trooper          Grey Strife GuyShotgun trooper         Brown Strife GuyChaingun guy            Strife GuyNazi guy                Red Strife Guy, Fires shotgun. Imp                     Flying red gargoyle.Cacodemon               Flying Black gargoyle.Lost soul               Spirit/Ghost.Pain Elemental          Spirit Summoner. Hell Knight             Mummy/Zombie. Revenant                Human w/robot suit. Arachnotron             Big spider.Baron of Hell           Weredragon. BOSSESCyberdemon              Big Green thing. SpiderMind              Huge Black thing that resembles an Alien queenGUYS I DIDN'T REPLACE:-Arch-vile                  -Demon/spectre              -Mancubus                   -Romero Head                Additional Credits to : id Software                         Raven Software                         Rogue Software                        Monolith Software                        Steven Rhodes -for skin wads                        Blue Max -for skin wads                        Gokuma -for skin wads===========================================================================* Play Information *Required Game           : DoomII only.Required Engine         : Zdoom v1.22  Legacy v1.28  GLLegacy v1.29 (software mode)   Boom v2.02  MBF v2.0?  Others that I may be forgetting..New Sprites             : Uh... maybeNew Patch               : No dehacked patch? You gotta be shittin me!New Sounds              : Yes (a lot!)Included Files          : DT-NME2.WAD                          DT-NME2.DEHUse                     : Just use a launcher, since I'm sure most of you are  using Win32.. otherwise:  EXE -deh dt-nme2.deh -file dt-nme2.wad -fast* Construction *Base                    : Graphics from games, wads, and edited by hand.Build Time              : This version was done in a few minutes.Editor(s) used          : Deutex, NWT, NWTPRO, Wintex..Known Bugs              : You tell me..May Not Run With...     : Doom 1  GLLegacy (can't handle color bits/dehacked)  ZdoomGL is untested* Copyright \ Permission *  You know the drill...  * Where to get this WAD *FTP sites.* Other Comments *I didn't realize until recently that Zdoom can't handle renaming sounds in dehacked.. that's weird, cause Boom and MBF can.. even Legacy can forGod's sake.. anyway, it's probably my own fault for being a lazy prickand not giving the wad entry the proper Doom name in the first place..=============================================================================Don Tello, January 13 2000
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