?????????????????????????? Mirrors the first level from DukENukeM3D. Looks ?? even better than the original. There are many ?? places with hidden e...

?????????????????????????????????????? DooMNukeM
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Title������������������� DooMNukeM
Filename���������������� doomnuke.wad
Authors����������������� Denis Grenader & Phil Leverance 
Email Address����������� Phil Leverance - <email removed>
       �  Denis Grenader - <email removed>
Misc. Author Info������� Phil Leverance author of Cremate.wad (deathmatch
       �  wad for DooM II with new music, sounds, grfx, and 
       �  17 new levels) and BigDrop.wad (deathmatch wad
       �  for HeXeN, has every special effect in it including
       �  transparent monsters) 
       �  Denis Grenader author of Creature.wad (has all new
       �  monsters, weapons, music, and sounds)
Description������������� Mirrors the first level from DukENukeM3D.  Looks
       �  even better than the original.  There are many
       �  places with hidden elevators, so push and shoot
       �  places where in DukENukeM3D you can usualy break
       �  or jump up on to.  There are lots of funny things
       �  you can do to yourself or the monsters in this 
       �  level so mess around with that.  You can also break
       �  the glass wherever there is any.
Recommendations��������� Tew.wad (Puts HeXeN characters into DooM II)                          
  And the wads mentioned in the Misc. Author Info.


Additional Credits to��� ID Software for afcourse making this kick butt 
     �    game.
     ��� 3D Realms for making DukENukeM 3D.
     ��� Jack Vermeulen for creating DeeP.
     ��� Leonardo Haddad Loureiro for creating 
     �    LView Pro.
     ��� Zink The Dink for creating the ENDOOMER.
     ��� Olivier Montanuy for creating WinTex.
     ��� Mike Reich for coming up with the idea of
  changing the ammo color.

   --->Play Information<---

Game�������������������� DOOM II
Episode and Level #����� Level 1
Single Player����������� Just to check out the level
Cooperative 2-4 Player�� If you don't know the meaning of deathmatch.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player��� Yes!
Difficulty Settings����� Skill Level 1-5 (Same amount of monsters)    
New Sounds�������������� YES
New Graphics������������ YES
New Textures������������ YES
New Music��������������� YES



Base�������������������� NONE! (This level was made from scratch)
Time�������������������� Would you believe over a month straight?  
       �  Only quality wads are produced when somebody works
       �  on them for so long.
Editor(s) used���������� DeeP V. 8.15 
       � DeeP V. 8.67 
       � WinTex V. 4.2
       � EndoomeR V. 1.0
       � LView Pro V. 1.A
Known Bugs�������������� None

       --->Copyright / Permissions<--- 
This wad is the best it could be, so there is no need for you to change it.
You may include this wad, for any level if you are putting together a series 
of wads, but do not change it.
PLEASE distribute this WAD to as many places as possible!

  ��Where to get this WAD��
Hidden Harbor (414)453-9046, Milwaukee BBS (414)962-5045, EXEC PC, and on
the Internet (on a whole mess of web pages)

If you have any other questions,comments, or overwhelming concerns just 
e-mail Phil Leverance at <email removed> and/or Denis Grenader at 
<email removed>.  We check our mail almost every day.


    �����ۻ   �����ۻ   �����ۻ  ��ۻ   ��ۻ
    ������ۻ �������ۻ �������ۻ ���ۻ ���ۺ
    �ۺ  �ۺ �ۺ   �ۺ �ۺ   �ۺ ���������ۺ
    �ۺ  �ۺ �ۺ   �ۺ �ۺ   �ۺ �ۺ���ɼ�ۺ
    ������ɼ �������ɼ �������ɼ �ۺ �ͼ �ۺ
    �����ͼ   �����ͼ   �����ͼ  �ͼ     �ͼ
       ��ۻ   �ۻ �ۻ   �ۻ �ۻ  �ۻ ������ۻ ��ۻ   ��ۻ
       ���ۻ  �ۺ �ۺ   �ۺ �ۺ ��ɼ ������ͼ ���ۻ ���ۺ
       ����ۻ �ۺ �ۺ   �ۺ �����ɼ  ����ۻ   ���������ۺ
       �ۺ��ۻ�ۺ �ۺ   �ۺ �����ۻ  ����ͼ   �ۺ���ɼ�ۺ
       �ۺ ����ۺ �������ɼ �ۺ  �ۻ ������ۻ �ۺ �ͼ �ۺ
       �ͼ  ���ͼ  �����ͼ  �ͼ  �ͼ ������ͼ �ͼ     �ͼ
 By far the best wad out there...


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