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THE STORY OF DOOM2:2:2- "Ah! I stoped the invasion AGAIN! Yay!" you shout after you finished off the sinful icon. 5 years later, after yo...

Doom2:2_2 - The Time Travel Saga 2 - Endgame
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===========================================================================Archive Maintainer      : -Update to               : Advanced engine needed  : ZDoom, Legacy etc. EXCEPT BOOM. Doesn't work on it.Primary purpose         : Single play===========================================================================Title                   : Doom2:2_2 - The Time Travel Saga 2 - EndgameFilename                : Doom22_2.wadRelease date            : 3rd October 2003Author                  : B.P.R.DEmail Address           : <email removed> Files By Author   : Nuts1, 2 and 3.wad, Equinox, Run.wad and the   original and the great Doom2_2!Misc. Author Info       : I've had ALOT of email for my popular Doom2:2.    People have begged me to make a sequal, and so I   will. And to those of you who asked me questions     about Doom2:2 I shall answer a select few:Q."Hi! I just finished playing through your  Doom2:2 - The Time Travel Saga, all 32 levels of   it and it was a blast! Very similar level design   to the original doom2 and i loved it! But I want   to ask you something- how come the wad file was so   small? I mean, 32 new levels, and 45kb? How come?"  -Mary Julanis, Ontario CANADAA. Well, Mary, you see I've made a new program called   DoomZip in which the level structures are zipped   within the wad itself, so you wouldn't be able to   open it up in WinTex or any similar program, and   yes it makes the wad file very small.Q."Hello I'm playing through your Doom2:2 Time travel  saga for the second time (yes i LOVE it) and i   couldn't help notice that the levels are sorta well   exactly the same as Doom2 why is that?"  -Bob Hanson Jolbes, Leeds ENGLANDA.Look Bob- i know the levels are the same. But look,  its artisic vision. I mean, they remake movies   don't they? Well why can't i remake Doom2 levels?     Oh, I see. I'm not ALOWED to remake Doom2. I'm     going AGAINST THE SYSTEM. "OOOhhhh- somebody stop     him!" -Wake up people.Q."Hello there- umm, how do i say this... I LOVE   DOOM2:2!!!!! I'm sorry, all my emotions are just    erupting like a volcanoe now. Could you please    tell me how the idea of Doom2:2 came about? Are   you going to release a book about you and the wad?   if so, where can I buy it?"   -Damar Luric, Auckland NEW ZEALAND.A.Damar, my book titled "I, Wad Maker" will be out   November 16th. A good three quarters of it is about     Doom2:2 and my quest for creating the perfect wad,   one thats fun but with meaning, detailed but   not complex, atmospheric but not boring... can a   wad ever be made like that, Damar, CAN IT?!? I   propose to create that wad one day... ONE DAY!  (check Chapter 6 of my book about my epic struggle   against HishNush, the God of bad wads)Description             : THE STORY OF DOOM2:2:2-"Ah! I stoped the invasion AGAIN! Yay!" you   shout after you finished off the sinful icon. 5   years later, after your retirement, you get the   call to travel through time, and you get deja-vous.  You're not going to do the same mistake a second   time! And you call it off.The next morning, while drinking coffee,   the general out of nowhere appears in your   kitchen.   "TaaaGGGGAAARRRRTTTTT! I came from the future to   come and fetch you, sorry about the mishap old boy"  barks the general  "Misshaps? I had to FIGHT THE DEMON ARMY AGAIN!"   you retort.   "Yes but shit happens soldier! Come on, lets get   you home!"  "Fine"  You take the generals hand and a ball of     light encapsulates the two of you. A big flash   later, and you lose conciousness. When you come to,   you look at your surroundings...  "Ahhh GOD... DAMNIT!" Yes, the general's time   travel technology screwed up yet again and you   find yourself at the beginning of the demon   invasion. Oh well, you did it twice before, you can do   it again!...but hold on a sec... WAS it the general's   time machine technology that stuffed up? When you   took the general's hand, and the light overtook the   two of you, you remember seeing someone when you   lost consiousness. You seem to remember an old   frail creature wearing an hour glass on his head.  Yes, he was the Keeper of time, the last of the   Time Lords.What he said, you can't remember. You just   remember seeing him (it?). Perhaps it isn't an   accident that you keep coming back to the beginning   of the demon invasion. What if the demon's CONTROL   time? Trying to make you lose each time you have   to repeat the battle? Perhaps you're not supposed   to beat the demons!? Or maybe, just maybe, this is   some kind of sick test of will- perhaps you have to  beat the demon's on several parallel universes?Too many questions, no answers. Just fight  them. When you beat the demons this time around,   you may get the chance to go through time again   after it, to try and talk to the being. That is,   IF you survive this place a third time!Hopefully time is on your side. Or, at  least, the Keeper of it is.Additional Credits to   : Mike Gorgarous for mapping out levels 12, 19 and   22 for me. Thanks Mike!===========================================================================* What is included *New levels              : 32Sounds                  : NoMusic                   : NoGraphics                : YesDehacked/BEX Patch      : NoDemos                   : NoOther                   : NoOther files required    : * Play Information *Game                    : DOOM2Map #                   : 1-32Single Player           : Designed forCooperative 2-4 Player  : YesDeathmatch 2-4 Player   : YesOther game styles       : NoneDifficulty Settings     : Yep* Construction *Base                    : From scratch apparently, but using the levels ideas   of Doom2:2.Build Time              : 6 months of carefully creating the levels identical   to the ones of Doom2- again.Editor(s) used          : PaintShopPro, Wintex, WindeuKnown Bugs              : NaMay Not Run With...     : she'll be right* Copyright / Permissions *You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, withno modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronicformat (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.  I have received permission from the original authors of anymodified or included content in this file to allow further distribution.* Where to get the file that this text file describes *The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames/ and mirrorsWeb sites:FTP sites:
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