"When played using the included .deh file it becomes an entirely new Doom experience." Run the Install batch file included with this file...

DoomBall ][
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Title                   : DoomBall ][ 
Filename                : doombal2.wad (Leave off the last L for nothing)
Author                  : creature.  aka. Dan Tyrrell
                          Paul Turnbull had the original idea for this wad,
                          anyone know where I can get in touch with him?
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Rocket Launcher Faq;
                          Savage: Nocturnal Deathmatch - some the best High
                                                         Frag wads ever!!
                          Visit c r e a t u r e  on the internet!!
                          Take a look at the all new DOOM dictionary.

             All is available at Cdrom.Com.  More info below

***I left in some of the original text file for doomball.wad, those parts are
                            in quotes.****
Important Info          : Installation of this wad couldn't be any easier,
                          just type "INSTALL" at your prompt, make sure ALL
                          the files included with the DOOMBAL2.ZIP file are
                          in you DOOM][ Directory, and it will do everything
                          for you,  Any problems you have that you can't
                          figure out, drop me an E-Mail.

                          **You only have to run the Install file ONCE,
                          (providing it works the first time)*** 

                          Also, in order for DOOMBALL.BAT to work, you may
                          have to modify the batch file so it puts the wad
                          in the correct path, for example, if you put
                          DOOMBAL2.WAD in your wads directory, modify the
                          batch file so it says "doom2 -file wads\doombal2.wad
                          To Uninstall everything that the DOOMBALL ][ install
                          file installed, just type UNINSTLL.

                          The reason that some of these batch files may not
                          work properly is because you don't have all of the
                          files in the same directory, they are easy to edit
                          though.  See above for DOOMBALL.BAT.

                          For DETHBALL.BAT and DOOMBACK.BAT, no changes are
                          necessary as long as these files are in the DOOM ][

                          And for UNINSTLL.BAT, this deletes EVERYTHING that
                          came with the DOOMBAL2.ZIP archive, so if you have
                          already deleted files like DOOMBAL2.ZIP and
                          DOOMBALL.BAT, there will be a File Not Found
                          message, this is OK.


Description             : "When played using the included .deh
                          file it becomes an entirely new Doom

                          Run the Install batch file included
                          with this file!!!

                          "DoomBall is played like
                          soccer only your opponent may kill 
                          you to keep you from scoring."  

                          A new "feature" I have added to DoomBall are
                          fatalities.  After you have scored 5 goals and
                          the scoreboard closes up, push the switch again
                          and you will see a door open on one side of you.
                          Open the door, put the losing player in the room,
                          push the switch again, then push it once more
                          and your opponent will experience a lovely death.

                          To begin playing DOOMBALL ][, pick a player (prior
                          to the game) to push the switch that is in the
                          field to reveal the ball and begin play.(See below)

                          As a promotional gimmick for Savage: ND, I have
                          included a brand new DEATHMATCH wad with DOOMBALL ][
                          Note that this level is not included with Savage,
                          but the Savage levels are of the same theme and just
                          as intense!


Suggestions             : "Rules:  1.) There are no rules in
                                   2.) Refer to rule 1."

                          You will soon realize that the pistol and
                          the fist do better than the bigger weapons,
                          but they cannot kill the other players quickly.

                          Some rules that creature and HiGuy play with

                          1.  The Face off in the begining:
                              Pick somebody prior to the game to push the

                              Note - Either player can do it, both switches
                              on the field to the same thing.

                          2.  Winner's ball.
                             a) The person who scores gets the first shot,
                                they can the shoot the ball or the other guy,
                                it's up to you.

                                If the other player shoots any weapon, the guy
                                gets TWO shots.

                             (Pick one or the other)

                             b) Push the switch located in between the signs
                                that say "TEAM 1" or "TEAM 2".  This will
                                make two more switches rise on the field, and
                                a barrier.  When either switch is pushed, it
                                drops the barrier, you may use this method for
                                every face-off (excluding the first)

                          3.  Should the ball disappear
                              Either player can get a new ball from the room,
                              and then refer to rule #2, part "b".


Additional Credits to    :Higuy, playtested all my works, played a big part
                          in the development of Savage and gave me idea's for
                          this wad.  He is currently working a new home page.
                          Located at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/2027

                          UnTiTleD,  ahh,  never mind

                          Paul Turnbull, without him, well you wouldn't be
                          reading this.
                          No E-Mail address known.


* Play Information *
Episode and Level #     : Map01 and Map02 (See above about Map02) 
Single Player           : If you run DoomBall.bat
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Well, the starts are there, I don't know why though
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Y-E-S!!
                          3 players is not recommended, if you want to team
                          up on somebody you can, but 2 or 4 players is best.
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented
New Sounds              : Hell No!!
New Graphics            : Yes 
New Music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : None

                  What I changed from the original :

    - There used to be a hunt wad on the outside of the DOOMBALL court.
      This became annoying because every time a person was killed, you
      would have to work your way through the wad back to the court.

    - NEW textures in the game and on the court
      (Paul included many of his own graphics for the hunt part of the level,
       and only two for DoomBall, I replaced all these textures with my own.)

    - Put all the weapons right outside the DoomBall court. (Except Plazma
      and BFG.  I love the BFG, but it just plain sucks for DoomBall, and I
      cannot stand the Plazma gun, I feel that it is WAY too cheap)

    - New scoreboard, one you can actually read, still couldn't get it to
      activate by itself because the DOOM engine doesn't recognize the ball
      as a player able to trigger things by walking over a linedef.

    - New room and exit chamber.  New room contains a number of balls, in case
      the one you are using gets telefragged, stuck somewhere, or
      just disappears.

    - New music, "The Final Countdown" by Europe in level one (DOOMBALL),
      Between levels screen is Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson, transposed
      into MIDI format by me and The theme to "Superman" by ??? in level two,
      the Savage type level.

    - Put steps at the ends of the court, so the ball is easier to knock
      back into play when it gets stuck on the wall.

    - Put a lot of new features in like barriers so you can have face-offs,
      a cool looking thing on the top of the court, fatalities, and signs to
      indicate which goal to shoot at.


* Construction *
Base                    : DOOMBALL.WAD by Paul Turnbull.
Editors used            : "DEU 5.21, and DEU2c, Deutex31, Idbsp"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            DeeP, PaintShop Pro, Midi2Mus, WinTex

Known Bugs                "There is a "feature" in
~~~~~~~~~~                the doom engine that causes the ball
                          to fail to trigger the teleport in the
                          goal about 10% of the time.  If the 
                          ball gets stuck in the goal, open the 
                          door in the back and punch the ball
                          back in play."

                          There is a bug that causes the ball to disappear
                          sometimes.  If this happens, just go in the door
                          get another.  All you have to do is shoot the ball
                          in the teleporter and that will put the ball in the
                          center of the field.  
Notes                   : For me this started out as a 1 hour project and
~~~~~                     turned into a stressful ordeal, but I don't mind
                          because I love DOOM  editing.

**I also did NOT modify Paul Turnbull's DEH file, this was left in tact due
to the fact that I have NO knowledge on how to do this type of editing, and
                         it works fine anyway.***


The batch files included with this DOOMBAL2.ZIP archive do the following

    1. Install.bat, installs DOOMBALL ][ but modifies none of your actual
       DOOM ][ files.  This is a self deleting file.  It also deletes the
       file "DoomBall.deh"

    2. Uninstll.bat, uninstalls everything when you are done with DOOMBALL ][.

    3. DOOMBALL.BAT, kind of pointless, only for your first time playing to
       look around, it just renames EXE files so doomball runs properly, and
       then puts them back to normal when you finish playing.  You can delete
       this file before playing and type DETHBALL and then
       doom2 -file doombal2.wad or just type DOOMBALL, and then delete it
       when you are done, you may even want to keep it??

    4. Dethball.bat, very important file, you must run this everytime you play
       DOOMBALL ][ in a deathmatch.  You then setup and play your Deathmatch,
       and then you run..

    5. Doomback.bat, restores your DOOM ][ files after playing Doomball ][ in a

It may seem like a lot but the only two that you really need, after
installation) are DETHBALL and DOOMBACK.  However, if you delete Uninstll.bat,
before you delete the file "doomhack.exe" be sure you have run DOOMBACK.

  Thanks for listening to me babble on, hope you enjoy this wad, sure is a
                change of pace from Deathmatching.

* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels if due credit is given.  And Please Do!!

You MAY NOT distribute this WAD by any means for profit unless you
obtain my written permission and provided you include this file, 
with no modifications.  

* Where to get this WAD *

via WWW, at HiGuy's NEW improved homepage, it's actually good now.

(All of Creature's work can be found in the DOOM ][ portion of HiGuy's page)

and at creature's lair

FTP sites:

for Savage.wad (which you'd better get!)

and for the Hysterical Rocket Launcher FAQ

         I LOVE E-Mail about DOOM.  I Just wish I could get some!!
                   <email removed>

"If you like high-frag wads, God bless your soul, and if you don't like
                     them, God help your soul"

                              -  c r e a t u r e



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