Doom 1 porno version - pandering to my exhibitionism

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Unzip the files (DoomFi is a big WAD - over 5 meg), place
DoomFi.WAD in your Doom directory and run DoomFi by typing : 
Doom -file DoomFi.wad. Alternatively (if you want to see as much 
as posssible without going thru the entire game) 
I have included Doom Manager (DM.exe). 
Type DM and choose the option to warp into any episode or level.

Good hunting !

I thought that there were a number of good adult WADs but many
were limited in scope. In addition I wanted to make a 'personal'
WAD - putting these together resulted in 'DoomFi.wad' - enjoy !

Note that this WAD contains sexually explicit material (much of
it of me !) so should not be allowed to fall into the hands of 
minors or people of a nervous disposition - if in doubt - don't.

Since the WAD is primarily a graphics/sprites WAD - run it
alongside your favourite level WAD for a more adult game !

Wad Authoring Template V1.4
Title               :DoomFi
Author              :Fi, of course !
Email Address       :encrypted within the game - find it if you can !
Misc. Author Info   :a couple of weeks - most at scanner and then PSP.
Description         :Doom 1 porno version - pandering to my exhibitionism
Additional          :no time to do all the grafix I wanted so I've had
                     to rip off other peoples good work - particularly :
                     Matt for PD3D, Kirk for his pantless dudes from 
                     Nopants.wad, Henk for Head sprites and an animation 
                     from X-rated.wad (Doom 11) and also a couple of Pamela Anderson
                     animations (Pamela_a.wad, Doom 11 - I would kill
                     for tits like those !) and finally - the photographer.
*  Play Information  *    

Episode Level            :all
Single Player            :Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
Cooperative 2-4 Player   :I guess
Deaathmatch 2-4 Player   :I guess
Difficulity Settings     :----------------
New Sounds               :I think - my soundcard has a glitch 
New Graphics             :lots - including digitised littl' ol me 
New Music                :No
Demos Replaced           :None

*  Construction  *

Base                     :Originally PD3D.WAD for Doom 1 but lotsa changes
Editors used             :Adobe PS for the scans, Wintex, PSP.
Known Bugs               :None that I know of - tested on Doom 1.2
                          upgraded to 1.9 using the Id patch.

*  Copyright / Permissions  *

Do what ever you want with this just as long as you give me credit.

Distribute it far and wide - pander to my exhibitionism and increase
the chance of success with :

The challenge : Do send me e-mail when you crack 
                my encrypted e-mail address.

If you fail let me know what you think by posting at newsgroups -, or something similar.

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