Edge is an intense 6 map experience. Edge was designed for 2 player deathmatch only. Level speed during modem play has also been taken into conside...

`EDGE of Insanity'- nearly driven to this completing
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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                                       hey VKILLER build some original levels would you !

Title                    :`EDGE of Insanity'- nearly driven to this completing
                           this pack :) The title was taken from the album
                           of the same name by a great guitarist,Tony MaCalpine.
Filename                 : Edge.ZIP contains Edge.wad and Edge.txt                                                                                                                                        VKILLER YOU ARE A NOB !!!
World Builder            : Stuart McKendrick from England.
E-mail Address           : <email removed>
Nickname                 : YETI  

Previous DM wads created : Ozone, Battery, Bleed, Tower, Openair and Ruins. 
   These were previously released as individual wads.

Reasons for creating EDGE : My skills in designing, building and texturing
                           levels evolved after the completion of each map.
                           Therefore I wanted to bring my old wads up to date
                           by making them look as good as they played by
                           creating this pack.

Description              : Edge is an intense 6 map experience.
   Edge was designed for 2 player deathmatch only.
                           Level speed during modem play has also been taken
                           into consideration during construction on some
                           levels especially - Openair.

Additional Credits to     :   Thanks to Matthew Gillet for showing me the
                            thrills that deathmatch brings, plus
                            introducing me to the finer points of deathmatch.                                                       Danny Lancashire for helping me test the levels.
                              To team Eternal for a great interpic screen.
                            My apologies for not stating the author I don`t
                            know who created it.
                              Thanks to John Walker for scanning the word
                              Very special thanks to Danny Lancashire for
                            playtesting most of the maps contained in this pack,
                            you`ve been a great help.

                            Matthew Gillet playtested - Ozone, Bleed.
                            Thrasher playtested       - Battery
Greetings to : Danny, Matt, Karl, Ian and Richard Gillet + all the other members of
               the British Doom League, you know who you are guys. Not forgetting 
               some old friends from the Brighton Dungeon of Doom. 
       How you guys doing anywa? :)

                             Play Information

Deathmatch Levels #     : Maps 1 Through 6

    1 - The Ruins
        My very latest map which turned out slightly smaller than orignally
    envisaged, yet it plays very close to how I intended. Ruins is an intense
    level that requires the player to be deadly accurate and not be wasteful
    of ammo.
    N.B. The button which lowers the BFG lift is not difficult to
    press, I just make it look that way :D (see demo 1)

    2 - Ozone
        Much work was spent updating this wad to look as well as it does.
    Ozone is easy to learn but very difficult to master. I think you need to
    know you opponent very well because anticpation is sometimes the key to
    success here.
    You can pull off some amazing BFG shots, you just have to experiment to
    get the most from this level. 

    3 - Bleed
        The design of this level introduces a three level height variation
    offering some great opportunites for spectacular frags. The powerful 
    weapons (BFG etc) require more skill to aquire than my other levels, 
    but then that makes the kill more rewarding :) Please note that there 
    are many ways to get the BFG, however, I was unable to show you the best 
    way in the demo because I was under alot of pressure :) There are two 
    routes to the plasma and two ways out. Play around with the level because 
    of course the buttons and lifts give your position away, but they can also 
    be used to your advantage and act as a decoy.
    (Included in British 7)

    4 - Openair
        I really feel that this is probably my best level overall to date.
    Openair offers battles that take place all across the level due to
    excellent weapon placement. I think the strength of this level and
    probably the whole pack come to that, lies in the variety of shots you
    can achieve and the ease at which you can cover the ground.
    (Included in British 10)

    5 - Tower
        The tower part of the level offers so many variations that second
    guessing your opponents next move is sometimes very difficult. The
    perimeter is an area that looks simple yet offers all sorts of cat and
    mouse play. Respawn kills and tele frags play a larger part here to.
    (Included in British 10)

    6 - Battery   (based on dweller2 map 3)
        This level was a departure from my normal use of textures (brick
    and metal). And for this reason I feel this is the weakest looking map,
    yet playability wise it`s right up there. Battery is my largest most open
    level yet and has been tested with 3 and 4 player, although I found it very
    (Included in British 9)

Single Player           : ZZZzzz!
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : UM...... I don`t think so Chief!
Deathmatch  2-4 Player  : Oh YES!!!
                          3&4 player. All maps are probably too small.
Difficulty Settings     : Optimized for "Old deathmatch" skill 4 only. Why?
                          because that`s the only way to play deathmatch
                          it's that simple. Try it!
New Sounds              : Chaingun, Respawn, Pickup, BFG, SB and Death Yells
New Graphics            : Title, F1/Help and interlevel screen. Sky texture
                          status bar, pause and even golden text.
New Music               : All map music replaced.
Demos Replaced          : Please note that 3 lmps (version 1.9) of 4-5 minute
                          duration have been included to give you a little 
                          taster. Just wait at the title screen to view demos.

Base                    : All Levels were built from scratch. 
Build time              : You wouldn`t believe me if I told you.  
Editor(s) used          : Waded 1.38 Beta.
                          Wadcat for putting all the levels together.
                          Wintex for inserting graphics, sounds etc...
                          Deep `97 for cleaning up and optimizing the level.

Known Bugs :              Openair - Underneath the two larger windows ammo
                        goes through the wall when you nose is pressen up
                        against the brick. But how many of you walk up to
                        walls and fire off rockets...... hmmmm I thought so.
                        Basically these errors do not affect gameplay in any
                        way. phew!

=-=-=-= Copyright/Permissions =-=-=-=

  Authors MAY NOT use this Wad-Pack as a base to build additional levels/packs, 
or otherwise.

  You MAY distribute this PWAD, provided you include this file intact.
 If you have any constructive comments at all on the level good or bad please
let me know.

N.B. Saying the level is complete shat!! is not constructive :)
                                                                                                                                                                                        CAINE IS A LIAR!!!! AND A BELL END!!

=-=-=Where to get this WAD=-=-=

British Doom League BBS        (01290) 426847            UK 24 Hrs 7 days 
Mr Doom`s Web Page                                                                                                                                                    


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