The Enterprise NX-01 is investigating a space anomaly. Demons suddenly begin to teleport themselves on the starship and the MACOs start a cruel bat...

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Archive maintainer    : this is and updated version of my old Enterprise NX-01.

File :nx01v202.zip
Version :2.02
Author : UltimateLorenzo
E-mail Address : <email removed>
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Misc Author Info      :I am a Chemical Engineering student; I love Doom & Star Trek (!!)

Additional Credits    :Rick Clark, Lee Wallis, Pawel Zarczynski for textures
Leonardo Venturelli for technical support
Alberto Sposito for comments and suggestions
WildWeasel for the new weapons

Description       :The Enterprise NX-01 is investigating a space anomaly.
Demons suddenly begin to teleport themselves on the starship and the MACOs start a cruel 
battle against the invaders while the crew is evacuated on a Vulcan starship.
The demons gain the upper hand and assume the control of the main computer system, which 
is blocked by a Genetic Key. Dr Phlox creates a device to get this key from the demons DNA; 
all the instructions for the correct development of this key are stored in the Dr Phlox's blue PADD,
unluckly the demons attack the Infermery and stole the PADD.
Your mission is clear: you must infiltrate the Enterprise, rescue the Blue PADD and get control
over the starship.

Suggestion      :In this level there are many active computer stations. Click on the screen to activate the terminals

* Play Information *

Game       :DOOM II
Map #       :map 01
Single Player       :Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player: No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes but untested
Difficulty Settings   :Yes
New Sounds       :Yes
New Graphics       : Yes, see below for all the sources
New Weapons       :Yes, cool new weapons from "Battery Still Not Included" by WildWeasel 
Demos Replaced        :None
DOOM Port Support     :ZDooM and GZDooM
Files      : nx01.wad

* Construction *
Base       :New level from scratch
Build Time       :1 year
Editor(s) used       :DooM Builder, XWE, zdbsp
Known Bugs       :none. Email me if any

* Versione History *

v 0.01
Only bridge design

v 1.01 
First complete and playable version

v 2.01(for Italian DooM Community Only)
New weapons (see below)
New Enterprise textures
New space anomaly effect
New animated textures
New music (from Quake 2)

V 2.02
Better Warp Core design
Added more details
Textures alignment
Updated the txt description file

* New MACO Weapons *

SLOT 1 - Electric Boots

SLOT 2 - Blaster - This is basic weapon for all MACOs.
AMMO: Light Battery and Heavy Battery

SLOT 3 - Laser Shotgun - It shoots a single superheated
laser beam through a string of targets, doing moderate damage. But don't 
hold the trigger too long, because it WILL overheat
and refuse to fire (the buzzing noise) until you release the trigger and
let it cool off. Alternate fire charges up and shoots a Beam of Incredible
Power, at the cost of 10 Power Cells. It can be used regardless of how high
the heat level is (unless it's peaked at 100%), but it will immediately
max it out and hold it there for a couple of seconds before it'll cool off.
Since this weapon penetrates enemies with ease, you may want to conserve ammo
by stringing them in a line and shooting them all at once. It doesn't do
any less damage based on range, so don't be afraid to snipe things with it either.
AMMO: Power Battery and PentaPower Battery

SLOT 3 - Plasma Shotgun - It fires 9 bolts of plasma in a square formation at the 
cost of 2 Power Cells. No alternate fire.
AMMO: Power Battery and PentaPower Battery

SLOT 4 - Splinter Cannon - This weapon launches white-hot cesium at incredible speed. 
Alternate fire concentrates these blasts into one large projectile and launches it as 
a sort of plasma grenade. It's handy for riot-clearing operations, but this alt-fire 
costs 10 Battery Cells - and  you can only hold 200 (400 with backpack).
AMMO: Light Battery and Heavy Battery

SLOT 4 - Neutron Disruptor - This weapon in based on a Klingon model, updated to MACO's
standards. It costs 5 Z-Cells to fire.
AMMO: Y-Class and Z-Class Energy Cells

SLOT 5 - Fuel Rod Cannon - This is a man-portable artillery cannon. Primary fire launches 
a single rod, while alternate fire splits five rods and launches them in a loose spread to 
pepper multiple targets.
AMMO: Fuel Rod

SLOT 6 - This weapon was developed by Vulcan scientists in order to proveed the Vulcan soldiers with
a powerful weapon against the Andorians. When peace was established, the Vulcans donated this model
to the Earth StarFleet.
AMMO: Y-Class and Z-Class Energy Cells

SLOT 7 - Xindi Antimatter Cannon - Used by the Xindi in their boardings, this weapon was rescued by a
MACO team in an abandon Xindi ship. Once the Earth engineers understood the way it works, some antimatter 
cells were created; now the Enterprise NX-01 is the only ship to carry this type of weapon aboard.
Use left-mouse-key to load the weapon.
AMMO: Antimatter cells

* Resources *

from hlctex.zip by Bonan17 : flat3, patch 11, patch 15, patch 16, patch 6, patch 9
from mlcetex.zip by Nick Baker : aside2, aside3, bedge1, blue_5, duct, panel1, panel2, panel3, panel4, panel5, 
  rivdbl_3, riv_1 techp_1, ciel_1
from NMNcorp.zip by NMN : xduct, bastrim, compsto1, concr1, dcomp2, dcomp5, dortrak, gratsupp, metelik2, redpan
from textures.zip by Lee Wallis : block2, misc3, box5, floor4, tex3, tex6, tex23, tex95, tex104, tex105
from gloom by Rick Clark : glm23
from kzdoom1.zip by K. Kesler : k_hrail, k_comp3, K_comp4, kgren_3
from Pleiades.zip by Roger Ritenaur : stpanel1, monitorh, hugdorp
from ncc1701.zip by Ryan Polczer : rw32_3, rw32_2, door2_4
from strtrk.zip by Lubumbashi, Dave Humphrey, Claude Martins : wall57_1, wall30_4, wall62_2
from itdoom1.zip by Italian DooM Community: the sky

* Copyright / Permissions *

This level is Copyright @ 2010 by UltimateLorenzo
Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
You can use textures and sprites.
If you want to use the new weapons, ask WildWeasel

You MAY distribute this WAD on any commercially released CD collection,
any shareware CD, or any other CD for which you charge a fee of any
sort without my prior permission. (See email for contact))

* Where to get this WAD *
WWW Sites : www.djb.doomwadstation.com
Enterprise NX-01 (MAP01)

Enterprise NX-01 (MAP01)

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