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Game:Ultimate Doom
Author:Steve Duff
Author Contact:<email removed>

Other Files by Author: Seven levels in Realm of Chaos megawad (
                       Also Pariah, No Pity and Airbase in AOL MacDoom library   


Large techno-gothic level for Ultimate Doom.  A stiff challenge on UV.

**How to play this level**

Amiga & PC: Place Elfstomp.wad in your Doom directory, then open a Shell
or DOS window and navigate to your Doom directory, then type the following
and press Enter: 
                                Doom -file Elfstomp.wad -skill 4 -warp 13
Mac: Drag the Elfstomp.wad icon onto your Ultimate Doom icon.  If you do not
land at E1M3, type 'IDCLEV13.' Alternately, you can double-click on your
Ultimate Doom icon, then hold down the 'S' key as the music starts.  A dialog
box will appear, select 'Load WAD file' and navigate to the directory containing
Elfstomp.wad, highlight Elfstomp.wad, select 'OK,' then select your difficulty
level, then select 'Warp to Level,' using Episode 1, Map 3.

**Level Stats**

Sidedefs: 4,122
Sectors: 515
Groups: 65
Things: 696
Monsters: 415 (UV)
          357 (HMP)
          292 (HNTR)

**Special Note for AMIGA users**

Switch problem: Using ADoom 1.3 and DoomAttack 0.8b3, I noticed that switch
textures using skulls and gargoyle faces failed to produce a switching sound,
even though the switching action itself took place.  My advice to Amiga Doomers
is to press anything that looks remotely like a switch. 

**Attention ZDoom users**

If you are still using ZDoom 1.14a, you will need to upgrade to v. 1.16, as
v. 1.14a crashes with a Save Game Buffer Overrun error even on HMP.

**Re-release Notes**

This level first appeared on Elf's MacDoom WAD of The Day Page in '97 or early '98,
as well as the AOL MacDoom Library, but was never officialy released at
The name of the level is a tribute to Elf66, who ran a killer 3D level site for
a couple years.  This version of the level features many changes in textures
plus a lot of work into aligning previously misaligned textures (STONEGARG and
METAL1 on stairways -- ouch!).  Alignment still isn't perfect, but that's life.
I also added as much detail as I could while skirting around Save Game Buffer
Overrun errors. Ultimately the level isn't as detailed as I'd like, but I insist
on maintaining compatibility with the original Doom engine, since Mac and Amiga
users lack access to the best source ports.  So there is no Save Game error in
this level.  The first version also required the player to find a secret door
to continue the level, so I changed that door into a visible one in this version.

**Episode and Play info**

Map: E1M3
Single Player: Yes
Co-op 2-4 Player: Yes (untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player: No 
Difficulty Settings: Yes
New Graphics: Yes (starry sky texture from DOOMSDAY OF THE UAC)
New Music: No
New Sounds: No
Demos Replaced: None


Base: New Level from scratch
Build Time: I shudder to think..........
Editors Used: Hellmaker v. 1.0.4, v. 1.1.1 and v. 1.2b2 (maps) Deimos 0.4b1 (graphics)
Known Bugs: None
Known Errors: Many ordinary lines are grouped, but as this is a non-fatal error I
chose not to correct it.  I no longer make this mistake in new maps. :>

**Testing Notes**

I have extensively tested this level on the following machines, using High Detail,
Fullscreen and music:
Amiga: A4000T with 68060 @57Mhz using ADoom 1.3 in DoubleNTSC LowRes and 
DoomAttack 0.8b3 in Euro72 320x200.
PowerMac: PowerWave with PPC 604 @132Mhz using MacDoom 1.0.3 at 640x400.
PC: CyberMax P-II 400 using PRBoom v. 2.02 and ZDoom v. 1.16 at 800x600.
The level ran well on all machines and great on the PC.


id of course, for the classic game.  Paul Davidson for his delicious Hellmaker editor.
And so on, and so on..............


You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.  This level may be
distributed by all electronic means so long as the entire directory, including this
text file, is kept whole and complete.  If you should wish to include this level in
a CD-ROM compilation or cover disk, please let me know as this will be good for my ego. :>

Where to get this WAD:, and on the web at: 

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