Enigma Town, Version 1.0

If you are tired of complete the 32 levels of Doom II and you finished R.J.G. Stark Base. then you have been trained for this. The new argument?: T...

Enigma Town, Version 1.0
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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP32


Title                   : Enigma Town, Version 1.0
Wad Engine (Game)       : DOOM II, Heel on the earth.
Filename                : RJGNIGMA.WAD
                          --Please read the final notes below--
Author                  : Ricardo Gonzalez (1996)
Other WAD's by author   : R.J.G. Stark Base (RJGSTARK.ZIP)
Email Address           : <email removed>
URL Location            : http://strix.ciens.ucv.ve/~rgonzal
Misc. Author Info       : I live in Venezuela.
Description             : If you are tired of complete the 32 levels of
                          Doom II and you finished R.J.G. Stark Base.
                          then you have been trained for this.
                          The new argument?:
                          The big explosion of the Magna Reactor in R.J.G.
                          Stark Base opens a hole in the timeline. And you
                          fall on it..... Your eyes lights up, wandered
                          because you are live, the first thing you do is
                          to talk via radio to the Doom Team, The commander
                          recognize you, WOW..., You are in 1999, 3 years...
                          You walk and look around: Former R.J.G. Stark Base
                          is now a small city in middle of radioactive desert,
                          everything seems different, Barons of Hells are
                          extinct, CyberDemons and Spider Mastermind are
                          discontinued forever. Everything is new technology:
                          The powerful Golden Walker, The new plasma fire gun,
                          with a little wide range, the BFG10000, now toasts
                          the enemy, and an UAC supersecret weapon system.
                          Oh no, your signal has been intercepted, you are
                          discovered, you must escape!!!, if you try to go
                          to radioactive desert you surely will die. The only
                          way is to touch the four Sacred Gems in the city in
                          order to activate the Mystical Transportator
                          somewhere. It's no easy, but you're ... you!
                          So, once again, can get stuck off?
You should feel the
master of this level if : You complete it in ultra violence mode with -fast,
                          no cheat codes and 100% secret. It's no easy ;>
Many special thanks to  : Carlos Milano & Eloy Milano for a great & cool
                          beta testing.
                          Patrick Martin, by the first (and the most
                          objective) E-mail comment.
                          See other credits in the credit screen in
                          the game.
Additional credits to   : The programming staff of the editor(s) used
                          and Midway by the sounds. (Listed Below.)

* WAD File Information *

Map                     : MAP01
New Sounds              : Some MK2 (Copyright Midway Manufacturing C.O.)
                          SFX's and others by me.
New Graphics            : Yes, a lot.
New Sprites             : Yes, a pair of 3D rendered guys by me.
                          As I promised you.
New Music               : Yes, by me, once again, isn't great thing, but...
Demos Replaced          : The first and second. New Demo version 1.6.
Require to have in Dir. : The game and DEUSF.EXE.

* Play Information *

Single Player           : Designed for.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, Let's beat them!!!.   
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yeah!,
Difficulty Settings     : Yes.

* Construction Information *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : DCK 3.4
                          Win Tex 4.2
                          ZenNode for node builds.
Known Bugs              : If you IDCLIP to the desert the game will crash
                          due to and edge overflow.
                          Please E-mail me if you find something else. 

* Where-to-get information *

Original site           : ftp.cdrom.com & mirrors.
Other cool WADs there   : BLAKGATE.WAD
                          DWELLER1.WAD (deathmatch)
                          RJGSTARK.WAD ;> why not?
                          And others...
                          SuperB Jobs, Keep it. :)

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) or upload it anywhere as long as you
include this file intact. You may also include the map intact to other
multimap WADFiles if you include my correspondent credits in the package
and you notice me via e-mail.

* Final Notes *

IMPORTANT: This wad contain redefined sprites, and due to Limitations
(or Bug) in DOOM II you must prior to run NIGMAAPP.BAT to append some
data from DOOM2.WAD to RJGNIGMA.WAD, exploding it to a 5M file. You can
restore the file later (2M-non-playable) running NIGMARES.BAT in order to
save space. 

Appending and restoring process by DEUSF.EXE (c) Oliver Montanuy.

Note that the appending process WILL TAKE A FEW MINUTES due to nature of
DEUSF.EXE, you can reduce the time so far if you can set a disk cache
of at least 320KB (example 'SMARTDRV 320' on command line) prior to
execute the batch file. In my Pentium 100 without disk cache take 2 min.

Note that it DOES NOT MODIFY your main IWAD DOOM2.WAD, pretty cool, eh.

For the authors or such: The wad have modified Reject Data and I couldn't
not include a .REJ file to restore it if you rebuild nodes. Sorry |< .

You already played ENIGMA TOWN? is good?, it sucks?, it's the best? please 
write me.
This is my second released level, and I need to know some impressions
from cool people like you. So I would thank you very much if you e-mail me 
in Spanish or English and tell me what do you think about. Please!!!  :).

                                                       ...Happy Dooming.


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