The last time you saw these Ettin creatures, they were slower and weaker. These two- headed monsters from the Hexen universe are now in Hell, and w...

Ettin Etiquette
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WAD Type
Advanced engine needed  : No
Primary purpose         : Single+Coop play
Suggested location      : ./levels/doom2/d-f/
Title                   : Ettin Etiquette
Filename                : etinetiq.deh  etinetiq.wad
                          etinetiq.txt  etinetiq.jpg
Release date            : 24 December 2000  (Merry Christmas)
Author                  : Sparky of KISS Software
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   :
                   ...and 100's of fixes/updates
Misc. Author Info       : Electronics Engineer with a passion for Doom

Description             : The last time you saw these Ettin creatures,
                          they were slower and weaker.  These two-
                          headed monsters from the Hexen universe are
                          now in Hell, and would you believe it...
                          you're out of ammo!  You may as well dump
                          your weapons 'cause you won't find any ammo
                          here; the Ettin have never been known to use
                          anything other than a spiked mace.  You'd
                          better find yourself a Mace of Retribution
                          (a.k.a. Power Mace) quickly, or the locals
                          in this corner of Hell are going to give you
                          a lesson in the finer points of...
                                 E T T I N    E T I Q U E T T E

                          See the Help/Credit screen for more info.

Additional Credits to   : Malcolm Sailor (<email removed>) for
                            releasing his unfinished maps to the
                            public - etinetiq.wad is based on map03
                            from ms1.wad of
                          My wife for her love and dedication.
                          Raven Software for Hexen - where I got the
                            music and sprite graphics.
                          id Software for the Wolf/Doom/Quake family
                            of games, and their decendants.
* What is included *

New levels              : 1
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : Yes
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes - external only - etinetiq.deh
Demos                   : 1 (internal)
                          skill 3 (HMP), 100% kills, 11min 30sec
                          Note, the demo tested okay ONLY with 'Plain
                          Vanilla' Doom II v1.9, PrBoom & glBoom v2.11
                          (see the section 'Notes about source ports')
Other                   : Yes - a screen shot - etinetiq.jpg
Other files required    : a source port if you don't want the hassle
                          of patching 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II.
                          PrBoom v2.11 is highly recommended (see the
                          detailed analysis at the end of the section
                          'Notes about source ports').

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom II v1.9
Map #                   : Map01
Single Player           : Designed for.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, but untested.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes - essentially 33/66/100% hitpoint ratios
                          with slight differences in health/armour/
                          powerups. If you're not confident/proficient
                          at Tyson-style maps then the extra Power
                          Maces on skills 1/2 should prove helpful  :)


EtinEtiq with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II  (version 1.9)

To play Ettin Etiquette with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II you'll need to
create a replacement exe file, and patch etinetiq.wad with some extra
sprite graphics.

a) The exe:
Create a hacked doom2.exe (called doomhack.exe) using DeHackEd v3.1
and etinetiq.deh.  For example:   dehacked -load etinetiq.deh

You'll get a few error messages because of the Boom/ZDoom specific
text strings in the patch - just press the 'any key' and ignore these.

b) The Sprites:
Due to a bug in Doom, you need to add all the extra sprite graphics
from doom2.wad into etinetiq.wad.  This will greatly increase the size
of etinetiq.wad from about 900KB to over 4.3MB!  You'll need a program
such as DeuSF, WinTex, NWT, etc.  For example:  deusf -as etinetiq.wad

c) Playing the game:
Once patched, you can load and run etinetiq.wad like any other pwad.
For example:    doomhack -file etinetiq.wad

The internal lmp demo was recorded with a patched Doom II v1.9
and playback tested okay.  To view the demo, just load the wad and
wait for it to start automatically.

EtinEtiq with a Doom Source Port

A 'better' and easier method is to use a Doom Source Port which can
import DeHackEd patches and pwads containing sprite graphics; such as:
Boom, PrBoom, MBF, SMMU, PrjDoom, ZDoom, ZDoomGL, Legacy, glBoom, etc.
(PrBoom v2.11 is recommended - see detailed evaluation below).

Patching is not required with these source ports, and the files can be
used as-is.  For example:
    PrjDoom/ZDoom/glBoom:  boom -deh etinetiq -file etinetiq
  Legacy (Win32)        :  legacy -deh etinetiq.deh -file etinetiq.wad
  Legacy (3D mode) and
  ZDoomGL v0.4b         :  the command line required is hardware
                           specific, so see the port's documentation.

Notes about source ports:

- feel free to use ANY of the above ports because:
  a) the only port-specific items are a few Boom/ZDoom text strings
     in the DeHackEd patch - such as "player was killed by an Ettin".
  b) features such as jumping and mouse-look can be left enabled as
     they will NOT affect the gameplay at all.
  c) don't worry about the mouse-look / stretched-sky problem because
     this map doesn't even use a sky texture.
  d) the monster/weapon/powerup behavior is almost identical with all
     the above mentioned source ports (except ZDoom - see below).

- ZDoom v1.22 (the only version tested) is NOT recommended because
  the monsters can get stuck to the wall (and each other) when they
  jump off the central pillar.

- Boom, MBF, SMMU and PrjDoom are a bit hard on the eyes due to:
  a) low resolution (Boom and PrjDoom 320x200, MBF and SMMU 640x400)
  b) the map's dark lighting and extensive use of marble textures
  c) straining to see the transparent Ethereal-Ettins
  All these are also good reasons not to use 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II
  as well  ;)

- the OpenGL ports can have a few problems too.  The map was not
  created specifically for these ports, so there's definately lighting
  and rendering glitches.  A bug in glLegacy causes the wall torches
  to flash and move (faulty TBLU sprites).

- the lmp demo was recorded with a patched Doom II v1.9. The demo will
  ONLY play back properly using 'Plain Vanilla' Doom2, or the source
  ports PrBoom v2.11 and glBoom v2.11.  The demo will not work with
  ANY of the other source ports mentioned above.
    ZDoom v1.22 and ZDoomGL v0.4b - no support for Doom II v1.9 demos
    Legacy v1.30 - desynch after 5 minutes
    PrjDoom v0.1 - desynch after 7 minutes
    Boom v2.02 /  MBF v2.03 / SMMU v3.21 - desynch after 8min 15sec

- Ettin Etiquette will NOT work with:
    Vavoom v1.6 - crash on startup (segmentation violation)
    Ports without DeHackEd support: 
      JDoom v0.81    Edge v1.24    Doom3D v1.14   glDoom v0.94e

* - The following source ports are recommended:
*     Boom v2.02   - screen resolution only 320x200              :(
*     PrjDoom v0.1 - screen resolution only 320x200              :(
*     MBF v2.03    - maximum screen resolution only 640x400      :(
*                    Help/Credit screens don't work              :(
*     SMMU v3.21   - maximum screen resolution only 640x400      :(
*                  - sound problems but maybe just my machine    :(
*     PrBoom/glBoom v2.11
*                  - the ONLY port which will play back the
*                    lmp demo properly                           :)
*                  - supports very high screen resolutions       :)
*                  - requires a massive 5MB patch to enable
*                    the music (the original PrBoom v2.02 does
*                    not require this music patch, but the lmp
*                    demo doesn't work)                          :(
*     Legacy v1.30 - supports very high screen resolutions       :)
*                  - music is okay, but sound has some glitches  :(
*                  - some of the game screens are not scaled
*                    correctly in full screen                    :(
*   As you can see from this list, most source ports have good points
*   and bad points, but I would have to say that the best port to play
*   Ettin Etiquette with (at this moment in time) is.... PrBoom v2.11

* Construction *

Base                    : An unfinished level from Malcolm Sailor's
                          'scraps' (map03 in ms1.wad of
                          Sounds, music and sprite graphics from Hexen
                          by Raven Software.
                          All other graphics from scratch by Sparky.
Build Time              : the best part of 3 days.
Editor(s) used          : Deth, WinTex, DeuTex, NWT, Paint Shop Pro
Known Bugs              : LegacyGL - faulty wall torches.
                          Some source ports don't automatically switch
                          to the mace at the start of the game.
May Not Run With...     : Any source port without DeHackEd support.
                          The gameplay is very different without using
                          the deh patch - the Ettin are too fast,
                          the wall torches are faulty, the Mace of
                          Retribution doesn't spin, and the Ettin
                          don't have exploding animation frames  :(

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse. The sprites, music and sound were extracted
from the game Hexen, so they are copyright Raven Software.  Reuse the
original Hexen resources rather than these modified versions.
The map is based on an unfinished level from Malcolm Sailor's 'scraps'
(map03 in ms1.wad of  If you want to redit the map, I
would prefer that you edit the original map rather than this modified

You may distribute Ettin Etiquette in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this text file intact, and
do not release it as part of a commercial product as it contains
material copyrighted by Raven Software.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *


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