Fourth part of the Eulogy series. This one is probably the best yet. Has a few nifty gimmicks like 'complete darkness' as well as major shadow- cas...

Eulogy 4
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Date Completed         : May 31, 1998
Title                  : Eulogy 4 
Filename               : eulogy4.wad
Other Works            : All at
Author                 : Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Email Address          : <email removed>

Description            : Fourth part of the Eulogy series.  This one is 
 probably the best yet.  Has a few nifty gimmicks 
 like 'complete darkness' as well as major shadow-
 casting in one area(the slime pit).  Also impliments 
 a Dehacked patch which introduces a new monster, 
 the Nightmare Imp.  The Nightmare Imp really is a 
 nightmare.  They're quick, always seem to know where 
 you are, have high health(sometimes even the super-
 shotgun isn't enough)and are partially invisible.

Additional Credits to  : Mordeth for his Doom Editing pages on Doomworld 
 for the shadowcasting, id Software for thier 
 kick ass games, the creators of CyberDreams for 
 the 'complete darkness' idea, Doom 64 for 
 the Nightmare Imp idea, and whoever made the 
 kick ass sky(I just found it on my HD).

* Play Information *

Game                    : doom2.exe ONLY(becuase of the dehacked patch), 
  sorry Boomers.
Level #                 : Map 01
Single Player           : Yes(main purpose)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : If you want(starts are there)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No DM starts...if you want to put them in 
  though, be my guest.
Difficulty Settings     : Yep, health, ammo and monsters.  I actually   
  give a plasma rifle in this map too!  Although 
  it's not easy to get(Hint: Don't forget about 
  strafe running)
New Sounds              : None

New Graphics            : New sky(I didn't make)

New Music               : ’nema, by TOOL(the damn best band there is)

Demos Replaced          : Nope, but send me one if you want(v1.9 of doom2.exe please)

* Construction *

Base                    : New level, patch and graphics from scratch.

Editor(s) used          : WadED, WARM, Dehacked, NWT, Midi2Mus, and PSP

Build time              : 24 hours(not at once)
Known Bugs              : I have no idea if the music works right seeing as 
  how I have lack of sound card, so tell me if 
  it's bad.  Thanks.

Files                   : eulogy4.wad...............The map
  eulogy4.bat...............main batch file
  eul4demo.bat..............batch to record demo
  seedemo.bat...............batch to watch the demo
  dehacked.exe..............dehacked(needed for the patch)
  newimp2.deh...............Deh version of my 'Nightmare Imp'
  eulogy4.txt...............this text file

Setup                   : Unzip EVERYTHING to your Doom 2 directory and 
  type 'eulogy4' (without the quotes).  If you 
  don't unzip everything the patch might not run 
  correctly.  This will not alter your doom2.exe in
  any way.  To play the level and record a demo run 
  the batch file called 'eulo4demo'(it will also 
  allow you to take screenies).  It will leave an lmp 
  named eulo4.lmp on your HD.  To watch the demo type
  'seedemo' which will run the demo.  Have fun!  Any 
  probs, just contact me.

 * Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels, unless you want to add in DM starts(although I doubt it's a 
good DM map).

You may distrubute this file in any format(CD ROM, BBS, whatever)provided 
that you include all files included in your distribution.  

Where to Get this wad:

FTP: and all mirrors

BBS: Does anyone even use BBS anymore?

Other: You're reading eulogy4.txt...go download, it should be 
       very close to it.(like, under it)


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