A little creepier then the previous 6 maps. This is a marbel/metal/dirt wad. Also, it is quite hard for even advanced Doomers(I should get some coo...

Eulogy 7
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Date Completed         : July 16, 1998
Title                  : Eulogy 7
Filename               : eulogy7.wad
Other Works            : Eh...Eulogy 5 and Eulogy 6 are really the only ones 
 worth looking at.  http://members.xoom.com/Doom2
Author                 : Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Email Address          : <email removed>

Description            : A little creepier then the previous 6 maps.  
 This is a marbel/metal/dirt wad.  Also, it is 
 quite hard for even advanced Doomers(I should 
 get some cool demos for my page for this.)
 Also, it is noted that the map looks like 
 Chordg(same look anyway), but I actually had 
 the main idea, and most of the map done when 
 Malcolm released Chordg...great minds think 
 alike I guess.
Additional Credits to  : Those id Software guys for Doom(duh), Prower 
 for a bit of beta testing and some hints, [cocoon] 
 for his great wad Crestfallen, from wich the tele-
 porter ideas were gotten, and whoever made the 
 A-DAN3 flat in the GothincDM(2) texture wad(someone 
 named Dan I'd presume).


* Play Information *

Game                    : Works with doom2.exe, so have fun with all ports.  
  However, I ask that if you send demos, they be 
  recorded on v1.9 of doom2.exe(or something compatible)
Level #                 : map07 (for the Mancubus and Arachnotron tags)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes(untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No(but add the starts if you really want)
Difficulty Settings     : Monsters and health.  I kept the ammo the same for 
  each skill becuase I take it if you play on 
  skill 1-3, you have worse aim, therefore, need more 
  ammo, therefore less monsters compensate for that.  
  (simple logic I think)

New Sounds              : Nope

New Graphics            : FIREBLUx converted to flat, and A-DAN3 from the 
  GDM/2 texture wad.
New Music               : Head Like a Hole - NIN

Demos Replaced          : What are you crazy?  I suck at Doom playing...
  I couldn't get past this map if my life depended on 

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch.

Editor(s) used          : WadED for the entire map.
  Warm for nodes/blockmap.
  NWT for gfx wad and final merge
  DCK to enable sector tags 666 and 667
  Midi2Mus for obvious reasons.

Remarks                 : I don't care what anyone says, WadEd owns!  DCK is 
  okay, but WadEd is better! heh.

Build time              : Uhh, hmmm...took about a week over time I'd say...
  About 20-30 hours of building(the summer nights 
  leave me with nothing to do...not that I have a 
  life anyway hehe).
Known Bugs              : No way!  Bugs suck...why would I put them in?  But 
  if you find any, please tell me, thanks.

  Also, just to mention, I found a solution to the 
  Arachnotron bug(where the step raises too high).  
  I simply seperated one(actually two) 'trons from 
  the main group, and so, the bug is gone(for it 
  to occur you have to kill the last two about 
  a second apart from each other.  Impossible 
  if two are seperated from the group.

 * Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels.  Why not you ask?  My damned map!  Make your own you 
lazy bastard!

You may distrubute this file in any format(CD ROM, BBS, whatever)provided 
that you include all files included in your distribution...in fact, 
I encourage it!  Distribute!!

Where to Get this wad:

FTP: http://members.xoom.com/Doom2 and CDROM.com and its mirrors.

BBS: WTF??  BBS??  Does anyone use that?

Other: If you're too damned lazy to click on the link to eulogy7.zip, 
       you could download and IRC program, set it up, connect to EFnet, 
       join #doom2, wait for me to show up, and ask for a DCC(simple huh?).

  * Legal / Mumbo-Jumbo *

This PWAD contains select texture(s) and flat(s) that can originally be found
in GothicDM or Gothic2. Credit and thanks go out to the artist(s) of said
flat(s) and texture(s) and also to the rest of the Gothic Crew (1997/98). The
ORIGINAL GothicDM(2).ZIP can be found at CDROM.COM. Each said PKZIP archive
contains thirty-two professional quality levels and music.


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Co-op Spawns
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