I confess! I'm not a *true* DOOMer. I like the game the most at the HMP (He Must Practice ?!) level. I want to have some time to take a closer look...

Excalibur 1.1
DOOMXCAL.WAD, xcalib11.wad
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Title                   : Excalibur 1.1
Filename                : XCALIB11.WAD = EXCALIBR.WAD Version 1.1
Author                  : Stefan Maes
Email Address           : <email removed>
WWW Homepage            : http://www.uia.ac.be/u/maes/index.html
Snail Mail              : Verbiststraat 8
                          2920 Kalmthout
Misc. Author Info       :

        Ph.D. student at the University of Antwerp (Chemical Crystallography)
        and addicted to first persons games. I rate Doom/Doom ][ a close third
        after Ultima Underworld. System Shock is my absolute number 1.

Still some more info    :

        When DEU 5.1 came out, my collegue Carl started constructing his own
        WAD. Gerd and I followed in his tracks. Somehow, I lost both along the
        road. Maybe they should have planned things a little more, just as I
        did. Although I didn't plan to spend so much time on this level...

        I've always been fascinated by the Middle Ages, so building a castle
        WAD was the only thing for me. I tried to give each room a meaning and
        succeeded for the majority of them. There are still a few 'space
        fillers', but I'm sure you'll recognize the throne room, the main
        quarters, the torture room with prison, a bathing house, kitchen,
        stables and of course a conference room (NO not one with a round
        table in it :) ). A castle is supposed to have some secret passages,
        so there are a few; Not as many as I wanted though.

        I intended to name this level something boring like CASTL_SM, but then
        the BBC played that great movie Excalibur again. A name change was the

Description             :

        I confess! I'm not a *true* DOOMer. I like the game the most at the
        HMP (He Must Practice ?!) level. I want to have some time to take a
        closer look at the enviroment. Besides, I'm into X-rays, not UV :)
        Therefore I spend much time aligning textures and I hope I haven't
        missed a spot (If you find an error, please flame my beta-testers!).
        On the other hand, this could mean that I exaggerated UV a little...
        Before you go out and hopefully play this WAD, I must tell you that
        there's a CyberDemon Surprise at the end (I know it's a cheap trick,
        flame me!), but you're given 3 options to bypass this CDS:
        a) Run like hell; b) Nuke him (a BFG might come in handy); and c) ... 
        Nah! It's a secret.

The evil S-word         :

        Right. Let's not forget to mention the story of this WAD. Some warlord
        dared to revolt from your Doom King Romero. You and 3 more of his best
        Doom Masters were send to his castle to talk this matter over.
        Negotiations failed and you and your compagnons are about to be put
        away in some dark cell. This is when plan B took over. Waste the son
        of a B&%$* ! Question is: 'Where are your buddies?' and moreover 'Can
        you still trust them?' There's only one way to find out!

System requirements     :

        To fully enjoy Ultra Violent Excalibur a just above average (?) Doom
        machine (486DX, 8Mb RAM, VLB) is required. You REALLY need 8Mb RAM!
        On my 486DX2/66 with 8Mb RAM and a ISA ET4000 video card I got about
        20 FPS indoors and around 14 FPS during heavy outdoors combat. For me
        it was just tolerable. Since the initial release of EXCALIBR.WAD my
        PC got a VLB boost. With my newly ET4000/W32i video card, I hardly
        drop below 23 FPS.

Status of the Ferraris  :

        You asked for it, so here it is :) I have three (3!) one GTO, one
        512BB and one F40. All are red and on scale 1/24. (Just WHAT else did
        you expect from a 'poor' student ?!). In real life I settle for a
        red 1985 Ford Escort XR3i.

Additional Credits to   :

        id Sofware for creating DOOM;
        Brendon Wyber and Rapha‰l Quinet for the Doom Editing Utilities;
        Per Allansson and Per Kofod for the GCC port of DEU;
        Colin Reed for his Binary Space Partitioner 1.2x - the only
        node-builder that could handle this WAD correctly;
        L. Witek (<email removed>) for his Reject utility;
        Jin Kim (<email removed>) for discussion about the different
        nodebuilders out there, beta-testing and many hints to improve
        playability of this WAD;
        My collegues Gerd Thys (<email removed>), Carl Peten
        (<email removed>) and Johan Van der Looy (<email removed>)
        for DeathMatches and beta-testing;
        Olivier Montanuy (<email removed>) for his DeuTex utility. 
        Sometimes things can be so imple if you have the right program;
        Billy D'Augustine (<email removed>), Ken McDowell
        (<email removed>), Mauro 'from Bologna'
        (<email removed>) and Brett (<email removed>): the 
        few people that took the time to comment on my creation and which
        made this WAD a (hopefully) better WAD.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E2M1
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes   
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No    There are many good sound WADs out there.
New Graphics            : Yes   Although id did a pretty good job.
New Music               : No    Get SWMUSIC.WAD !
Demos Replaced          : Nope  There's absolutely no(DOOM)thing you can learn
                                from me!

* Construction *

Base                    : Update from my own EXCALIBR.WAD;
Construction time       : Roughly 10 hours for the paper design;
                          Six (6!) months for the DOS-port. I had a
                          Windows-like hate-love relationship with DEU:
                          More off that on the job.
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.1 and DEUGCC 5.2.1, BSP 1.2X, REJECT 1.0 and
                          DEUTEX 2.1
Statistics              : You thought you've seen really BIG levels? Take a
                          look at a few stats: 2018 Vertices to construct
                          2716 LineDefs with all together 4038 SideDefs. I
                          needed those to build 643 sectors. Oh yeah, don't
                          forget about the 618 Things.

Changes in Version 1.1  : - Made it more obvious how to get the vital blue
                            skull key by creating an ICKWALL3 swith.
                          - Some cosmetic changes which should make the
                            secrets a little more obvious. Just a little...
                          - Added some more rocketlaunchers for Deathmatch.

Known (?) Bugs          : - It's more a feature than a bug: Because of the
                            complexity of this WAD, don't play it with
                            anything less than the Doom 1.4 engine. Unless of
                            course you really like HOMs :)
                          - Lack of speed on 'lower end' Doom machines on UV.
                            Send enough comments/complaints and I might try
                            again. For now I'm a little tired fooling around
                            with Block Sound LineDefs and Deaf/Ambush Flags.
                          - The one my beta-testers never told me about.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels. Please let
me know where to find the results!

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no 
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact. I sure would like
to know about that CD-stuff!

Finally I would love to see a full castle episode, with or without this level.

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:      ftp.cdrom.com, ftp.idsoftware.com and mirrors.

World Wide Web: My homepage at http://www.uia.ac.be/u/maes/index.html

Other:          Sams Publishing's book: Tricks of the DOOM Programming Gurus.


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