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Extra 0verpowered Weapons is a PWAD playable on ZDOOM

Extra 0verpowered Weapons
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WAD Type
Archive Maintainer      : ...combos directory...
Update to               : ...
Advanced engine needed  : Zdoom
Primary purpose         : None
Title                   : Extra 0verpowered Weapons
Filename                : xtra_0verpw.wad
Release date            : 4-8-05
Author                  : Finalizer
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : Nada! [Currently working on something else though]
Misc. Author Info       : ...
Description             : After playing Xaser's 0verpowered weapons, I thought
to myself about a week ago "Hey, I could make something even more redicuously
overpowered than that!" So, I went about making this, Extra-0verpowered weapons.
I did a lot of tinkering around with DeHacked, but didn't bother to clean up
anything I ended up scrapping (It all works alright though)

This is actually a re-release, although it's the first time that this has appeared
in the ID games archive.

Additional Credits to   : *Nice long list 'ere*
-Doom 2 X-treme Gold
-Don's Challenge 1
-Immoral Conduct
-Weapons of Destruction
-99 Weapons of Doom
-Randy (Zdoom)
-ID Software (Doom)
-Others who I have forgotten


* What is included *

New levels              : None
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : Nope
Graphics                : Yes 
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes
Demos                   : Huh?
Other                   : Really?
Other files required    : Zdoom (I used .96)

* Play Information *

Game                    : Anything with Doom in the name...
Map #                   : ...
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yeah
Other game styles       : Dunno
Difficulty Settings     : Nope


* Construction *

Base                : Buncha stuff
Build Time              : 'Bout a week, on and off
Editor(s) used          : DeepSea, Dehacked, Notepad
Known Bugs              : Some weird crap with a gun (See below)
May Not Run With...     : Your mom!



1- Double Saw:
     Basically a saw with 2 blades, doing twice as much damage. Also,
the blades spin a lot faster than your old one, resulting in a LOT
more damage. Unfortunately, it's still not all that useful.

1- Hellstorm Grenade Launcher:
     An extremely powerful grenade launcher, it's explosion can cause
massive damage very quickly. It's capable of taking Barons down in
just a few seconds, and it's ricochet bouncing can be used to your
advantage if used wisely.

2- Shotgun:
     Not really all that different from your old shotgun, except that
you don't pull all the way back to reload now.

3- Riot Gun:
     A large gun that shoots widely spread shots really fast. It can
maul anything really friggin fast, and will quickly become a good
friend of yours really fast.

3- Sig-Cow:
     The Sig-Cow shoots a really powerful shot, and can shoot at a
pretty good speed (Although it has nothing on the riot gun). A
great way to annihilate an enemy with speed.

4- Double Chaingun:
     Bullets? What bullets? These guns are probably the fastest-shooting
guns EVER. You'll be out of bullets in less than a minute, all 2000 of
'em, and a cyberdemon (as well as any other creature) will go flying
backwards at the sheer power of these babies. Have fun!

5- Tri-Railer:
     A special rail gun that shoots 3 slugs at once, and also shoots
at a fast pace, making it capable of destroying an army of demons
very quickly.

6- Pulse Laser:
     The newest weapon on the market, it's an upgrade to the old lasergun.
It has a new energy system that allows it to shoot several powerful
lasers with almost no recharge time in between shots, making it an
extremely deadly weapon.

7- The Unmaker:
     A weapon created by demons, it is the very essence of fear and
destruction. It is supposedly capable of destroying entire worlds,
but mortals are incapable of using it's full potential. That doesn't
make it weak; it is still fully capable of killing a Cyberdemon in
one shot. A warning goes to the user: This weapon is just as capable of
killing you as it is others. It is recommended that the user shoot
from a distance, and back up while doing so, or else you'll probably
take quite a bit of damage.

*This gun shoots a bunch of green flash-things downward that
are supposed to explode upon touching the ground, but that isn't always
the case. If you're not looking at it while they shoot downward, they
sometimes don't explode. It doesn't seem to actually affect gameplay,
but it looks kinda funny... Whatever.

New enemies:
[Well hey, I didn't say "0verpowered enemies not included", now did I?]

Zombieman-Marine (Machinegun)
Shotgun Guy-Marine (Double-barreled shotgun)
Chaingun Guy-Marine (Chaingun)
Imp-Unchanged, except for more powerful fireball
Lost Soul-Unchanged
Cacodemon-Now shoots 3 times, and same fireballs as Imp
Hell Knight-PsuedoImp (Red, shoots "Baron" Fireballs)
Baron of Hell-Hell Prince (Looks same, except hands now glow
 red, and and it shoots Mancubus fireballs)
Arachnotron-Vengeance Cannoneer (Play Pyro_x to find out
 what that means)
Pain Elemental-Now shoots 3 "Baron" Fireballs
Mancubus-SuperImp (Black, shoots Imp Fireballs really
 fast, like Strain's Class 2 Imp)
The Spider Mastermind -You'll have to 'see' for yourself...
Cyberdemon-1337 Cyberdemon (Shoots a Hellstorm grenade, then
 2 rail shots)
Nazi-Plasma Marine
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