Eyeball for Doom 2
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                                                    EYEBALL WAD
Title                       : Eyeball for Doom 2
Filename                : Eyeball.Wad
Author                    : Voodoo Nipple Software
Email Address        :  <email removed>
Internet:                  : http:\\\~u964181\vn.htm
Misc. Author Info     : 
Voodoo Nipple Software is the brainchild of "Sidearm" Joe, 
                               and his offsider D. Ziggy Gnarly.                              

NOTE: You will need Wintex or DeuSF or something similar to make this wad work fully. Chances are you already have such a program. These programs are pretty freely available. Since this wad has new sprites, it needs to be merged into the doom2 wad or else have all the doom2 sprites added. If you haven't done this before, then wintex 4.3 is probably the easiest and best tool. It is also a very powerful and small program. 

"Sidearm" Joe is currently aged 34, and is a former resident of Norway. He is now a resident of Zimbabwe. He plays DOOM pretty much full time, and does occasional mercenary work for tin pot South American dictators. His greatest buzz is sputtering Imps with the rocket launcher. He also dabbles in the arcane arts, especially black magic, feng shui, voodoo and wheel clamping. Joe is a cadre in a Greek anarcho-socialist movement, hence, he enjoys burning other people's property.

D. Ziggy Gnarly is a full time Samurai, and part time contract killer. He honed his awesome killing powers on Donkey Kong, before moving on to harder shit (e.g Doom2) He applies Bushido, and the works of Sun Tzu and Miyamoto Mushashi to achieve final victory... 
He likes fried eggs, Ginger beer and trying to work out how those little ships fit into those bottles(?) He can bench press 110kg on a good morning. Occasionally he photocopies his nipples, and faxes them to arty magazines. He is a HTML artist, and created the bodgy (but still very cool) VN homepage. He likes wailing on the Cacodemons with the chaingun - brrr brrr...
Wad Description: 
Basically the flying skulls are flying eyeballs, waste them and watch them explode.Also a door has a new patch, the marine head is an eyeball and so on. The title screen is misleading, the cyclops soldiers actually have smaller heads/eyes...but hey, I liked the look of it...
Also the difficulty settings have been changed e.g Hurt me Plenty goes to something like Eye Surgeon...Thats about it folks.

========================================================================* Play Information 
*Game                    : DOOM II
New Sounds           : No
New Graphics         : Yes 
New Music             : No 
Demos Replaced    : None

* Construction 
*Base                    : Pictures of an eyeball
Editor(s) used       : Wintex4.3, TED, & Paintshop Pro.
Known Bugs         : The added levels are a bit bodgy. However they are just designed to let you hunt some eyeballs straight away...Also if you do not do the deuSF thing or similar, it will fark up big time.
Completion Time   : 2 days (including the time the wad refused to be edited and thus was totally farked) 

* Copyright / Permissions *Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional 
levels. Heck, we aren't anal retentive control freaks/megalomaniacs. Just use the darn thing...Still, send VN a copy if you do something cool...a credit would be nice too. (Remember Sidearm Joe IS a Voodoo Mystic)Also you MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
 no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
 format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this fileintact. Remember 
SEND NO MONEY....just e-mail to suggest bugs, improvements, provide material etc 

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