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Well here's the story. (Who cares anyway ?!) Once upon a time four UAC-Marines tried to save the human race by fighting the evil forces of hell. Un...

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Title                   : FIRST BLOOD PART IV
Filename                : RAMBO.WAD
Author                  : Captain Chaos   (Germany)
Email Address           : Email Adress ??? I don't even have a modem !!!
Misc. Author Info       : Hoplessly lost DOOM-CORE-MEMBER.

Note from O.M.: The author sent this file by p-mail to me, and
  I then put it on the net. I'm feeling like
  a ftp site...

Description             : Well here's the story. (Who cares anyway ?!)
                          Once upon a time four UAC-Marines tried to
                          save the human race by fighting the evil
                          forces of hell. Unfortunately they killed
                          themselves in an ultimate deathmatch, so
                          Earth is doomed.
                          But there is still a chance to survive the
                          attack of Evil. John Rambo himself and his
                          three brothers have agreed to save the day.
                                This Sprite-Patch replaces the four 
                          Marines with Rambo-look-alikes, wearing a
                          headband (Player-Color) and sunglasses.
Additional Credits to   : - ID-Software (as usual) for the two most 
                            ass-kicking games of the entire planet! 
                          - My favourite deathmatch targets:
                            General Custer
                            Commander K
                          - To all Doomers over the world.
                            (You know who you are !)                               


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : This is a graphix-patch !
Single Player           : Yeah, but ya won't see anything new ! 
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Sure, but what for ?? 
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes, Yes, Rock !
Difficulty Settings     : As usual.
New Sounds              : No! (Maybe next time !)
New Graphics            : Well, Yes!
New Music               : No! (Couldn't get First-Blood-Theme as a Midi-file!)
Demos Replaced          : None.

* Construction *

Base                    : My imagination and "some" ID-Sprites. 
Editor(s) used          : DEUTEX, DEUSF, COREL-DRAW-PHOTOPAINT
Known Bugs              : None. (Deathmatch-tested with DOOM2.WAD)
Build time              : About three or four "long" nights !

* Copyright / Permissions *

Forget it man, enjoy it or not. The rest is up to you...  
It'd sure be nice to include this .TXT file everytime you
copy the WAD. Perhaps my name will be known someplace, someday ... (seufz!)

* Where to get this WAD *

Since I (really!) don't have a modem it should be very difficult to release 
this stuff !!! I know that this is crazy, but I'm going to send some copies
of this to some addresses that I found on a DOOM-Tool CD I just bought. I 
hope that the guys who receive my letter will help me to spread this WAD all
over the entire planet. This might sound unbelievable, but I don't know any-
one who has a modem and Internet access. So what should I do ??? I spend 
hours and hours of work for this shit AND I WANT THIS STUFF TO BE PLAYED

* How to use this WAD *

Well, for those who don't know a thing about DEUSF:
You can't use RAMBO.WAD like other PWADS, because ID-Software didn't want
fools like us to mess around with their sprites so easily. So if you want to 
replace a sprite of DOOM2.WAD you will have to append "all" DOOM2 sprites to 
the new .WAD file in order to use it. DEUSF does this for you! So this is it:

    1st.  Copy all files of this .ZIP into your DOOM2 directory.
    2nd.  Type the following command at the DOS-Prompt:

    3rd.  Wait for DEUSF to append the missing sprites (might take some time!)
    4th.  Use a DOOM-Shell like DCC or DOOMIT to add RAMBO.WAD like a
          normal PWAD when playing a multiplayer game of DOOM2.
    5th.  Have fun !!!

    NOTE: After appending the missing sprites RAMBO.WAD takes more
          than 4 MB disk-space. Be sure to have enough space left on
          your hard-disk !!! There is no other (less space-wasting)
          way to use this .WAD - Sorry !

* Additional Stuff *

I thought it'd be very funny to replace the UAC-Marines with some other
heroes, till I realized how much time it would take (That was when I had
already done half of the work !). But after all I'm quite pleased with
the result and hope that you enjoy it as much as my FMDT's (Favourite-
Moving-Deathmatch-Targets) did. Imagine your friend is looking out for 
you and John Rambo runs up to him and tears him apart with a shotgun-
blast. Big Surprise! (He, He !!!).
It might be a little more difficult to identify the colors of your 
opponents (Who cares - except playin' a two on two deathmatch !) and
due to the bright skin color you might get seen a bit earlier when 
hiding in a dark sector ("Megaheroes don't hide at all !" - C.C. -) 

So I don't have a modem, but if ya like this stuff and want to contact
me for some reason (Comments - Tips - Homaging - or whatever) here is
the right address to reach the Captain himself:
     Captain Chaos
     P.O. Box 1313
     37106 Duderstadt

I don't think that anyone will contact me at all, but it 'd be cool !
(By the way I never thought anyone would read this shit this far !!!)
That's all for now, but be sure this ain't the last you heard of me 
(Remeber I want to get famous !! Ha!). Oh, Yes: Don't complain about
my English!! (At least I tried to be cool.) 

Keep on DOOMing !
                                                      -Captain Chaos-

P.S.: Special greetings must go to Dave Biggs whose Chook-WAD is
      some of the coolest stuff around. Now I know what you've been
      through Dave !!
                               BYE !!! 
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