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*Please note* The graphics patch has been added (using XWE) to the .pwad for ease of use

Version 1.0

A level for
Doom Registered 1.2

FORT KNOCKS (not to be confused with the less secure fort with the "x") is
a special add-on level for Doom.  This version was designed for single player
or COOPERATIVE gameplay.  It takes place in a "MidEvil" castle.

Note that in this level it _is_ possible to be killed.  Yes, even by
doing something trivial like swimming in the moat.  [just to be fair]

To install, you must run the INSTALL.BAT file
to add GFX and SFX to your IWAD if desired.

Disclaimer & Legal mumbo
This software is FreeWare and may be distributed FREELY without charge, in
its original archive, without modifications.  I'm not responsible for
any damage this software may cause to your system whatsoever.  Use at
your own risk.

Known Bugs:
A little flicker at the front.  Shouldn't be a problem.

Made With
a customized DEU 5.0, BSP 1.0, Doom 1.2, DmGraph, BSP 1.1, DEU 5.1, WadTools.

Thanks to
All who take the time to download this program, and the other levels
created by hard-working level makers, for the enjoyment of the public.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGh.  I hate it when he does that.
        The King is REALLY annoying me this time.
        Wait a second!!!  Who is this "king"?  Well, the "king", as we all
misaffectionately call him, happens to be my neighbor.  He has gigantic walls
around his home, and I've never been able to see over them, nor has anyone
else I know.  As far as we all know, the king has no power over the people,
and never makes appearances.  He does seem to have many people living with
him behind those walls though, as his PARTIES seem to indicate.  Which
brings me back to the problem.
        The king has had blaring music playing nearly every night for the
past four months!!!  My neighbors and I are getting sick of hearing this.
Sleeping is most difficult.  I'd rather sleep on the top of a carrier deck
to the tune of steam catapults then to stand another night listening to the

        I decided something must be done, and contacted some of my neighbors
and we all got together and decided to send a group of six-or-so over the
walls to meet with the king and discuss the problem.  Well, it's been a week,
and none of the six have managed their way back as far as I can see.  Recent-
ly the music has stopped, but this loud chant-like singing promptly replaced
it.  I don't know what's going on here, or who this "king" is, but I'm
tired of having nothing done.  Whatever happenned to the six negotiaters
I may not know, but it's time for the seventh gues... er. explorer to pay
him a visit.
        Hmmm.  I'll just try to talk peacefully and reach an agreement so's
I don't have to call the police or anything.  I tighten the strap on my
9mm peaceholster.  Yep, four magazines should do it.  I dawn my riot-gear
and head for a ladder.

        As I climb the ladder the wind blows briskly across my face and for
a moment I feel dizzy as I reach the top of the ladder.
        I awaken an undeterminable time later with aches everywhere.  It
seems as though I've made it over the wall.  I crawl to what appears to
be an opening to a fort and stand up.  What's that.  I heard something.
I slowly draw my handgun.

That's where you come in.  Will you discover the secret of the strange "king"
or will you not make it out alive???  Only you know for sure.

Greeny Mariney climbed up a wall,
Greeny Mariney took a great fall,

Dreaming of the weapon he'd soon to be wed,
In came a rocket that displace'd his head!

And all the king's demons,
And all the king's men,

Declined to put the marine back together again.

But this worried the great king quite so,
Could this marine have friends, or no?

With great flashes of light,
The king appeared fright,

Could this be his last knight?


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Coming Soon, 
Fort Knocks DeathMatch Edition
An all out fight for control of the castle, new rooms and sections,
stationary search lights, night time atmosphere.  Perfect for settling
those gripes about the "better Doomer" at home or in the office.


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