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Title                     : FRATRCIDE 
Filename                  : Fratrcde.wad
Author                    : Eric Quist
Email Address             : <email removed>

Misc. Author Info         : This is my first wad that I've fully completed.
                            I designed this wad for single and cooperative
                            play (there's too many damn deathmatch levels 
                            out there).  I've included a little theme to go
                            along with FRATRCIDE.

                            You've received a letter from your brother 
                            saying that he's murdered your entire family, 
                            including distant relatives.  He's moved to a
                            distant country in Austrailia.  In the letter, he
                            states that he has emptied all of the families' 
                            bank accounts and wishes for you to join him in 
                            his mansion.

                            What he doesn't tell you is that he has suffered
                            from nuclear radiation at the local nuclear
                            plant where he had previously worked, and has 
                            created his own specimens of atrocity.  He has 
                            scattered your families' remains throughout his
                            horror house.

                            He has obviously gone mad.  He is your last 
                            family relation but you now realize he must
                            perish as well.  
                            You remember your first mission, Phobos; and 
                            then recall your latest adventure on Earth.  They
                            bring back terrible memories.  You know that he
                            will probably expect you to kill him, but you 
                            just prepare for anything.

                            So you make your mind up to kill him... commit
                            fratrcide... terminate with extreme prejudice!

Additional Credits to     : Id Software for making the greatest game on the
                            planet; the authors of the book TRICKS OF THE
                            DOOM PROGRAMMING GURUS; and Keith Sweet(73472.
                            <email removed>) for playtesting and support.


*Play Information*

Level                      : Map 01

Single Player              : Yes (made for it)

Cooperative 2-4 Player     : Maybe? (made for it, but when my friend and I
                             went to play it 2-player, it said consistency
                             failure.  So I would really appreciate it if 
                             someone could tell me how to fix this using 

Deathmatch 2-4 Player      : Maybe? (but not designed for it, ditto above)

Difficulty Settings        : Yes (but on I'm to young to die, the ammo is 
                             doubled for some odd reason.)
New Sounds                 : No. Maybe in later editions.
New Graphics               : Ditto.
New Music                  : No.
Demos Replaced             : No.



Base              : New level from scratch.
Build Time        : More than enough.
Editor(s) Used    : Edmap v1.40
Known Bugs        : Its not a bug really, but the allmap doesn't work if you
                    have doom2 v1.9(who doesn't, but I think it works with
                    1.666 to 1.8 but I'm not positive.)


Copyright / Permissions:

Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels as long as 
you credit my name.  Please e-mail me if you decide to do so.

You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no 
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.


Please E-mail me(<email removed>) for feedback since this is my first wad and
I need help fixing the multi-player problem.  When I do fix it, I will re-
upload it.

Enjoy!(single-player for now...)


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