Faithless - A Heretic hub

The hellish minions left to wander in the aftermath of Korax's defeat during the battle of Cronos have now scattered across Parthoris looking for f...

Faithless - A Heretic hub
19.39 MB
WAD Type
E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, E1M7, E1M8, E1M9
Primary Purpose         : Single play/co-op
Advanced engine needed  : GZDoom 4.0.0
Title                   : Faithless - A Heretic hub
Filename                : faithless.pk3
Release date            : 30 June 2019
Author                  : Jimmy
Email Address           : [redacted]
Other Files By Author   : Jenesis, Jenocide DM, Jiffy Bag, Jimmy's Jukebox,
                          Jungle Spirits, The Joy of Mapping, realms of Zoon,
                          Harmony/Plutonia/Revolution MIDI Packs.
Misc. Author Info       : His epiglottis is full of bees.

Description             : The hellish minions left to wander in the aftermath of
                          Korax's defeat during the battle of Cronos have now
                          scattered across Parthoris looking for fresh meat, and a
                          new realm to call their own. Beings of chaos roam freely,
                          causing disarray in the realm. The citizens of Parthoris
                          have barely had time to rebuild their lives in the wake
                          of D'Sparil's reign of chaos, which was put to an end by
                          a yet-unidentified outsider.

                          You are Corvus. You have laid low for a while in the
                          dockside town of Port Mercy, and become aware of the
                          situation almost immediately. Portals open in every
                          corner of the town, legions of the damned pouring forth
                          and slaughtering the populace. Stepping out into the
                          pouring rain, you come to a scene of fresh blood dashed
                          against the cobbles, deep red tendrils of it snaking
                          into the gutters, and raging monsters bellowing vicious
                          cries of revenge as the townsfolk meet a gruesome end.

                          They smell your blood and close in on you. Standing at
                          the foot of the belltower, you brandish your elvenwand
                          and confront the desperate beasts as they converge upon
                          you. The gleam of its topaz gem sends chills of fear
                          down their backs.

                          It's you - the faithless one.

Additional Credits to   : Gutawer - weather effects
                          Tormentor667 & co. - Baker's Legacy texture pack
                          Jaws in Space - Shadowcaster texture pack
                          Not Jabba - red key sprites/code
                          NeuralStunner - red key gizmo orb
                          Xaser - status bar edit (four keys)
                          Neoworm - trees, elixir sprites
                          osjclatchford - trees
                          NoozeArts - Granite Icon base sprite

                          Frank Klepacki, David Arkenstone - all music except E1M6 (Lands of Lore 1 & 2)
                          David "Tolwyn" Shaw - E1M6 music

                          Base graphic for TITLE retrieved from

                          Manfred Klein - Titlepic font, "UnZialish.ttf"

                          Various authors on Realm667 for their custom monsters/items.
* What is included *

New levels              : E1M1-M9
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : Yes
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No
Demos                   : No
Other                   : ZDoom MAPINFO, DECORATE, SECRETS lump (does anyone use those?).

* Play Information *

Game                    : Heretic
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Other game styles       : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
Build Time              : A solid week of initial layouts, followed by 3-4 days
                          of frantic thingplacing/testing. Then a few weeks of
                          bugfixing. Then some more weeks spent procrastinating. :^)
Editor(s) used          : GZDoom Builder, SLADE
May Not Run With...     : - Zandronum.
                          - GZDoom versions below 4.0.0. Untested.
                          - Mods. Don't @ me if you can't run it with Brutal Heretic or whatever.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for modification or
reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original authors for any of
their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with no
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.  I have
received permission from the original authors of any modified or included
content in this file to allow further distribution.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: and mirrors
Web sites:
"Faithless" Walkthrough.

PART 1: The Docks

  - This is the main hub of the set. You will return here to use 3 of the 4 KEYS and ring the BELL.
  - Portal(s) to DOCKSIDE (E1M2) located NORTH-EAST and SOUTH-EAST.
  - Portal(s) to DREAD GARDENS (E1M3) located WEST, up an elevator and beneath a set of lowering stairs. A secondary portal to the same map will open once the bell is rung.
  - Portal to UNLIT SERENITY (E1M6) located SOUTH, behind a closed portcullis and past the green door.
  - Portal to IRONCLAD (E1M8) located SOUTH, past the blue door.
  - BELL located CENTER behind YELLOW DOOR, in the belltower.
  - A secret warp switch to the BREATHLESS WASTES (E1M9) located CENTER, inside the belltower, but is not reachable at first.
  - Ensure to take the SOUTH-EAST portal to the DOCKS first.

  - Much of this map is optional but will allow you to build up your inventory for the challenges ahead.
  - Optional: SILVER SHIELD located WEST behind a closed door. Only accessible once you've thrown the skull switch to the SOUTH and opened the CENTER storage rooms.
  - Throw skull switch on elevated platform at SOUTH.
  - Head NORTH to the newly opened door up the wooden stairs.
  - Head through the first wooden door on the RIGHT.
  - Ride the glowing platform down.
  - Take elevator up to the NORTH portal, which will lead back to the BELLTOWER.

  - Take YELLOW KEY and exit through the YELLOW DOOR. Enter the central belltower.
  - Ring the BELL by firing a weapon at it.
  - Head WEST towards the garden terrace to travel to DREAD GARDENS (E1M3). You can either take the portal, or hit the warp switch.

PART 2: Nature's Throes

  - ETHEREAL CROSSBOW located in the first room.
  - GREEN DOOR is located WEST. You will need to solve a puzzle spread across the two worlds reachable from here: the KINGDOM OF ROOTS (E1M4) and the SAVAGED LANDS (E1M5).
  - All portals located CENTER, but must be raised first.
  - Raise the two portals (in any order) by circling around and ascending the staircases at the WEST, then following the corridors back to the elevated ledges in the first room where you'll find the skull switches needed to raise the portals.
  - You can enter either portal first, but here it's recommended to enter the KINGDOM OF ROOTS portal first. This portal has vines covering it, while the SAVAGED LANDS portal is made of brown rock.

  - EMERALD AMULET located to immediate right of player start. Useful for protection against slime and poison clouds spawned by the MUSHROOMS and GHOULS.
  - DRAGON CLAW located to the NORTH-EAST.
  - To the RIGHT of the DRAGON CLAW is a staircase leading to a portal directly to the SAVAGED LANDS (E1M5). There is also an extra EMERALD AMULET in this room.
  - Behind DRAGON CLAW (NORTH-EAST) is a secret slime corridor leading to the GRANITE ICON secret. This puzzle item cannot be reached until you find the other secret to the SOUTH.
  - Head SOUTH along the wooden walkway, hit the skull switch, and head through the opened door.
  - If completing the secret level:
    - Turn RIGHT towards SILVER SHIELD.
    - To the LEFT of this SILVER SHIELD is a secret door. Press USE, kill the wizard, and hit the bull switch to lower the GRANITE ICON back in the NORTH-EAST secret.
  - Proceed to other side of room, hit bull switch, head through opened door, then hit the skull switch on the reverse side of the middle pillar.
  - The bridge to the GREEN KEY PUZZLE ROOM is now raised. Cross it and touch the floor plate to solve one half of this puzzle.
  - A MYSTIC URN will spawn behind you.
  - Raising the bridge opens a shortcut to the SAVAGED LANDS portal in this map.
  - Travel to the SAVAGED LANDS.
    - If you travelled to the SAVAGED LANDS from the DREAD GARDENS, the portal will be up two flights of stairs if you turn LEFT from the GREEN KEY PUZZLE ROOM.
    - Otherwise if you entered via the portal on the SAVAGED LANDS, return to the portal towards the EAST.
  - RED DOOR is located towards SOUTH-EAST.
  - DRAGON CLAW is located SOUTH-WEST.
  - HELLSTAFF is located SOUTH-WEST, on an elevated platform, and cannot be reached without first opening the RED DOOR.
  - Approach the stone door, which will cause stained-glass windows to shatter. Head into the structure, and hit the moon switch.
  - Retrieve the RED KEY.
    - If game is on an EASY SKILL, the key is located in the room immediately WEST of the moon switch and can be seen straight ahead upon hitting it.
    - If game is on MEDIUM SKILL, the key is located SOUTH. Take a left turn at the moon switch, through the door, and head down into the dirt pit.
    - If game is on a HARD SKILL, the key is located on a different map. Take a right turn at the moon switch, through the door, and grab the SHADOWSPHERE. The floor will lower. Hit the puzzle switch, then return to the KINGDOM OF ROOTS.

  - Head to the far SOUTH. The deep chasm here is now filled with slime, allowing you to cross to the small alcove opposite.
    - If game is on a HARD SKILL, this is where the RED KEY is located. Otherwise you may pick up an ENCHANTED SHIELD here (optional).
  - Return to the SAVAGED LANDS.

  - Head towards the RED DOOR. Enter the fortress and ascend the stairs on immediate right.

*** [Skip the next two sections if skipping the secret level.] ***

  - Optional: Make a RIGHT turn at the top of the stairs and hit USE against the furthermost wall in the NORTH-EAST corner of the room. It will lower to reveal a secret. In this room are four stone statues, one of which is missing a head. Press USE against this statue to replace its head and unlock the secret portal to the BREATHLESS WASTES (E1M9) back in the DREAD GARDENS.
  - Optional: If proceeding to the SECRET LEVEL, return to the FAR SOUTH to return immediately to the DREAD GARDENS, where the secret portal will now be risen.

  - *THIS MAP IS OPTIONAL* and does not unlock any crucial points of progression, though does provide some useful items.
  - Optional: FIREMACE located FAR SOUTH. It can be reached by walking into the portcullis behind it.
  - Optional: BOOTS OF THE NORTH located to the FAR NORTH. In the ice castle, find the bull switch in the WEST wing, then move NORTH to retrieve the boots. These apply a 75% resistance to ice damage and will last until you leave the map.
  - Head NORTH into the CENTRAL area and turn RIGHT. Climb the rocks, then head into the caves.
  - Descend the waterfalls into the lowest caves and touch the PHOENIX-shaped patch of light. Be careful as this will raise a damaging phoenix-shaped slab of hot stone.
  - The ice in this room will melt, revealing a puzzle switch and several monsters. Press it to spawn the PHOENIX ROD back in the BELLTOWER (E1M1).
  - Warp switch located CENTER will take you back to the BELLTOWER. You can pick up your PHOENIX ROD here and then return to the usual progression.
  - Make a LEFT turn at the top of the stairs (beside the RED DOOR), then head across the stone ledge, hitting the skull switch on the far side. Head through the opened door.
  - Turn LEFT, head through the caves, then ascend the elevator. Turn STRAIGHT ON here for an optional CHAOS DEVICE, then swing back and retrieve the HELLSTAFF.
  - Picking up the HELLSTAFF will raise the catwalk leading to the second GREEN KEY PUZZLE ROOM. Cross over to it and touch the floor plate to solve the second half of the puzzle.
  - The GREEN KEY will spawn behind you.
  - Travel back to the DREAD GARDENS.
    - If you travelled to the SAVAGED LANDS from the DREAD GARDENS, the portal back will be on your immediate left once you leave the GREEN KEY PUZZLE ROOM.
- Otherwise, head to the CENTER NORTH and pass through a lava fall to return to the KINGDOM OF ROOTS. From here you can head to the DREAD GARDENS by taking the portal at the FAR NORTH-WEST. Keep in mind that returning to each world will continue to spawn new monsters, so an optimal route requires fewer revisits.

  - Head WEST and proceed through the GREEN DOOR.
  - Hit the puzzle switch at the far side of this area, then return to the BELLTOWER.

PART 3: The Iron Fortress

  - Jump down towards the GREEN DOOR located SOUTH, where the blocking portcullis has risen. Head through the next door, then turn LEFT, hitting the rope switch at the bottom of the stairs. Return to the previous room, then head through the portal to UNLIT SERENITY (E1M6).

  - Turn RIGHT, through the door, then LEFT. Find the rope switch here, then return to the bridge which has now raised.
  - Cross the bridge, then head towards the door. The floor will lower. Head RIGHT, then past an elevator and a teleporter is a skull switch that will expose the FLAME MASK.
  - Return to the previous room, head RIGHT to grab the FLAME MASK, then head STRAIGHT ON into the WINE CELLAR. The teleporter here will take you back to the bridge.
  - Cross the bridge, turn RIGHT past the door, and unlock the door ahead of you.
  - The FLAME MASK's receptacle is located in this room up some steps. Placing the mask here will expose the portal to the HALLS OF ATROCITY (E1M7).
  - Find three switches in this map before heading through this portal. These open doors on the HALLS OF ATROCITY.
    - One is located FAR WEST, on an elevated ledge.
- One is located FAR NORTH, in the outside area, on an elevated ledge.
- One is located to the EAST, inside the dark room with a diamond-shaped font.
  - Enter the portal to the HALLS OF ATROCITY.

  - Complete the three "dungeon trials" in this map. They can be done in any order, although their doors are opened sequentially via the switches on UNLIT SERENITY.
    - The first (WEST) is a combination lock puzzle. Match the three gold blocks to the combination shown by lowering the three pillars. Beware of spawning monsters. Try not to have monsters die on top of the lowered pillars. Hit the puzzle switch behind the combination blocks to complete the trial.
- The second (EAST) is a puzzle involving a walkway comprising stone tiles, some of which must not be walked on. Hit the skull switch to illuminate the FATAL tiles, then run quickly across to the other side while the pattern is still revealed. Upon hitting the puzzle switch on the other side, the pattern will change, the fatal tiles will be illuminated again, and fireballs from the walls must be dodged on the way back. Beware of monsters.
- The third (NORTH) is an arena. A mirror portal in the center will allow you to travel between three versions of this same arena, each with differing monsters. Approaching the mirror portal from the WEST will take you to a SWAMP area; approaching it from the EAST will take you to a VOLCANO area. Several CHAOS SERPENTS must be killed in this trial to raise steps to the puzzle switch.
  - Once all three trials are complete, the BLUE KEY will spawn in the first room.
  - The dungeon keeper, a MAULOTAUR, will spawn in the starting room.
  - Kill the MAULOTAUR to unlock an optional door on UNLIT SERENITY.
  - Travel back to UNLIT SERENITY.

  - Optional: Head RIGHT, towards the SOUTH, then EAST. Re-enter the WINE CELLAR. A door has opened revealing some INFERNO ORBS and a BAG OF HOLDING.
  - Take the teleporter out of the cellar, then cross the bridge, through the door, and enter the portal back to the BELLTOWER.

  - Head STRAIGHT ON through the door, then turn RIGHT. Hit the skull switch to raise the bridge to the BLUE DOOR, but be quick as the bridge lowers again.
  - Head through the BLUE DOOR. Turn towards the LEFT and enter the teleporter. Hit the skull switch. The platform into the final portal to IRONCLAD (E1M8) will now be rising and lowering.

  - Take the BAG OF HOLDING and kill the IRON LICHES and SABRECLAWS.
  - Take the stairs down to the next room. Kill the IRON LICHES.
  - Take the stairs back up and head through the newly opened door. Move through the crushers, then hit the skull switch at the far end, then head through the opening doors ahead of you.
  - Kill the IRON LICHES and the MAULOTAUR.
  - Upon killing these enemies the IRON SENTINEL will awaken. Kill the SENTINEL. Beware of its spawning GUARDIAN CUBES.
  - A wall will lower to the FAR NORTH, exposing the exit teleporter.
  - You have won!
  - At this point you may return to the BELLTOWER via the portal to the FAR SOUTH if you feel you missed anything.


1. Turn left at player start (EAST) and look behind the crates for a MAP SCROLL.
2. Take the lift up to the garden terrace, then jump back from the lift down to the raised wall to the SOUTH-WEST. Walk along this wall for an ETHEREAL CROSSBOW. Beware the KNIGHTS.
3. From the garden terrace, drop EAST and walk along the stone wall towards SOUTH and cross the bridge for a MORPH OVUM.
4. In the shop to the SOUTH-EAST, press USE against the wooden table that the KNIGHT is behind for two CRYSTAL GEODES.
5. At the FAR SOUTH behind the BLUE DOOR, walk around the portal for a TOME OF POWER.
- The various SUITS OF ARMOR around the level may also contain items.

1. The switch that lowers the CENTER lift opposite the CENTER player start will also lower a lift on the opposite side of the room, revealing a TOME OF POWER.
2. Behind the optional YELLOW DOOR is an ENCHANTED SHIELD.

1. At the far SOUTH there is an ENERGY ORB on a ledge with a KNIGHT. This can be reached using the mossy brick support ledge for a running jump.
2. The waterfall to the CENTER SOUTH has a hidden switch which will teleport you to a ledge from which the MYSTIC URN can be jumped to.
3. The overgrown cavern to the CENTER NORTH has a hidden switch which will lower the EMERALD AMULET in the tower opposite.
4. At the FAR NORTH is a small inlet containing a FLAME ORB, and a RING OF INVINCIBILITY behind some trees. These trees can only be destroyed by a PHOENIX ROD shot.

1. Behind DRAGON CLAW (NORTH-EAST) is a secret slime corridor leading to the GRANITE ICON secret, which has CRYSTAL VIALS, QUARTZ FLASKS, an EMERALD AMULET and a TOME OF POWER.
2. To the left of the SILVER SHIELD (SOUTH-EAST) is a secret door to a room with a switch to lower the GRANITE ICON. There are also two NOXIOUS SPORES in this room.

1. Make a RIGHT turn at the top of the stairs beside the RED DOOR, and hit USE against the opposite wall to reveal a secret room with AMMO and a FLAME SHIELD. This room is where the GRANITE ICON can be used, on one of the statues.
2. To the far NORTH-EAST, look behind a lavafall for a teleporter to the BAG OF HOLDING.
3. In the crater to the FAR WEST, head NORTH for a MORPH OVUM. Beware the VOLCANOES.

1. In the mess hall to the WEST, press use against the SOUTH wall for a MORPH OVUM.
2. In the room to the FAR WEST, press use against the griffin mural for a TOME OF POWER.
3. After defeating the MAULOTAUR in M7, go to the WINE CELLAR (EAST) to find an open door revealing a BAG OF HOLDING and three INFERNO ORBS.

1. Hit USE against the red banner on the LEFT on the FAR NORTH elevated platform for a MYSTIC URN.
2. Hit USE against the red banner on the RIGHT on the FAR NORTH elevated platform for a SILVER SHIELD.

1. Behind the starting room portal, open a secret wall for a FLAME SHIELD.

1. At the FAR SOUTH, walk into the portcullis to teleport to the FIREMACE.
2. In the FAR NORTH ice castle, find the switch in the WEST wing, then move NORTH to where the BOOTS OF THE NORTH have been exposed.
3. Inside the CENTER watchtower, take the NORTH-EAST elevator to a switch, then quickly run to a temporarily-opened teleporter. In the next room hit the switch, then teleport back, and quickly run through the door to the NORTH, then proceed WEST to a temporarily-lowered SHADOWSPHERE.
4. After melting the ice in the caves to the EAST, return to FAR SOUTH where a pillar of ice has melted, granting access to a RING OF INVINCIBILITY.
5. At the FAR NORTH-EAST, walk to the two SOUTHERN torches and jump between them to land on a ledge. You'll find the WINGS OF WRATH here.


On his travels Corvus will stumble on a handful of new items, all of which will in their own unique ways aid him in his quest to banish Korax's minions.

ELIXIR VITAE: A shimmering potion of emerald that revitalises you for 50% extra health, over the course of 10 seconds. Good for sustained fights when you're low on quartz.
NOXIOUS SPORE: Throw these gaseous seeds on the ground to spawn a combustible pod which can then be detonated in an enemy's face. Also good for causing infighting.
EMERALD AMULET: A useful trinket for venturing into hazardous terrain. When donned will protect you from poisonous elements, including slime and poison clouds, for 120 seconds.
BOOTS OF THE NORTH: These enchanted boots protect you from the chill of winter, granting 75% resistance to ice damage. Will last until you leave the level.
FLAME SHIELD: A sturdy aegis emblazoned with the visage of an angry deity. This shield protects you for 200 armor points and provides 75% resistance to all fire damage on top of 50% general protection.
GRANITE ICON: A mysterious stone face. Who knows its secrets...

Monsters from the realm of Cronos will also make an appearance along the way. You've probably met them before, or at least heard of them...

AFRIT: A juvenile type of gargoyle ablaze with mystical fire. Will fly erratically and pelt you with flame spit. Hit points: 80.
WENDIGO: A creature fueled by biting cold and even icier disdain. Hit points: 120.
STALKER: A swamp-dwelling half-human half-amphibian which will use the cover of the water to its advantage. Some may lob balls of venom at you. Hit points: 90.
DARK BISHOP: A less threatening form of the Disciple. Will throw steady streams of spinning projectiles at you. Hit points: 200.
GREEN CHAOS SERPENTS: A towering reptile with a powerful flame breath projectile attack. Hit points: 250.
BROWN CHAOS SERPENTS: A slightly stronger variant of Serpent with poison breath. Hit points: 300.

In addition to these, there are also a handful of new beasts to slay. What distant realm they've come from, no one knows...

RED CHAOS SERPENTS: Very resilient and deadly variant of the Serpent that will breathe three fireballs at you at a time. Hit points: 350.
GHOUL: A wandering mummified corpse, possessing a poison projectile attack. Hit points: 150.
ICE STALKER: A water-borne creature that will throw deadly shards of frost at you. Hit points: 120.
ICE LICH: Colder variant of the Iron Lich. Only possesses two attacks - ice breath for use at close range, and a double frost-ball attack for long range. Hit points: 700.
THE IRON SENTINEL: Guards the gates of the Iron Fortress. Possesses a number of powerful projectile attacks, including spawning GUARDIAN CUBES. Use whatever cover you can. Hit points: 3000.
GUARDIAN CUBE: Weak but persistent floating cubes that throw constant streams of fire towards you. Unleashed by the Sentinel. Hit points: 80.


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