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Did anyone see the movie 'FireStorm'? If you did, and you are like me, you would have noticed a rather excellent shotgun that saw some action all t...

"Firestorm" Shotgun
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Please place this in the combos directory. Thank You.===========================================================================Title                   : "Firestorm" Shotgun Filename                : DT-SHOT2.ZIPDate Finished           : June 1999Developer               : Don TelloEmail Address           : <email removed>                          Other Releases          : a few other thingsMisc. Developer Info    : Owner/operator of local smut-shackDescription             : Did anyone see the movie 'FireStorm'? If you did,                          and you are like me, you would have noticed a                           rather excellent shotgun that saw some action all                          the way through the film. I liked the shotgun, so I                          felt like putting one in DooM. Lucky for me, the                          'Firestorm' shotgun was the exact same model as the                          one Duke Nukem uses.Additional Credits to   : Makers of Paint Shop Pro                          3dRealms for the awesome art (which I modified)                          id Software                                ===========================================================================* Play Information *Required Engine         : One with a crosshair, any will workNew Graphics            : 11 sprites (I hand drew the icon)New Patch               : Dehacked Patch requiredUse                     : One wad, One Deh.   * Construction *Base                    : 3dRealms artBuild Time              : 10 minutesEditor(s) used          : only the best (deutex)Known Bugs              : Legacy and Doom2.exe have a problem displaying                          the pump frames. You will notice some garbage                          near the bottom of the screen at those points.                          The only way to fix this is to use a B00M based                          engine (Boom, MBF, Zdoom). It isn't that bad thoughMay Not Run With...     : ???* Copyright \ Permission *  These graphics started out as 3drealms art, but I had to modify them  quite a bit. I had to fix the pallette, fix Duke's hands, and get rid  of the Duke Nukem Icon from the body of the gun. I also darkened the  spent shell frames.  Bottom line: credit both me and 3drealms if you use these graphics for  something. Thank You.* Where to get this WAD *FTP sites.* Other Comments *       I ***OWN*** a VALID REGISTERED COPY OF DUKE NUKEM 3D v1.3d!!!!                         (meaning I payed for it)       I didn't do the scumbag routine of downloading the shareware       version and ripping graphics. People like that don't deserve       to be part of the gaming community. Have a good day.       BTW, If you aren't using a port with a crosshair, an easy way to aim       is by using the face in the status bar as your guide. Just get your       target above the face, and you will hit it. But you probably knew       that already didn't you?=============================================================================Don Tello, June 15 1999
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