The sprites & flats installation of Jean-Serge Gagnon's OTTAWAU.WAD - CHG2OU.BAT - requires registered DOOM v1.9 and won't install with Ultimat...

Fix for OTTAWAU.WAD (from v1.2
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WAD Type
Archive Maintainer      : Please replace ./combos/ and 
                          ./combos/ou-fix.txt with this version
Update to               :
Advanced engine needed  : none
Primary purpose         : No levels included
Title                   : Fix for OTTAWAU.WAD (from v1.2
Filename                :
Release date            : 12/05/2009
Author                  : Never_Again
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : numerous demos on DSDA
Misc. Author Info       : DOOM fundamentalist

Description             : The sprites & flats installation of Jean-Serge
                          Gagnon's OTTAWAU.WAD - CHG2OU.BAT - requires 
                          registered DOOM v1.9 and won't install with
                          Ultimate DOOM, leaving the sprites and flats
                          graphics inaccessible, as they are contained 
                          within proprietary-format .PCH files.
                          This fix changes the format of these extra items
                          to something that is usable with both vanilla
                          and source ports
                          The fix fully complies with the Copyright/
                          Permissions section of OTTAWAU09.TXT:
                          - it does NOT use OTTAWAU.WAD as a base to build
                            additional levels
                          - it does NOT distribute OTTAWAU.WAD, with or
                            without modifications
Additional Credits to   : GreyGhost for catching imperfections in v1.1 (see
                          points A, B and C in Version History)
* What is included *

New levels              : none
Sounds                  : none
Music                   : none
Graphics                : Yes (sprites and flats)
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes
Demos                   : none
Other                   : TITLEPIC and ENDOOM lumps from updated OTTAWAU.WAD
Other files required    : ottawau.wad from levels/doom/m-o/
                          doom.exe from shareware DOOM release v1.9
                          (or doom2.exe v1.9 from DOOM2: Hell on Earth)

* Play Information *

Game                    : (Ultimate) DOOM

* Construction *

Base                    : gfx and text strings from OTTAWAU install
Build Time              : most of a Saturday and half an hour!
Editor(s) used          : XWE, DeUSF, DeHackEd and Clone Remover
Known Bugs              : - OU-DOS.DEH doesn't work with ports, use
                            OU.DEH instead
                          - with or without this fix, on E1M1 (and 
                            probably elsewhere) source ports are 
                            unable to display properly the transparent 
                            impassable windows
                          - with or without this fix, Chocolate DOOM
                            is liable to crash on E1M1 (probably due
                            to the way those windows are implemented -
                            they use two-sided linedefs without a second
                          - with or without this fix, you may find that
                            OTTAWAU doesn't meet your expectations. Take 
                            it up with the authors of the original then. :P        
May Not Run With        : Doom95
Tested With             : Ultimate DOOM, registered DOOM v1.9, Chocolate 
                          DOOM and prBoom-plus

* Installation Instructions *

These are for vanilla only, source ports that can load an incomplete 
sprites set from PWADs require no installation. If your DOOM version is 
1.9 _registered_, you can run CHG2OU.BAT from the original OTTAWAU 
install directly instead.

1) Copy DOOM.WAD (Ultimate or registered, it doesn't matter) into the 
   directory/folder where you have OTTAWAU.WAD.
2) Copy DOOM.EXE from the shareware release of DOOM v1.9 into that 
   directory. Get the correct DOOM.EXE from the link above or from the 
   standard registered DOOM v1.9 install or take DOOM2.EXE v1.9 - i.e. 
   from DOOM2, not Final DOOM - and rename it to DOOM.EXE.
2) Unzip the contents of OU-FIX.ZIP into the same directory.
3) Run INSTALL.BAT. It creates OU.WAD that contains the complete sprites
   and flats sets, as well as two updated lumps from OTTAWAU.WAD; it also
   patches DOOM.EXE to change some of the startup text and the automap 
   level names for E1M1-E1M9

* Playing Instructions *

run PLAY.BAT generated by the install or use the following command line
 doom -file ottawau.wad ou.wad

 -iwad doom -file ottawau ou-fix ou-gfx -deh ou -complevel 2

Chocolate DOOM:
 -iwad doom.wad -gameversion 1.9 -file ottawau.wad ou-fix.wad -aa ou-gfx.wad -deh ou.deh

(Note that in both above examples OU-FIX.WAD comes _after_ OTTAWAU.WAD,
 otherwise you get the wrong TITLEPIC and ENDOOM)

Alternatively, run the vanilla install and then this:
 -iwad doom.wad -gameversion 1.9 -file ottawau.wad ou.wad -deh ou.deh

(G)ZDoom: not tested, but should work with 
 -file ottawau.wad ou-fix.wad ou-gfx.wad -deh ou.deh

* Version History *

11/19/2009 - first release (retroactively named v1.0)
11/27/2009 - v1.1. Changes in the filenames and the TXT file only, in 
             preparation to submission to /idgames:
             - ->
             - OUgfx.wad -> ou-gfx.wad
             - TXT file updated accordingly
12/05/2009 - v1.2. Major overhaul:
             a) ten blank teleport-flash sprites (TFOGA0 - TFOHJ0) are 
                now included
             b) the redundant, unmodified flat FLOOR4_8 is removed
             c) added OU-FIX.WAD to include TITLEPIC and ENDOOM lumps
                from OTTAWAU.WAD that has been patched with CHG2OU.BAT
             d) there are now two DEH patches: one for vanilla, one
                for source ports
             e) added missing text strings to DEH patches (even though
                you are not likely to ever see them during play ;). 
             f) patched DOOM.EXE is now bit-perfectly identical to its
                counterpart patched with CHG2OU.BAT
             g) added DEUSF and DEHACKED tools and batch install
             h) TXT file updated again

* Copyright / Permissions *

Distribute this any way you like, just don't forget to include this TXT.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

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