/story The first and only DM level in my series of Flay The Obscene maps containing 3 SP levels and now this one Dm level. This level uses exactly ...

Flay the Obscene - DeathmatcH
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Title                   : Flay the Obscene - DeathmatcH
Filename                : flayobdm.wad 
Author                  : Christian N. Hansen aka Dykanden
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Doom mega fanatic
  Danish redneck (yep, I still is)!?
  DOOM2 level designer for almost three years    
   Hard Core Sci-Fi enthusiast (Nothing new, though)
  I hate Trey on MTV Europe 
          Hard Core coffee drunkard
  Sandra Bullock is more beautiful than ever
  Doom[] is the 3D king!

Description/story       : The first and only DM level in my series of
  Flay The Obscene maps containing 3 SP levels
  and now this one Dm level.
  This level uses exactly the same textures and
     flats as the other maps. Namely brick as the
  most used, wood and metal.

  I'm not the best DM designer, and this is my
  second DM level in a 3 year "career" as a level
  designer. All of my other levels are SP and
  somewhat good with great gameplay and beautiful
  architecture. So when it came to making a good
  DM gameplay, I had to start from scratch; I couldn't
  rely on my experience. My plan was to make a level
  with no trigger effects whatsoever, the only one
  being the exit switch. This means that there's
  nothing like a door or lift to slow you down. 
  Almost every room is connected to each other. Due
  to the size of the map, hunting is inevitable unless
  you're 6+ players. Quake3Arena influenced me a little

  Weapons: SS

  Items  : 1 Green armor
   1 Soulsphere
  I did most of the testing with zDoom 1.22 bots
  which worked OK, altough they had a tendency to
  keep their fights in the big center area. Also
  they couldn't figure out how to reach the Rocket
  I played with items respawn, falling damage, allow
  jump, weapons stay which worked OK for me. I don't 
  know how exactly how the level will work with
  the old DM rules.

Play notes:               My 20th wad.
     Made for Doom2/sourceport
                 **TESTED WITH ZDOOM 1.22: NO PROBLEMS**

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If nothing else is written, then the levels are made for
Doom 2, however these Doom 2 levels are also playable
with both halfs of Final Doom. However, NOT vice versa!


Where to get this wad: At http://home13.inet.tele.dk/CNH



Date of release: March 2001


Additional Credits to   : Those weird brains at ID for Doom and its
    many successors.
    Matt Tagliaferri for a userfriendly
    yet strange level editor.
  Makers of BSP, RMB and Cleanwad!
  Kristian Aro
  Paul Corfiatis
  Jason Sloan


* Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP01
Single Player           : No
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 4+ Player    : Yes 
Difficulty Settings     : -
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Sky from org. Doom
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None.


* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Tools(s) used           : DoomCAD 6.1 by Matt Taggliaferri
  RMB by Jens Hykkelbjerg
  BSP nodebuilder
  Cleanwad by Serge Smirnov
Build Time: Approx. 1 month

* Known Bugs *
  Vpo's if you don't use a sourceport like zDooM


* Copyright / Permissions *

This wad is the property of Starfreezer Inc. and you are prohibited from
doing anything with it without their express permission. Ok, you can
play it, but thats it!...Just kidding! Distribute it around the globe as
long as you put this txt file along with it without modifications. And 
that apply to ALL of my wads/levels! Distribute them like madmen!



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