6th I have released, many puzzles and traps. Single Player really probably too big for Multi. Medium to hard. ** See daft story and other nonsense ...

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Title                   : Fluvial.wad
Author                  : Nick Anderson
CIS Address             : 100074,2455
Description             : 6th I have released, many puzzles and traps.
  Single Player really probably too big for Multi. 
  Medium to hard.
  ** See daft story and other nonsense below **

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Additional Credits to   : those who took the time to create
  and improve the editors. I've had a lot of
  harmless recreation creating wads and playing 
  other peoples wads.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes. 
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Not worth it.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No. Too big.
Difficulty Settings     : Easy, Medium, Hard
New Sounds              : No 
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None.

* Construction *

Base                    : From Scratch.
Editor(s) used          : DETH 3.90 and WARM 1.3
Known Bugs              : Nope.
Design Time             : Yes, don't know how much though.
* Misc. Notes *


I don't know if anyone else has seen this but while I was messing around 
a Demon trapped a Spider Mastermind up against some stairs and slowly
chomped it. Saved a lot of shells and was rather strange to watch. The Demon
had the Mastermind by the back leg. When it was over I gratefully shot the 
Demon with a single blast of a shotgun so it could happen when you play!
Oh well I thought it was interesting but then I would (see final note below).


The story? Well... you have to clear each area or room and kill all the
monsters then use the exit. Thin stuff eh? [You may remember these words from
an earlier Wad I made called 'punchit.wad', try that if you haven't already, 
it's my personal favourite of those I have done, apart from this one].


Fluvial means relating to or of rivers....

OK so the level is sort of about water, poisonous or not, and you will
see a lot of it about:

It started in that grand country Holland where this little boy had his finger 
blocking a hole in a dyke in order to save the village from flooding 
(read the story if you are lost). But he got bored and went back home to play 
Doom3 (there is no Doom3) so the water leaked out. The villagers managed to 
contain the water using a series of ditches, ponds and small streams.

Alas some of the water fell on some boxes of dehydrated monster [You will see
these crates in the first area]. The now re-constituted beings from hell then 
chased the locals away who were very frightened as they are not used to that 
sort of thing.

"Boo!" Said the monsters. Oh how they laughed as the people fled. Ho! Ho!

Meanwhile YOU are lying in bed in your Penthouse suite watching Sesame Street 
and Tom and Jerry cartoons when the phone rings. For a while you are stunned 
by the noise as the ring has been specially adapted to sound like a rampant 
Cacodemon, when you get from under the bedcovers you answer it [the phone],

" Hello this is Monsters Anonymous Destroyer approved by the Royalty and 
the Pentagon, how CAN I help YOU?"

" Help, Help! " Shouts a member of the opposite sex. " Help, Help!".

" OK Madam/Sir [delete as applicable to your fantasy] just calm down and tell
me which monsters you want me to splat. It is an Host of Hell Knights, or 
a Gaggle of Gunmen, or a Cluster of Cacodemons ..." Your speech is cut short 
just as you were getting clever.

" Help, Help!" By now the depths of your brain realise that someone is in need 
of Help.

"It's our little village in Holland, land of the Guilder, watery dykes, Tulips,
little mice with clogs on (one for more mature Europeans there), ice-skating, 
Fries with Mayonnaise, Hamsterdam where the little furry things 
live, diamonds and...."

"I get the picture, what about it?" You interrupt sternly whilst stroking 
the cat's head.

" It has been overrun by these horrible things, they won't give anyone any
peace, make terrible noises and mess up your bedroom so Mum and Dad moan at 
you ('Monsters must've done it, it was tidy just now' = excuse 23b in the 
'Parents how to fool them' Manual). They even fight amongst themselves when 
there are no goodies to beat up."

" You mean Politicians?" You say wittily, even the cat purrs. "Ha! Ha! That 
was my joke for the day. Do not worry little one I will fly right over and 
save you from these things from down below."

" You mean Underpants? Ha! Ha! HA! That was MY joke for the day. But now we 
are saved!" She/he shouts doubtfully but quickly carries on talking,
"You should start in the pit known as the coffin because it is so shaped. 
 These are a few things you should know:

1) You may run out of ammo (we only had so much cash) so try and get 
   the monsters to kill each other by standing in the right places.
   Standing in the wrong places often leads to loss of health, but 
   you knew that, didn't you?

2) Always, always press switches when you see them, even if they just
   go '*' and always, always search for them. You knew that too. 
   Avoid searching for switches that are not there, this saves time
   and is not logical, anyway. [Every area has been checked over and over
   to ensure that you cannot get trapped unless you enter a cheat code
   in which case their is no point doing this level.]

3) Oh yes, from time to time it is worth going back to collect ammo 
   that you could not pick up because you were full. Especially on 
   the first backpack which, as you know, doubles your ammo capacity. 
   You also knew this.

4) You don't have a cat."

"You are right I don't have a cat." In fact you have been stroking an Imp 
which is smiling up at you waiting for more cuddles. Bravely you faint. 
Like all Super Heroes, underneath that hard exterior you are just a normal 
guy/chick/Moose (delete as applicable, or, if all don't). The Imp escapes to
tell the others before you can aim your pistol and silence it forever.

** See the last paragraph of this text file. **

Anyway I must go back to my padded cell and talk to the walls and you can
now *** DOOM2 *** to your hearts content.

Good luck and above all, enjoy ....   :-)

* Copyright / Permissions *

What! you can do whatever you like with it (except sell it) but I would 
appreciate this text file being included in any postings or collections 
of wads. 
If you really want to you can use this as a base but it's much more fun
creating your own from scratch.

If you use it for a base I would appreciate a copy of your amended wad or
an E-Mail as to where I can get it from, e.g. Internet or CIS, for old
times sake if nothing else.

* Warnings *

These files have been virus checked using S&S International's Dr Solomons
Toolkit, so there should be no problem. However if not in their 
original form or passed around from any other source than CIS or the better 
Internet sites it is remotely possible that a virus may have been attached. 
Check them out! 

I cannot accept any responsibility at all for these files, so there!

* Different Warning *

Almost finally, without wishing to spoil your fun, Doom is only a collection 
of Pixels on a Screen and is not real, I think. 

Anyway Father Xmas told me so it must be true.


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