The first-ever ZDaemon 1-on-1 map designed for newschool play. It's a factory with crates, pipes and a raised office. I've gone for all-new graphic...

Frag Factory
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Title                   : Frag Factory

Filename                : FFACTORY_.WAD

Author                  : Stephen Clark  (The Ultimate DooMer / LG_T-U-D)

Email Address           : <email removed>

Other WAD's by me       : Operation: Lightning (OP-LITE2.WAD) - 11 DooM 2 levels
  Fragport (FRAGPORT.WAD) - 32 innovative DooM 2 levels

  Shadowcaster (SHADOW.WAD) - 9 Heretic levels

  Licence to Spell DooM (007LTSD.WAD) - 9 Ultimate ZDoom levels

  Super Sonic DooM (SONIC.WAD) - 35 Sonic-themed ZDoom levels.

  I have also contributed to the following community wads:

  Community Chest - map 01 & 20, and the off-level graphics.
  Mock 2 - map 39, 40 & the 'you fail it' area in map 41.
  Plutonia II - map 24 (all of), 25 (all except for first area) & 29 
     (final area, some detailing and thing placement/gameplay)
and some testing/tweaking (maps 07-15).
  Community Chest 2 - map 15.
  ZDaemon CTF - map 23 and 29, plus renovations on map 11 and 13.
  I also finished off and released the pack when I was called upon.
  I am also involved in mapping for RTC-3057 (single player) and am 
  co-leading the official ZDaemon 4-way CTF pack, Project X.

Completion Date         : August 2005

Release Date            : August 2005 (to the archives October 2005, heh)

Misc. Author Info       : A hardcore DooMer who loves all it's similar games (esp. Quake 2, 
  Half-Life and Unreal) but still thinks DooM is best. Has decided to 
  make a 1-on-1 level to help spearhead a new game mode in ZDaemon.

Description             : The first-ever ZDaemon 1-on-1 map designed for newschool play.  It's a 
  factory with crates, pipes and a raised office.  I've gone for all-new 
  graphics and sounds as well as the layout to create something that 
  looks, feels and plays different to normal 1-on-1.  Freelook, jumping 
  and PWO/neverswitch are strongly recommended here, play without them 
  and you'll have a disadvantage.

Additional Credits To:    Kilgore, for creating and spearheading the newschool 1-on-1 concept, 
  let's hope this map is the beginning of a new and popular game mode.
  Also to Samiam for creating the newschool 1-on-1 tourneys to kick 
  things off and to the Godfather for the servers.

  Nick Baker for the metal and pipe textures used in this map.

  Poignant, Englander, Exl, Foxxy, Pritch, HumanBones and Kilgore for testing.

* Play Information *

Game Version Required  : DooM 2 (1.9) running with ZDaemon, ZDoom or Skulltag.

Episode and Level #    : Map 01

Single Player          : No - except for snooping of course.

Cooperative        : No - except for nefarious activities behind crates or pipes.

Deathmatch             : Yes - intended for 1-on-1 but might work for a 4-player FFA too.

Difficulty Settings    : No - this is DM.

New Sounds             : Yes - new player, weapon, door and lift sounds plus two ambient sounds.

New Sprites       : No - not this time.

New Graphics           : Yes - in fact the whole map is made up of them.

New Game Text       : Yes - new weapon, item and obituary messages.

New Music              : No - music is not intended for this map.

Demos Replaced         : None
* Construction *

Base                   : My creative mind.

Editor(s) used         : WadAuthor, DeePsea, XWE, ZDBSP, Paint, PSP, 
 OggDrop XPd (Ogg Vorbis), Doom Builder.

Build Time       : 1 week (plus all the distractions).

Known Bugs             : None. (apart from those in ZDaemon like the rocket splash damage bug)

Will Not Run With      : Any source port other than ZDaemon, ZDoom and Skulltag.


* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use any of this level as a base for modification or re-use.
Be inspired by it, but don't copy it.

You MAY use the scripts, graphics and sounds in your own wads as long as you 
give me credit in your text file and include a link to this wad. If you include 
your own credit sequence in your wad I would like to be mentioned there, too.
For graphics listed in the credit section of this file, give credit to the 
respective author(s) instead of myself.

You may distribute this wad as long as you include this text file and the 
other files intact.


* Where to get this WAD * (and mirrors)

(you can also fetch it with GetWAD via the ZDaemon launcher)

My DooM 2 wads are at:  /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/
  and:    "     "      "      "     "  /megawads/
My Heretic wad is at:     "     "      "   /heretic/s-u/

Licence to Spell DooM is at: /pub/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/0-9/

Super Sonic DooM is at: /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/

Remember, remember that DooM lives FOREVER!

frag factory (MAP01)

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