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___________                       ___________.__              ._.
\_   _____/___________     ____   \__    ___/|__| _____   ____| |
 |    __) \_  __ \__  \   / ___\    |    |   |  |/     \_/ __ \ |
 |     \   |  | \// __ \_/ /_/  >   |    |   |  |  Y Y  \  ___/\|
 \___  /   |__|  (____  /\___  /    |____|   |__|__|_|  /\___  >_
     \/               \//_____/                       \/     \/\/
FragTime is intended for 2-to-4 player Deathmatch.  At first it may not  
seem to play very well as a 2 player level, but I found out it is very
good indeed.  It has been played very hard, and proves a great level.  
This is my second published level, and plan to make more!  The included
.LMP shows that it does make a good 2-player level.
For                     : DOOM ][ 
Title                   : FragTime
Filename                : FRAGTIME.WAD
Author                  : Jason Poll
Email Address           : <email removed> OR <email removed>
Editor                  : DCK2.2 by Ben Morris / Zerius Development
Misc. Author Info       : 16 year old high school student who is addicted
                          to many hours of deathmatch.  Now if I could only 
                          find someone to come over & play at 2 in the 
                          morning! Took 7th place at the annual DOOM ][ 
                          Tournament at ACD Computer in Lansing Michigan. 
                          [See ACD3A.WAD, _GREAT_ 4-player DM.]
Description             : Totally original.  Very open, one center tower with
                          the BFG inside (some people like it, you almost have
                          to die to get it anyway.) In this center square are
                          boxes that make for good dodging.  Jutting upward 
                          from this center square are stairways that lead
                          around, and all connect, making it a very circular,
                          fast level.
Special Thanks to       : Brian Vandenberg for being a frag muffin while 
                          testing this.  It was his first time playing
                          Deathmatch, and didn't prove to be _bad_ for his
                          1st time.
                        : My family for putting up with my computer 'habit.'
                        : Ben Morris for making a level editor that I find 
                          extermely easy, and fast to use, yet still lets me 
                          get down to the smallest detail if needed.
                        : Um, I know this one, uh, wait, Id?  Yeah, those
                          were the guys that made this game aren't they? ;-)
                          This really needs to just be a macro. :-)

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes  (No monsters, and no exit, why?)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes  (Pointless.)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes! (Play with the -timer option.)
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented 
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes (Nothing big, bet you won't notice...)
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None, just an included .LMP

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch, although I got the main
                          idea from ACD3A.WAD, by Scott Armatti.
Editor(s) used          : DooM Construction Kit 2.2
Known Bugs              : None known E-MAIL ME IF YOU FIND SOMETHING!
Design Time             : About 12 hours.
* Permissions *

Authors:  You may do anything you like to this wad file. You may also
          distribute freely. If you use this file as a base for other 
          wads, I would like a little credit, and e-mail so I can hear
          about it.
          If you like this wad...please e-mail me!!! <email removed>
          I've seen this kind of line in almost every wad, and, as far as I
          know, people still don't e-mail... Oh-well.

Other Wads: MATCH.WAD - Good 2 player Deathmatch, very open!
Info on FRAGTIME.LMP  (Works with DOOM ][ v1.9 only)

This was one of our many battles we had through one long weekend.  It is one
of the first ones, and since he's never played Deathmatch before, I went easy
on him at times, like, if he came back right in front of me, and I have the 
rocket launcher, I didn't just pop him, I gave him some kind of a chance...

                     Player 1   Green:  Brian Vandenberg
Demo recorded from:  Player 2  Indigo:  Jason Poll (Yup, me!)


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