You might only like half, or less, of these levels. They vary so much and some are so wierd, you may hate them. A few really cool levels, made espe...

Freon 2: The Revenge of Deathmatch
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*=*=**=***=****=******* ============================= *******=****=***=**=*=*
*=*=**=***=****=**** FREON 2:  The Revenge of Deathmatch ****=****=***=**=*=*
*=*=**=***=****=******* ============================= *******=****=***=**=*=*
Title                   : Freon 2:  The Revenge of Deathmatch
  Each level has it's own title really..
Filename                : FREON2.WAD (DOOM2 deathmatch only WAD) 
Author                  : Victor Hall
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : I'm an avid Deathmatcher, and one of the 
  best in the Ft. Wayne, IN area.  I took
  my ideas of every cool thing and sucky 
  thing from other WAD's and tried to 
  incorporate them in this WAD.  Fair 
  deathmatch starts, totally new concepts,
  easily accessed weapons, semi-hard to get
  plasma and bfg (most times)... etc etc.
  Each level is TOTALLY different from the 
  others and will also PLAY totally differ-
  ent.  One player may totally whoop on 
  you in Level 2 (SUN), but you might win 
  in Level 5 (The Complex) if you're more 
  of a search and kill type player.  

Description             : You might only like half, or less, of these
  levels.  They vary so much and some are so
  wierd, you may hate them.  
  A few really cool levels, made especially
  for deathmatch play (-altdeath recommended)
  Tried to have a wide variety of playing 
  styles and levels supported.  From my SUN
  level (fast action like level 7) to Castle
  (well, a modern castle) that supports team
  All (well, 90%) of deathmatch starts are 
  placed in raised 'protected' areas, and 
  some even have a 12 gauge for you to start
  with.  It makes things alittle more fair.

Additional Credits to   : ID software of course, for making a kick 
  ass game with all the level editing/making
  ability.  And all the cool level editors 
  out there.  My fav. levels are with my only
  gripes about them (in case you guys see this):
  CLAWSON7.WAD (although alittle too tall, maybe)
  TIMJAY.WAD (last two levels almost indentical-??)
  THELORD.WAD (must be too hard wo/iddqd. Level one
  is good for D-match, rest are only 'good' for one 
  player, last levels are getting desperate.)
  SKILLS.WAD (the dark section, why? slows play down)
  STOKER.WAD (mansion, too big for even 2 player 
  D-match?? same concept (but bigger) as SKILLS.WAD)
  Alright, this text file is getting big, and I'm
  not even to giving the descriptions for my levels!
*=*=**=***=****=******* ============================= *******=****=***=**=*=* 
*****************************  Play Information  **************************** 
*=*=**=***=****=******* ============================= *******=****=***=**=*=* 

Level #                 : Maps 1 - 6
Single Player           : To check out the levels.  No monsters...
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Use for The Castle level ONLY.  No co-opstarts in 
  all other levels!! Don't try it!!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Deathmatch and only Deathmatch!!
Difficulty Settings     : not really, only for The Castle level (see below)
New Sounds              : 600k worth.  Many original.  About 30 new sounds.
New Graphics            : no, One of these days I learn to use DMGraph.. heh
  I can make cool graphx easy...
New Music               : if I could make cool midi's... (no)
Demos Replaced          : no... maybe I'll release some v1.9's later...

*=*=**=***=****=******* ============================= *******=****=***=**=*=* 
************************ Descriptions for each level ***********************
*=*=**=***=****=******* ============================= *******=****=***=**=*=* 
Left out to keep this file's size down.  

*=*=**=***=****=******* ============================= *******=****=***=**=*=*
******************************** Construction *******************************
*=*=**=***=****=******* ============================= *******=****=***=**=*=*

Base                    : New levels, from scratch
Time building           : 4 1/2 months, in actual hours, maybe 45 or more???        
  I'm one of them sparatic builders.  That averages to about 20+ 
  minutes a day.
Editor(s) used          : DEU2 5.21
Known Bugs              : A few none-aligned textures.  Only worried about 
  the ones that looked at all bad. I kinda rushed the delivery of this 
  wad, so a few wall textures are wrong (ex. near plasma in level 5, on
  on the part where you jump down, there's a grey texture that should be
  the orange startan. not a biggy)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.  
All I ask is that you write my name down somewhere in your text 

If you would like to distrubute:
(One, or many, of the following)

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include FREON2.TXT, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include FREON2.TXT AND
FREON2.WAD together intact.  

      [ Where to get this WAD ]

Duh... if you're reading this, I don't think you'll have this
problem, but if for some reason a friend wants it and you're
too lazy to give him a floppy...

FTP sites: UL'ed to and I will to too
BBS numbers: Online @the Fort (Ft. Wayne, IN)
Other: ?????



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