Freon 3:  Fragus Maximus Ultimatus... heh

Begins where FREON2 left off, but with better levels, design, multi-mode support. A fun set of 4 deathmatch levels. All are fun, small, and best wi...

Freon 3: Fragus Maximus Ultimatus... heh
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MAP06, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09
------------------ FREON 3:  Fragus Maximus Ultimatus ------------------
Title                   : Freon 3:  Fragus Maximus Ultimatus... heh
Filename                : FREON3.WAD (Doom ][ levels) 
Author                  : Victor Hall
Email Address           : <email removed> (please email comments!)
Misc. Author Info       : I'm a fifteen year-old Doomer.  I AM -NOT-
  an amatuer WAD builder.  I KNOW what I'm doing.
Other WAD's by author   : FREON.WAD - not internet released
  FREONSND.WAD - The sounds that were going
  to be in FREON3, but the file size was get-
  ting too big.

Description             : Begins where FREON2 left off, but with better
  levels, design, multi-mode support.
  A fun set of 4 deathmatch levels.  All are
  fun, small, and best with 2 to 3 players.
  See below for individual descriptions...

      ->  Level 6 is a copy of level 6 from FREON2,
  but I added an exit and made MINOR changes.
  You can now play FREON2 and 3 straigt through
  as a 9 level deathmatch fest.  Also, the point
  of team deathmatch in level 6 is for the
  invading team to exit the level.  Co-op makes 
  for a good 2-on-2 game.  DM for free for all.

Additional Credits to   : Tas II for beta testing earlier versions,
  and winning on a beta of level 8. <grrr>
  BTW, Tas, it was 25-28, you.
  -Id- Software of course, for making a kick 
  ass game that allows you to make levels,
  graphics, sounds, music, and dehacked... 
  um.. oops!  

  The makers if the following programs:
  DCK2.2 - to make the levels, DCK rocks!
  Fast, powerful, awesome.
  Wintex/Deutex - to put the TITLEPIC in.
  RMB2.1 - reject table.  This aids co-op and
  single players speed by 10%-20%.  Much better
  than Reject 1.1.
  Improces v4.2 - This is a great powerful image
  editor.  Unfortunantely only saves GIF and PCX.

***************************  Play Information  ************************** 

Level #                 : Maps 7 through 9  < Doom ][ >
Single Player           : *Yes, levels 6, 8, 9 quite fun!
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : *Yes, levels 6, 8, 9     
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES! That's definately the MAIN purpose.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes - more goodies on easier skill.
    Less monsters too.  
New Sounds              : -Released seperately to keep file size down
New Graphics            : Yes, TITLEPIC, modified version                       
Dehacked Patch          : -Will be released seperately later:  
New Music               : No, but I'm working on some MIDI's for later.
Demos Replaced          : No, but look out for some in the future at
    or some odd directory like that.
********************* Descriptions for each level **********************

Levels 1-5:  FREON2.WAD You can play them both for a long deathmatch
  game.  FREON2 includes level 6, but it had no exit, so I
  added level 6 to FREON3, etc - read below.

Level 6:  A slightly redone version of level 6 from FREON2.  I added an 
  exit and gave the invading team more ammo, and the defending
  team less cells.  Heard it was too hard for the invading team
  even on lower skill levels.  Difficulty determines how hard
  it is for the invading team to overtake and exit the level.
  Defending team has to stop them.  Skill also determines one 
  player difficulty.  Monsters added, too.  Use co-op 4 player 
  for team deathmatch, or try your own ideas.  Many minor 
  changes, to speed it up and help the invading team.

Level 7:  A remake of the original level 7.  It's really cool.  Trust 
  me.  Not suitable for one player or co-op.  It works, but 
  there are no monsters.  Maybe play it co-op or one player to 
  "gear up" for level 8.  Too bad level 8 becomes too easy 
  when you get all the guns... :(  But hey, these levels are
  made for deathmatch.  One player and co-op comes after.

Level 8:  A small level, that looks really awesome.  It's very small and 
  enclosed, so hope you're not homophobic or whatever that word 
  is.  Lots of skill is involved in this level.  You don't have
  to worry much about guns, because there are plenty and you
  get a free wuss shotgun.  Also a blast one player.  I'd say
  too easy co-op.  
Level 9:  My DANZIG wanna-be level.  Used the technique of wrapping 
  textures A LOT to make rounded realistic walls.  Looks good,
  plays great.  Difficulty settings affect gameplay. 
  Use 1+2 for DM 1.0, use 3 for DM 2.0, and 4+5 to access the
  big guns.  Also affects one player/co-op.  Skill 4+5 give you
  a cool level 30 sorta battle.  On 4+5 co-op OR dm, you must
  shoot the J. Romero head that's outside.

***************************** Construction *****************************

Base                    : New levels, from scratch
Time building           : I actually stop watched myself... yeah right.       
  5 hours on level 7, 10 on level 10, 
  20 on levels 8 and 9 EACH.
Editor(s) used          : DCK2.2 for levels, RMB2.1 for reject. 
  Improces v4.2 to edit the titlepic.
  PSP 3.0 to mess up the titlepic's colors up 
  so it looks like shit.  Damn thing can't do
  filters in 8-bit.  Even Improces does...
Known Bugs              : 100% secrets on level 9 seems impossible
  even if you do go into all the secrets.
  Level 9 has been known to cause seizures
  in the weak of deathmatch.
  Level 7 has been known to kill BFG wusses
  over and over in the crusher.  I love that!

------------------------* Copyright / Permissions *----------------------

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.  
Please just give me credit by saying under Base:,  "FREON3 by Victor Hall"
Please do not use my TITLEPIC replacment.  It'd be dumb to have FREON ]I[
on your wad.  

If you would like to distrubute:
(One, or many, of the following)

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include FREON3.TXT, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include FREON3.TXT AND
FREON3.WAD together intact, either in .ZIP form or in the same directory.  

--------------- Where to get this WAD 

FTP sites: 
or possibly .../g-h or whatever.



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