Marines that you can spawn to assist you when you are in a jam.

Friendly Cooperatives
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Friendly Cooperatives
Title                   : Friendly Cooperatives
Filename                : FRNDCOOP.wad
Date Finished           : June 20, 2009
Author          : Alando1 (Alan)
E-Mail                  : <email removed>
Other Wads By Author   : alanguns.wad, Alando Guns X, Alando Guns Reloaded, Vehicles
Description             : Marines that you can spawn to assist you when you are in a jam.
Additional Credits      : id Software, Cory Whittle, Enjay, my friends, and anyone who needs credit that's not included here.

**NOTICE: This wad is only for single player use. This wad is used for people who can't find someone to work cooperatively with over a network. This wad comes in handy for Invasion levels for SkullTag and other wads that require cooperative tag teams. **

**HOW TO USE: To spawn 3 simulated players, there is an inventory item in your inventory that will allow you to spawn a team of 3. If you are not satisfied with the team you get, you can use the inventory item again and a new set will spawn while removing the original team. Each teammate will randomly spawn. Every bonus player has their own weapon and if killed, will respawn. Please note, they will not respawn where they got killed. The simulated players that I have provided are players that are very helpful but still don't get in their way when they are fighting with an enemy. Arch-vile cannot ressurect these players so you don't have to worry. Hopefully these allies will be a good service to you.**

WARNING: DO NOT USE IN TIGHT SPACES! If a spawner ball gets caught in/near a wall, it will not spawn a simulated player. I recommend you use the spawner item in a large space so all 3 players can spawn.

* Play Information *

Source port                         : ZDoom 2.3.1, GZDoom 1.2.00 or higher
Map                                      : None
Single Player                      : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  :   Maybe... if you really need it.
Deathmatch          :  No
Difficulty Settings             : No
New Sounds                       : Yes
New Music                          : No
New Graphics                    : Yes
Demos Replaced               : None
Other Game Styles          : N/A

* Construction *

Base                    : From Scratch
Build Time              : At least a week
Editors used            : DeepSea, Notepad
Known Bugs              : There may be a very small probability that when you want a team removed, one may not disappear. But out of the tiimes                                       I tried the wad, only one time it occured and never happened again.

Bonus Note: If you have a complaint, EMAIL ME!! Don't put your complaints on Doomworld,, or other Doom hosting sites!!

* Copyright / Permissions *

If you want to use this kind of spawning thing in your wad, you may use it but be sure to credit me for the concept.

You may distribute this WAD in any format 
 (Internet, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

* Where to get this Wad?
(You have it, don't ya?) or any other mirrors.


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