This is (hopefully) the final revision of

Gatchaman Doom:Version 2.1 - a TC for ULTIMATE DOOM
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Title                   : Gatchaman Doom:Version 2.1 - a TC for ULTIMATE DOOM 
Filename                : GDOOM2_1.WAD
Author                  : Dan Patanella
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : author of "Maytel's New Direction," a fanfic
                          available on better Deja News archives near
                          you. :) Also, the happily obscure creator of 
                          FORDHAM.WAD and LODGE.WAD, available at 
                 or your favorite cdrom mirror.
Date                    : March 11, 1999

Contents                : Description
                          Additional Credits/Collaborators
                          Play Information
                          Construction Details
                          Copyright Notices
                          Revision History
                          Hints and Spoilers

Note:                     I write *long* text files! I'd suggest that the
                          casual player read mainly the Description,
                          Installation, and Play Information Sections, and
                          not worry about the other sections until later.

Description             : This is (hopefully) the final revision of 
GATCHAMAN DOOM, a TC I've been working on as a hobby since February 1998. 
As many of you know, Gatchaman was a very popular anime series of the 1970s,
and this TC is a salute to the pre-1980 era of anime and manga. In fact, many
anime fans trace their love of the genre to one of the dubs of Gatchaman.
GATCHAMAN DOOM is a tribute to the world of anime as it existed long before 
Sailor Moon, Dragonball, or even Ranma. It's a look back at the world of
Microman, Macross, Astroboy, Star Blazers, and Galaxy Express 999, when the
only video games we had were the Atari 2600 and we were still listening to
ELO and Styx.

GATCHAMAN DOOM version 2.0 replaces all previous versions of GDOOM.WAD
and contains 9 levels of GATCHAMAN action, entirely replacing the first 
episode of THE ULTIMATE DOOM, known as "Knee-Deep in the Dead." This TC 
contains anime-themed music and sound effects sampled from the Gatchaman 
soundtrack, as well as a generous amount of new enemies and graphics. 
GATCHAMAN DOOM, like most TCs, also includes a DeHackEd patch that changes 
the behavior of some Doom monsters, makes the new monsters possible, and 
allows for such fun events as exploding Zarks and Rovers!
For seasoned DOOM players, the type of architecture used in this TC is mainly 
Tech Temple, although there is one level that simulates a half constructed 
underground mine and another level which turns into an outdoor adventure 
with multiple small buildings. I would rate the difficulty of most of the
levels at medium. For newer DOOM players, this means that much of the TC will
resemble "Knee-Deep in the Dead" and will feature lots of futuristic looking
scenery; it also means that you may find this TC more difficult than someone
who's played over 100 WADs.

It's also a good idea to save your game often.

If you're a Gatchaman Fan that's new to DOOM, I hope that my TC
will be a great introduction to the hobby, and I welcome you into the world
of DOOMing. And if you're a veteran Doomer,I hope you enjoy the tricks and 
surprises on these levels. If you get stuck, just jump to the *Hints and 
Spoilers* section at the end of this text file.

Installation            : You MUST run GDOOMINS.BAT before playing GATCHAMAN 
DOOM the first time or you will not be able to play most of the levels! You 
should have unzipped this file into the same directory that contains your 
DOOM files. If not, unzip it again in the right directory. The BAT file WILL 
alter your original DOOM.WAD, so you should create a backup BEFORE you 
install GATCHAMAN DOOM. (All the BAT file does to your DOOM WAD is add some 
additional sprites to your main WAD, and you'll never see the additional 
sprites when you are playing Doom the ordinary way, but I thought I'd warn 
you anyway.) The BAT file also makes a copy of your DOOM.EXE file and alters
that copy with the special changes we made for GATCHAMAN DOOM; your original
EXE is NOT altered in any way. 

To play GATCHAMAN DOOM after installing, simply type GDOOM at the DOOM prompt.

When you downloaded this file, it should also have come with the 
GDOOMINS.BAT; GDOOM.BAT; GDOOM2_0.DEH; 1ROVER1.WAD. You need all these files
for GATCHAMAN DOOM to work properly. You also need a REGISTERED copy of
THE ULTIMATE DOOM. GATCHAMAN DOOM TC will NOT work with the Shareware version
of DOOM that is available on FTP and various CD-ROMs!!!!! Nor will it work
with DOOM2.

Story                   : You start off as a Space Marine trying to 
escape an enemy outpost. At first, given the large number of Gatchaman
themed graphics surrounding you, you assume that your enemy is Berg Katse, 
or Zoltar, or whoever the hell the current Gatchaman dubbers feel like
naming the chief baddie in their latest dub. 

But you soon find out that you're facing a far more serious threat, 
a force that can control men's minds, hypnotise them, bend them to her evil 
will with a wink and a grin. That's right, Mr. Marine. You're up against Lum!

Lum's persuaded those nasty aliens and hellspawn that it'd be a cool 
idea to distribute inferior quality subs and dubs across the universe. And 
she's rounded up an army of Gallactors to do her bidding. There's the everyday 
Gallactors (the "green-suited goons"), Blue Gallactor Captains (slightly
more dangerous than the Gallactors you know so well), and Red Gallactor
Commandos (who can rapid-fire with chainguns). Horrors! And these aren't the
clownishly inept Gallactors you remember either - Lum has persuaded them to
ditch the bellbottoms and pump some serious iron in order to serve her
better. These are some of the nastiest green guys since the forces of Hydra
made Nick Fury's life a neverending headache!

To make matters worse, Lum's brought along some very nasty Oni allies, 
namely Cacodemons, Imps, Bull Demons, Lost Souls, and the ever-popular Barons 
of Hell. She also mutated some of the Imps by dunking them in her green hair 
dye - the results are Imps that hurl plasma at you. Ouch! These groovy guys
(and possibly gals; we don't ask Cacodemons many questions) are totally 
devoted to Lum and have agreed to help the Gallactors in their diabolical
quest. They're tough; they're rough; they're in your face and you'd better
deal with it. . .

It's your goal to stop this sinister plan, and to prevent Lum from 
going shopping with her newfound friend Berg Katse!

(For those of you who prefer the Battle of the Planets dub of Gatchaman, 
pretend that all those Gallactors, Imps, Cacodemons, Bull Demons, and 
Barons of Hell are mindless androids and you'll enjoy the violence just fine. 

Additional Credits to   : Okay, here comes my Academy-Award-Acceptance-

An awful lot of people helped out to various degrees. Len Pitre deserves a 
lot of praise, for playtesting and offering valuable advice including tips on 
sprite replacement, creating better levels and EXE hacking. Len is also the 
guy responsible for the creation of the level title GIFs and importing the
Rover Explosions. Many of the trickier DeHackEd effects were worked out almost 
entirely by Len, and in a moment of inspiration, Len concocted the Green Imp,
surely one of Lum's most evil of Henchmen. Len does a lot of work with altered
and recoloured sprites (he helped solve one of the Gallactor problems), and 
was truly invaluable to the project. He was with the project almost since the 
beginning, and deserves the biggest Thank You.

Wendy Dinsmore shared some scans from her page, and it was in an e-mail to 
Wendy that I first had the idea to create Gatchaman Doom. Both Wendy and Jen 
Nolan were among the first to link their excellent Gatchaman pages to my 
humble Doom page. Tamara Carrier generously offered me some scans of her own 
out of the blue. Maggie O'Quinn gave me permission to include some of her 
excellent fanart as graphics in Gatchaman Doom. Brian Wilkinson provided a 
rare mechanical drawing of Microman's Robotman/Biotron as well as a scan of 
Acroyear. Some of the Lum graphics were downloaded via anonymous FTP. 
Unless otherwise credited, all new anime-themed graphics were my own.

TJ Fisher kept my interest in anime and all good things alive, encouraging 
me to make the project as best I could. Mel and Barbara Cotto suggested some 
devious and brutal ideas during brainstorming sessions. Lisa Crandall nobly 
tried to answer a Baron of Hell question that has plagued Len and myself for 
months. Maureen "Mo" Gibbs also provided some feedback on the Subs and Dubs
comedy throughout the TC.
The Gallactor Sprites were based upon the work of Hostage Crisis, a preview
of the Twilight Warrior TC, who kindly gave Len permission to borrow their 
original work. The Rover landmines were based upon an idea from the Batman TC, 
so thanks should also go there. You can find more information about these 
projects at The status bar was borrowed from the
excellent Doom2 adventure Phobos - Relive the Nightmare, an all-round great
gaming experience with cool original music and some nice new graphics. You
can download this WAD, entitled RELIVE.WAD (and created by Shamus Young) at 
your favorite cdrom mirror. I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

I based the Gallactor uniforms on stills from Wendy Dinsmore's and Jen Nolan's 
pages. My version of the Gallactor uniforms aren't the spitting image of 
Tatsunoko's; I assume Lum ordered the Gallactors to tuck in their flares and 
pump some iron. Actually, those disco era skinny Gallactors weren't very 
intimidating villains, and the more muscular guys fit in better with the 
wonderful world of DOOM.

All anime music selections were downloaded from various webpages and FTP sites all 
over the web. Some were remixed and otherwise rearranged for Gatchaman Doom;
none contained credits as to either the composer or the arranger of the
MIDI. Jason Wainman was kind enough to allow me to use "Strange Magic" from 
his recent Doom2 wad 70srock.wad which you can find at or your 
favorite cdrom mirror. J.S. Bach, of course, composed "Air" which is the
music for level 7.

Every TC Creator has his or her set of influences, and I'm no exception.
Additional credit should go to the creators of the various anime-themed Doom 
TCs for providing inspiration. In particular, the Bubblegum Crisis/Otakon
TC stands out, but the Save Our Sailors TC was also an education in good
humor, consistent theme, and sprite replacement. Special thanks also goes out 
to the creators of Addictiv, Deimos Subway, Galaxia, Opost21, the first three
installments of the "Classic" series, and Return to Phobos. These add-on 
levels are incredibly imaginative and it's a tall order to even begin to 
emulate them. You can find all of them at cdrom or one of the cdrom mirror

I'd also like to acknowledge those people who were kind enough (and honest
enough) to give me feedback on my previous levels, Fordham Doom and Lodge of 
the Undead. These two levels are likely to be part of a mini Doom2 package
put together in the near future, entitled Lovinger Outpost.

The beloved 70s rock band Queen had nothing to do with the making of this 
TC, aside from releasing the Queen Rocks CD, my frequent soundtrack during 
the creation of this TC over a period of lunchtimes. Although Natalie 
Imbruglia, Boston, and David Bowie's Diamond Dogs are close seconds. <g>

No Rovers or Zarks were hurt during the making of this TC. <g>

There are no words to adequately praise Id Software for releasing such a 
wonderful open-ended virtual-reality technology like the Doom Engine.
Id not only revolutionized the gaming industry with its first-person POV,
it provided a wonderful model for allowing its games to provide a spring
board for fan-produced projects. Similarly, words cannot do justice to the 
amount of pleasure fans have received from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, one 
of the finer family-friendly anime series to originate from Tatsunoko. It 
would be even harder to find a single anime or manga fan that wasn't 
entralled by at least one of Rumiko Takahashi's works at least once in their
lives; Takahashi was the creator of Lum, and has consistently created high
quality manga that are crowd-pleasers while pushing the artistic envelope. 
Lejji Matsumoto's character design and stories in the Galaxy Express series 
were always simple yet poignant, expressing a sad but wise world view - the
story of Maytel and Tetsuro has changed many people's lives for the better.
Tanaka Toys were the folks responsible for the introduction of Microman Toys 
which (due to their interchangablity) were actually pretty darned educational 
in their own way - perhaps as educational as Doom editing!


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1 - E1M8, E1M9
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (Though untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No (The layouts aren't good for deathmatch)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (Easy, Medium, and Hard)
New Sounds              : Yes  
New Graphics            : Yes 
New Music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : scratch, a couple previously undistributed WADs 
                          of my own design
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.1, DEUSF, NWT, DMGRAPH, BSP 2.3, MIDI2MUS,
                          MUS2MIDI, DMAUD, WADED (mainly to study some
                          inspirational WADs), DCK 3.62
Other software          : PaintShop Pro, MS Paint, PictPub4, MIDI
                          Orchestrator, Win Dat, Sound Recorder
Known Bugs              : None

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY NOT distribute this WAD file in any format. This WAD was created by
fans for fans and is NOT intended for commercial distribution. Gatchaman
and all related Gatchaman images and terms are copyrighted by Tatsunoko. 
Sandy Frank owns the copyright of 7-Zark-7 and certain Battle of the Planets
terms (i.e. Center Neptune, Transmute). Turner Entertainment owns the rights
to the 1980s dub G-Force, and Saban owns the rights to the 1990s Eagle Riders.
Rumiko Takahashi is the owner and creator of the character of Lum. Leiji
Matsumoto is the owner and creator of Maytel and all Galaxy Express 999 
references. Microman is a copyright of Tanaka Toys; Micronauts is a copyright
of Meco Corporation. 

This WAD and the TC it belongs to are intended for personal use ONLY and is 
NOT for sale. The author is not affiliated with any of the above parties and 
does not wish to imply that this TC has been authorised by any of them. The
author also encourages all to support their favorite manga/anime series by
purchasing official merchandise and videos and by participating in letter-
writing campaigns to keep their shows on the airwaves. Be it Pokemon or
Sailor Moon - it won't stay in the air unless you make your voice known!

* Where to get this WAD *


*Major Revisions since Gatchaman Doom Release 2.0*

Finally I was able to get ahold of a good quality Gallactor emblem, which
was added to the small hatches on my levels! Also, three minor bugs that
were extremely unlikely to affect the pleasure of the player were fixed.
These fixes make it easier to kill the Zarks on Mission 3, make the death
sequences of the Blue Gallactors a little smoother, and fix a secret door
that, in theory, could have been opened without a switch. All minor 
glitches, but they've been fixed for your benefit!

*Major Revisions since Gatchaman Doom Prerelease 1.06*

Sprites of Maytel and Acroyear were added to some of the levels as
spectators. An animated wall with Berg Katse's face was added to e1m8, as
were some additional architecture. Ambient noises were also added. The
DeHackEd file was also extensively revised and improved. A credit screen was
added to the TC. Permission was received from Maggie O'Quinn to use her fanart
and some of her graphics were included. Len substantially revised the DeHacked
file, introducing the Green Imp and helping to differentiate the different
Gallactor villains. E1M7 was toughened up with the new Imp villains. Grey
Gallactors were changed to Blue.

*Major Revisions since Gatchaman Doom Prerelease 1.02*

Music, sound effects, and level titles were added. E1M8 was added to the 
TC. Mismatched textures were corrected wherever noted, and some textures
were changed. Grey and Red "Gallactors" were added as enemies to the TC.
Exploding Rovers were added as an additional hazard to avoid. <g>
A DeHacked patch was added to Gatchaman Doom. In general, most levels
were treated to added "trimmings" to add visual variety. E1M3 was given
some areas of deep water (it's a subtle effect that adds to the realism
of the main sunken room). Animated scrolls and flashing lights were also
sprinked here and there.

*Major Revisions since Gatchaman Doom Prerelease 1.01*

A secret exit has been added to e1m3. Yes, a secret GDoom level is 
part of the GDoom package! More cacodemons and imps were added to the final 
large room of e1m3. 

The doorway leading to the blue key in e1m5 was made more obvious with the
addition of blue torches, and more enemies were added to e1m5. Several of the
room heights in e1m5 were also altered (mostly lowered) to provide more 
visual variety.

*Hints and Spoilers*

IN GENERAL: I changed the idspispopd cheat code to the familiar Doom2 idclip
cheat code. Due to the extensive DeHackEd job, GATCHAMAN DOOM occupies the
netherworld between the ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM2, so the idclip cheat "felt
right." You shouldn't need to cheat, however, as the levels are very fair. 
Also, save your game often! Some of the levels are quite large and there 
isn't a lot of weapon or powerup duplication. You won't find the BFG 
until the 7th mission (I keep you in suspense), and there are no 
cyberdemons or arch-viles lurking about. So don't go nuts looking for the 

Many of the levels are nonlinear to a degree, so be sure to check for secret 
areas and don't be afraid to return to areas you've been to in order to 
retrieve ammo or health. I've never used the "fake wall" trick, and most
of the secret doors are hinted at, either with a novel or misaliged texture.

If you want a laugh, hit the help key! <g>

E1M1: Fairly straightforward level. I'd use the chainsaw against those bull 
demons to conserve ammo. You'll need that ammo later!

E1M2: Carefully search the Storage Room for a secret passageway. You can't
complete the level without it. Once you find the computer map, it'll be
easy, honest! Also note that barrels can be either a great weapon or your 
worst enemy. If you're cowardly and/or low on ammo, you can escape without 
100% kills. Be sure to enjoy Maggie's fanart of Swan Jun *before* you leave
that area, or you may be interrupted by some demons.

E1M3: The flooded areas contain some goodies so don't rush through them.
This level is rather cacodemon-intense, so keep moving! There is a secret
lift in the last large flooded room before the exit in case you get stuck
without the yellow key. You know this is going to be an interesting level
when you see a chorus line's worth of Maytels! Of course, the obligatory 
secret exit is hidden *somewhere* near the regular exit. And were you able 
to discover One-Rover-One's nasty little secret?

E1M4: There are some potent artifacts here: an invulnerability sphere,  
a sphere of partial invisibility, and groovy light goggles. Use them
in the correct order and you can save yourself a lot of heartache. Also, some
of the lava areas will subtract from your health, so be warned. Beware the
testing lab! To reward your persistence on this level, there are some hidden
treasures towards the end, including a Soul Sphere. This is one of those 
levels where you could get less than 100% Kills if you rush through, so take
your time and try to get rid of those baddies. You'll need to find the
teleporter to achieve 100% Kills and 100% Secrets.  Look for the Red
Gallactor -he'll be showing up more later.

E1M5: As is fitting for a lab level, there are plenty of switches to use 
here.There is no "correct" order for hitting the switches, so try different
combinations to determine which works best for you. The more switches you 
hit, the more previously hidden areas are revealed to you. Escaping from the
canyon that comprises the first play area is a neat trick. This is also the
first level where you'll encounter more than one Green Imp. Lucky you.

E1M6: Beginning and ending in a basement area flooded with nukage, this  
level has some nice detours into the more familiar "tech temple" seen 
elsewhere in this TC.  Radiation suits *are* available but are either
hidden or count as secrets. The entrance to the large, stair-filled metallic
room opens with a switch and is accessible from the first lift you 
encounter on this level. 

E1M7: A large level with lots of surprises, E1M7 is called Center Neptune
and features some submarine areas with nice lighting effects. Most of the 
Gatchaman Doom cast make appearances somewhere in the level. You might want
to conserve your Energy Cells for later. It's fairly nonlinear until the last
couple of rooms, but once you kill all the monsters you can feel free to
roam and enjoy the archictecture of Center Neptune.

E1M8: Once you get past the nukage and dungeon areas (and it isn't the
easiest thing in the world to do) this level turns into an outdoor adventure.
There are some secret rooms full of ammo and health in the nukage and 
dungeon areas, and some nice special effects such as moving walls, etc.
You can use the barrels to your advantage outdoors. In fact, once you make
it outdoors, this is a very fast-paced medium-sized level with some sudden

E1M9: Secret levels are a great place for the WAD designer to show off,
and so I added a couple graphics found nowhere else in the TC. You'll notice
the four teleporters in one of the first rooms: you need to use all 4 to
get 100% secrets. But be warned: Some of them lead to very dangerous places.
This is one of the smallest levels in the TC, but it requires a lot of
thought to complete with 100% Secrets and 100% Kills. Good luck.


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