8 levels of DM fun. Godless 3 is a step back from the insanity of Godless 2. Most of the levels are somewhat larger and easier to get around in. Th...

Godless 3: Kevorkian Litanies
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08
Title                   : Godless 3: Kevorkian Litanies
                             A Berry Creek Software Production
Filename                : GODLESS3.WAD

Author                  : Chris Bilski and Blain Newport
Email Address           : <email removed>, <email removed>
Web Page                : http://www.calweb.com/~brn

Misc. Author Info       : Still think DOOM DM is the most fun
                          you can have with a PC.

Description             : 8 levels of DM fun.
                          Godless 3 is a step back from the
                          insanity of Godless 2.  Most of the
                          levels are somewhat larger and easier
                          to get around in.  They're still
                          slaughterfests with four players, but
                          with two, you can actually have
                          hunting / stalking matches on most of
                          the maps.

Additional Credits to   : Id Software
                          John Carmack deserves special thanks
                           for his commitment to the community
                           and technical idealism most recently
                           demonstrated by the release of the
                           DOOM source code.
                          Ben Morris (DCK)
                          Olivier Montanuy (DEUTEX)
                          Robert Fenske Jr. (WARM)
                          Bob Boyer (DWELLER2.WAD)
                          Marin Gazzari (KANDYx.WAD)
                          Brian Vannatta (DANZIGx.WAD)
                          Brian Weldon (DANZIGx.WAD)
                          Bill McClendon (Blain's DM Guru)
                          Wayne Hart (Beta Testing)
                          Shawn Riggins (Beta Testing)
                          The DOOM community.  From what I've
                           seen in Usenet, there's occasional
                           infighting and cliquishness, but
                           overall, I'm proud of the effort the
                           remaining groups and individuals
                           continue to put into DOOM.
                          And finally, a special thanks to the
                           hackers.  Id never intended for users
                           to make their own DOOM levels.  I
                           just can't express how grateful I am
                           to those people who hacked out their
                           secrets.  You changed the gaming
                           world forever.  And thanks again to
                           Id Software.  You chose to nurture
                           what most people would have sicked
                           a pack of lawyers on.  In your own
                           way, you are heroes.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01 - MAP08
Single Player           : No (Starts Included)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No (Starts Included)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes 3 - 4 players recommended
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented  Play on skill 5
                          DM 1.0 -nomonsters
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : A few new textures, new level names,
                          & other miscellaneous graphics.
New Music               : No (We always play with -nomusic.)
Demos Replaced          : OH YES!
                          These demos are muy bueno. If
                          you don't watch them, you're
                          missing out.
                          Highlights include -
                          DEMO1: The coveted triple frag,
                           a meeting of three players and
                           one rocket
                          DEMO2: The comic misadventures
                           of Chris and his quest for the
                           BFG. Watch as his efforts are
                           thwarted time and time again.
                           Will he ever claim his prize?
                          DEMO3: Watch Blain stay alive
                           for Longer Than Nature Intended
                           on one of Godless 3's most brutal

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
                          Actually the first map's rocket alcoves
                          were cut and pasted  from MAP01.  In
                          addition, numerous structural ideas
                          were taken from the DWELLER, DANZIG,
                          and KANDY wad compilations.

Editor(s) used          : DCK 2.2 (still the best)
                          DEUTEX (also still the best)
                          WARM, Win95 PaintBrush, and
                          NeoPaint (UR)
Known Bugs              : E1M1 slime bug has been noted on
                          Map 8 and probably occurs elsewhere
                          as this wad contains a few Pentium
                          Optimized levels (lots of visible
                          sidedefs and linedefs).  Any others
                          that slipped through should be
                          reported immediately.

Who Made What             MAP01  Bloodbath Terraces        Blain
                          MAP02  The Training Facility     Chris
                          MAP03  Concrete Ordeal           Chris
                          MAP04  Load House                Blain
                          MAP05  A Maniac's Eden           Chris
                          MAP06  The Engagement Zone       Chris
                          MAP07  The Marble Trench         Blain
                          MAP08  Explosion Central         Chris

Chris did lots of dress up on Bloodbath Terraces.  (Blain's new
PC disliked DOOM to the point where he had to reformat a few
times.  He's learning to work around that.)

* Copyright / Permissions *

As long as you're distributing them for free, you can alter
anything you want in the wad files as long as you tell us
about it, and we get credit in an accompanying text file.
Please include our names and email adresses.  (Our URL would
also be nice to have spread around.)  If you're planning to
charge people money for whatever means you use to alter /
distribute this level, you better read the following.

* Extreme Legalese Copyright / Permissions *
     These levels are copyright 1997 by Chris Bilski and Blain
     Newport. Permission to use, copy and distribute unedited
     copies of this file -- GODLESS3.ZIP -- is hereby granted,
     provided that no fee is charged for the use or availability
     of this file (other than the normal connection costs for
     on-line services, if applicable). The above copyright
     notice and this permission notice must be left intact in
     all copies of this file.

     Commercial distribution of this file, in whole or in part,
     requires prior agreement with the author . Commercial
     distribution includes any means by which the user is
     required to pay either for the support (e.g. book,
     newsletter or CD-ROM) or for the file itself.  Unauthorized
     commercial distribution is prohibited.

     If you wish to commercially distribute this file, note the

     (1)  This file contains intellectual property (including,
       but not limited to, textures and other artwork) owned
       solely by Id Software (www.idsoftware.com), and is
       subject to any and all copyrights held by them.  The
       author does not have authority or permission, either
       expressed or implied, to grant usage of Id's copyright,
       and, by granting permission to use this level in a
       single commercial release, does not claim or waive their
       rights thereby.

     (2)  Permission is granted by the author for the one-time
       commercial distribution of this file if all of the
       following conditions are met:

         (a)  The author is notified by email prior to the
           file's inclusion on any commercial release;
         (b)  The author is provided with one (1)
           "contributor's copy" of the finished product upon
           it's release.  Said "contributor's copy" is to be
           sent to the author using the shipping address
           specified by the author in his/her reply to the
           publisher's initial email notification, and is to be
           provided at no cost to the author;
         (c)  This file (including this copyright notice) is
           not to be modified in any way, and shall be
           distributed as the author intended;
         (d)  The author retains all relevant and proper
           copyrights to this work both prior to and subsequent
           to the commercial release of this file.

     (3)  By requesting a shipping address from the author, the
       publisher signifies acceptance of, and agrees to abide
       by, these conditions. By returning a valid shipping
       address to the publisher, the author thereby grants the
       publisher one-time usage of the author's copyrighted
       work for commercial purposes.

And one more thing, no one who was in any way involved with
selling me the D!ZONE disk set that claimed to include 75
new levels of which over 20 were from registered DOOM and
most of which stank may do _anything_ with these levels.
I don't even want you shysters PLAYING them!  Got that?
None of you Actura scum either.  Repent while you can.

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: ftp.cdrom.com and finer mirrors everywhere

Other: http://www.calweb.com/~brn

You've reached the end of yet another of Blain's Interminable
Text Files.  If you're this much of a glutton for punishment,
go read my DM Philosophy articles on the Berry Creek DeathMatch
site.  (The URL is 6 lines up.)  And send me some email.  As
far as I know, only one person we didn't cajole has played our


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