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       A biggish house on the Main Line, tainted by chaos.

An independently wealthy scholar, you have just returned from a year
researching in the archives of the Vatican,  to your comfortable house in
an exclusive suburb on the outskirts of Philadelphia.   While in Italy,
you have heard strange rumours about the rise in the USA of satanic
cults and paramilitary organizations.  Approaching the front door,
you sense that something is not quite right, so you return to the car,
take your revolver from the glove compartment, and approach the house
cautiously.  As you step onto the porch, three lines from the notebooks
of St. Ambrose pass through your mind:

  * All doors open eventually.
  * If the leap fails, prayer at the base of the pillar will
     retrieve the key.
  * All items become retrievable.


This wad has new sprite and flat graphics, so be sure to read the

             ** installation instructions **

below before trying to play it.

Title                   : Gulph
Date:                   : Nov 1995
Filename                : gulph.wad
Author                  : Avery D. Andrews
Email Address           : <email removed>
Description             : Big house wad.  Layout from memory, with
                            some modifications.  Named after the road
                            it's on.  Emphasis on visuals and mayhem,
                            not acrobatics & puzzles.

Additional Credits to   : All the usual people, plus,
                             Adam Windsor Philip Bishop (Bishop of Battle)
                               and Drake O'Brien, James Andrews and Owen
                               Andrews for playtesting and bug reports.
                             Drake O'Brien again for lots of help with tuning,
                               and the dining room lamp.
                             James Andrews for some of the wall graphics.
                             The architect who designed the house, for
                               the excellent floorplan! (It was fun to live
                               in, too.)
                             The guy who figured out breaking windows.
                             Various people for posting cool pix to
                               the internet.


* Play Information *
DOOM version            : Doom2
Episode and Level #     : Map 01
Single Player           : Yes
Skill Levels:           : Yes.  1/2 tuned to be doable (but hard)
                            on a DX-33/4M.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Supported but not tuned (I dislike coop play,
                           if someone who likes it wants to tune it, that
                           would be great).
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Starts provided, but the wad is too big for
                            DM (you might place obstacles to restrict
                            the accessible areas).
System Requirements     : DX2-66/8M or better for reasonable play
                           (doable with a DX-33/4M on skill 1/2, thanks
                            to Drake O'Brien).

New Sounds              : One
New Graphics            : Lots of (see notes below).
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : No

Play notes              : There are two secret credits.
                        : Almost all the monsters may be killed, but
                           it may not be possible to achieve 100%, due
                           to imperfect emptying of monster-reservoirs.
                        : With a 4M machine, DooM will have to be
                            restarted to load a saved game.
                        : The design requires unreachable but visible
                            areas, but there are no items in these areas.

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Build Time:             : Too bloody long
Editor(s) used          : DoomEd 2.6, 4.2; DCK 2.2; a bit of Windeu &
                        : Deutex, Wintex, some NWT
                        : Warm, Deepbsp, Rmb, Bsp 1.2, Cleanwad
: Imagine 2.0, Polyray, Neopaint

Known Bugs              : HOM effect in SW of central yard, looking NE.
                           Caused by too many 2-sided linedefs, haven't
                           managed to fix it without breaking the decor.
                        : Monsters sometimes show up where they
                           shouldn't, dunno why.

Grafix notes            : Computer paint-program pikkies by James Andrews
                        : Dining room chandelier by Drake O'Brien
                        : Other graphics by me, or lifted from various
                             internet sources.

Editing notes           : The wad has had its graphics packed with
                            cleanwad (+is +pp), and its sidedef's combined
                            by warm -b -pack, so if you want to edit it,
                            use these utilities to reverse these processes.

                      *** Installation instructions ***

   *******    READ THIS    **************    READ THIS    *******

The files in the zip archive should be placed in your Doom2 directory.

There is a map wad (gulph.wad) a general graphics wad (gulphfg.wad),
and a sprites wad (gulphsp.wad).  One of two playing methods must be
used.  One is slow and uses up about 4M of space, but leaves your
main doom2 wad (the iwad) intact; the other is quick and hardly uses
any space, but makes a reversible change to your iwad. [Note for
Geeks Only: the flats use the F_END trick, so don't need special

Method 1: SAFE and SLOW: 

First `install', with the command: 

  gulph -install 

This causes the sprites from your main wad to be copied into
gulphsp.wad, rendering it playable, but consuming nearly 4M of space,
and a noticeable amount of time.  

Then when you want to play, give the command: 

  gulph -play 

Play starts at the correct map (1), and defaults to skill level 3.

If you want to specify a different level, say 4, use: 
  gulph -play -skill 4 

All the usual Doom command-line parameters may be used.  

When you want your 4 M of space back, command: 

  gulph -restore 

gulph.wad will be shrunken back to a reasonable size.  


Don't install, but just type: 

  gulph -merge ....  

deusf will merge gulphsp.wad into the iwad, then doom2 will be fired
up, and finally, when you quit doom2, deusf will be re-invoked to
restore your iwad.  If the dog knocks out the power plug while you're
playing, so that the automatic restoration doesn't happen, then: 

 deusf -restore 

will restore the iwad if.  DON'T do this if you don't have at least
100K of space left on your hard drive.  You probably ought to have a
backup of the iwad somewhere too, and have some familiarity with


Either way, if you get tired of playing gulph, you can clean up all
the files except for deusf and the archive by typing: 
  gulph -clean 

Special Instructions for 4M machines:

If your machine has 4MB RAM you'll have to load your saved game from DOS
(doom will crash when hitting the loadgame keys).  It's advised that you
play on skill 2, which has been tuned for 4MB machines.  To speedload, after
you've saved the game once and are back in DOS modify gulph.bat:

change the 1st line after 



  ......    -warp 1 -skill 3       

  ......    -loadgame 0    -skill 2    

(if your savegame is in the 1st slot)

If you make a g.bat file with the one line reading

  gulph -play

you can load a saved game from DOS with a single keystroke 'g'.

Do likewise for merge2 if you're using gulph -merge.

* Copyright / Permissions * 

This wad may be used as a basis for other levels, provided that due
credit is given.  It may be uploaded to BBS's or ftp sites, and put on
CD-ROMs.  If you put it on a CD-ROM, please contact me in case I have
fixed any bugs.  

The textures and fully original graphics in this wad, listed in
graphics.txt, may be freely used for noncommercial purposes, such as
ordinary freeware doom levels.  Commercial use, such as decorating
architectural demos, may be licensed by paying the equivalent of $US
20 or so to some charitable or environmental organization of your
choice.  Commercial use of the other stuff is not recommended.

Please forward comments (especially bug reports) to
<email removed>.  Revisions for network play would also be
quite welcome (I don't get much opportunity for DM, and actively
dislike Coop, so can't support either of these properly).


<email removed>


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