This is the graphics part of Urban Nightmare. It consists of the most NEW weapons of ANY patch out there, and has a professional look to it.

GunX: Urban Nightmare
2.09 MB
WAD Type
DOOM Version            : Doom II v1.9 or Ultimate Doom v1.9 (Even Doom Legacy v1.32b4)
GunX Version            : 1.9a
Title                   : GunX: Urban Nightmare
Filenames               : GunX.wad, GunX.deh, DeHackEd.exe, GunX.txt,
                          GunX.bat, DEUSF.exe, Chooser.exe, a1.wad, a1.deh
                          a2.wad, a2.deh, a3.wad, a3.deh, a4.wad, a4.deh
  More stuff that I'm forgetting!
Authors                 : Aaron & Justin Zendt a.k.a. CrazyStormy Development
Website                 :
IRC Channel             : DALnet --> SUCKS
Misc. Author Info       : Students that just love Doom!  It is the best
                          game ever!
Description             : This is the graphics part of Urban Nightmare.
                          It consists of the most NEW weapons of ANY patch out
                          there, and has a professional look to it.
Installation            : As simple as can be!  Just put all the files in
                          your Doom2 directory.  Then run GunX.bat.
                          It takes care of the rest!
Additional Credits to   : id Software, of course
                          Sergeant Daniel Snyder, USMC, for Marine Doom
                 for the new home of GunX
                          Fab and Boris, for Doom Legacy
                          The guys who made Cool Weapons Doom
                                a.k.a.- Aliens Doom
                          Files in the DethTag Series where I got some
                                some of the cool sounds
                          The guys who made WinTex 4.3.  I love your editor
                                This couldn't have happen without it
                          The guys who made DeuSF
                          Rogue and Velocity, for Strife
                          Trey Miller (Beta16), for the Fusion Cannon
                          LucasArts, for Dark Forces I
                          The guy that made Doom2X-treme Gold
                          The guys that made Hostage 3:  Back in Black
                          The guy that made Heroes of Doom2
                          The makers of Twilight Warrior
                          Bethesda Software, for SkyNET
                          The makers of Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior
                          All the other TC's that tried but never made it
                          All the good guys who gave me feedback
                          And any others I forgot!
* Play Information *
Episode and Level #     : Uh, all of them?
New Levels: E1M1, Map01, Map02, Map03, Map04, Map31
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, it rules!  New GunX MultiMode.
Multiplayer does NOT mean deathmatch, dammit!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Party!  New GunX MultiMode makes it easy!
Difficulty Settings     : Yes, Urban Nightmare supports all of them!
New Sounds              : Yes, from a lot of various sources
New Graphics            : Yes, they rock!
New Music               : Yes, New title, kill screen, story, and new
                               level musics!  They are cool!
Demos Replaced          : Nope, too much trouble!  But I'm thinking about
                          putting in a cutscene!  Wouldn't that be neat?
* Weapons *
GunX Urban Nightmare Base - Base Weapons
      1. Fist           :Same thing as always.  Give those imps a left
                         hook for us!
      1. M7 Bayonet     :Think about it.  It is a knife on the end
                         of a big gun.  You swing it and slash guys with
                         it.  Really cool.
      2. Dual Pistols   :Hahaha!  Dish it out with two pistols now!  Forget
                         one!  Bang bang bang!
      3. MP5 Submachine :Instead of toting around that nasty ol' autogun,
         Gun             terrorists just carry around this bad boy!
      3. Flak Cannon    :Its a big gun that people use to shoot down planes.
 Works nicely on people too.
      4. Hyper          :Again, two two two!  Forget that wussy Doom2 chaingun,
         Chainguns       and even that M16!  Whip these babies out and blow away
                         the opposition!  Ultra-super-fast!  Whiz through those
                         enemies (and bullets)!
      5. Experimental   :This baby is beyond evil.  It has an insane rail charge
         Railgun         that will splatter anyone in its way.  It takes a while
                         to charge, but the power of slugs is worth it!     
      6. Fusion Cannon  :The newest in energy weapons.  Turns badies inside out
 in a fizzle of red fusion energy.  Zap!
      7. C-24 Flame     :This is a heavy flame weapon.  Shoots a smaller flame,
         Projector       but spreads deadly napalm all over your friends when
                         it hits the wall.  Fries stuff good.  Just don't shoot
                         your foot with it.

Assault Pack #1 - Classic GunX Weapons
      1. Fist           :Same thing as always.  Give those imps a left
                         hook for us!
      1. M7 Bayonet     :Think about it.  It is a knife on the end
                         of a big gun.  You swing it and slash guys with
                         it.  Really cool.
      2. M-14 Rifle     :Neat little rifle.  An intelligent marine doesn't
                         carry a little 10mm pistol into battle, does he?
                         It'll kill better than the pistol, and shoots much
      3. R-150 Autogun  :New toy the space marines got in.  Uses a 12-gauge
                         shotgun shell.  Fires pretty fast, the standard
                         assault weapon for fire teams.
      3. Modified Auto  :This is a street-modified combat shotgun that is
         Combat Shotgun  quite common among the populace of the New World.
                         Space Marines have grown quite attached to it also.
                         The downside to it is that burns through shells
                         extremely quickly, and it is almost infective at
                         long range.  Most units carry this for close-range
      4. M-16/A3X       :A new model of the M-16 Assault Rifle.  This thing
                         fires REALLY fast and burns through those 700 bullets
                         like they weren't there.  You can grease anyone with
                         this.  Probably the best weapon.
      5. H-E Rocket     :A new, evil, evil weapon.  It shoots fast and powerful
         Launcher        missiles.  Looks good, comes FREE with a laser aiming
                         sight.  Turn those losers inside out all over the floor.
      6. M-56 Flame Gun :Puts up a fight for best weapon with the Autogun and
                         M-16.  Burns through enemies like Nedry eating
                         donuts.  (Remember Jurassic Park?)  Keep a
                         concentrated fire (hehe) on an enemy and they will
                         burn in hell.  This weapon has the best new graphics
                         and is cool to play with.
      7. C-24 Flame     :This is a heavy flame weapon.  Shoots a smaller flame,
         Projector       but spreads deadly napalm all over your friends when
                         it hits the wall.  Fries stuff good.  Just don't shoot
                         your foot with it.

Assault Pack #2 - Terrorist Weapons
      1. Mace:Seems odd that a commando would carry one of these, but
 it works quite nicely for bashing skulls when knee deep
 in uglies.
      1. Chainsaw       :Good ol' chainsaw!  Vroom!  Slice and Dice!
      2. Calico:Funny little gun made by California Instrutments Company.
 Doesn't shoot as fast as the bigger guns, but it is better
 then that damn pistol. (Don't email us saying this is really
 the stormy rifle from Dark Forces, I know that already!)
      3. Riot Gun       :Had to borrow this bad boy from a SWAT team.  Makes a
 nice hole in those baddies' chests!
      3. Big Gun        :This thing is weird.  It eats 2 shotgun shells, and makes
 a big BOOM.  I thas a nice reload rate too.  Don't shoot
 your comrades!
      4. Uzi            :Ah, good ol' IMI Uzi!  Terrorists love these!  Its hungry
 for your ammo, though!
      5. PSG-1 Sniper:This is BAD news for those baddies.  The most expensive sniper
         Rifle rifle in the world debuts in GunX.  The rounds it fires are
 hard to detect, but when they hit home, they mess up their
 target bad.       
      6. Pulse Gun      :Shoots red bolts of high energy.  Dangerous and powerful.
      7. BFG 9000       :No one ever figured this thing out.  It shoots a big green
 ball of energy that zaps everything you see when it explodes.
 Pretty though.

Assault Pack #3 - Fantasy Weapons
      1. Axe:Every good warrior carries an axe.  So should you.
      1. Gauntlets:These gauntlets are packed with magic that allows you to shoot
 red enegry bolts from your hands very rapidly.  The only down side
 is that they are short range only.
      2. Blue Staff:A typical staff that shoots a weak blast.  Not as powerful as the
 Green Staff, though.
      3. Frost Shards:This spell allows you to shoot seven shards of ice from your hand.
 Very powerful and rapid-fire.
      3. White Staff:The White Staff is a slow firing, but lethal weapon.  It can kill
 most baddies in a few shots.
      4. Green Staff:The fastest firing magical staff in existance.  It's bolts may be
 weak, but that doesn't matter compared to the amount of bolts!
      5. Lightning Gun:A very dangerous weapon, indeed.  The Lightning Gun can emit
 lightning bolts at an insanely high rate.  And to add to that,
 these bolts hurt anything near them, including you!
      6. Phoenix Staff:Fire in the hole!  The Phoenix Staff shoots a constant stream of
 fire from the caster.  This fire, although weak, can quickly
 destroy any opponent.
      7. Staff of :This staff is the true nature of the dark side.  The Staff of
 Apocalypse Apocalypse kills all in the line of sight of the caster, and does
 extra damage to the victim of main blast.  Fear this weapon!

Assault Pack #4 - OICW Proof-of-Concept Alpha
      3. OICW - 5.56mm  :Prototype weapon for the US Army.  Rapid fire conventional
                         fire mode.
      3. OICW - 20mm    :Secondary firing mode for the OICW: it shoots high explosive
         Grenades        fragmentation grenades.  This uses some pretty funky Dehacked
                         concepts, so don't mess around with it.  Yes, the super shotgun
                         actually will shoot a rocket!
* Construction *
Date:                   : Started early in 1997, never really finished.  Its
                          a grand project!
Completion Time         : Many months (years?), been beta testing it all the way.  Keep up 
  upgrading it too.
Base                    : Marine1.wad, weapons.wad, and a few others.
Editor(s) used          : WinTex 4.2, DeHackEd 3.0, DMMUS 1.0, Mus2Midi Converter,
  WinTex 4.3, DeuSF 3.8, Microsoft Paint, Notepad
Bugs:                   : GunX Urban Nightmare IS NOT Doom95 compatible!
                          We got a few emails about it, and I repeat, GunX
                          IS NOT Doom95 compatible.  Someone emailed us and
                          said it doesn't work on Final Doom, but I hate Final
                          Doom anyway.  The patch crashes on non-1.9 versions
                          of Doom, Ultimate Doom, and Doom II.
                          Also, you may/may not hear sounds on Ultimate Doom.
                          That's an id Software goof up, but I'm working on a
                          We're working on it!  :-)
* Version History *
-v0.8á: We had it at this for a LONG time.  We were missing the Super Shotgun
        and the BFG weapons.
-v1.0B: Base released.  This is the version you could have had if you were a Beta Tester.
-v1.0F: Fusion Gun Plug-in released.  We added this extra weapon to replace
        the M-56 Flame Gun.
-v1.0L: Lightning Gun Plug-in released.  New weapon number two.  It is a
        lightning gun to replace the H-E Rocket Launcher.
-v1.1:  We added 2 batch files that setup GunX for muliplayer madness.  Justin
        found out that Aaron put in parts of his MusX patch WITHOUT permission.
        Aaron's response: "I did that?"  Justin also learned that Aaron is
        about as intelligent as a turnip when he's tired.
-v1.2:  Aaron got really pissed off at all the batch files when he couldn't
        remember the names of them.  So he created a super batch file that
        combined everything.  Instead of 12 separate batch files that had
        anal names, there was now one that did it all with the name of the
        patch.  Hurray!  Justin finally had enough of doing homework    
        and decided to make the first "releaseable" GunX level.  We have
        a private one, DMHouse, but the author the said "NO MODIFICATIONS"
        in his text file, which pissed us off.  I think we'll be emailing him
        about that. Also the PCGamer version!
-v1.3:  An interim release, it was the final Doom/Doom2 version.  It has a few
        new graphics, and smoothed over graphics, better than the original.
        This was the last downloadable version.
-v1.4:  This was even more of an interim release.  I never uploaded this one,
        since it was a jumble of parts, not playable.  I began to eliminate
        Doom 1 compatibility.  That just caused WAY too many problems.
-v1.4R: The third Official Plug-In.  I moved the H-E Rocket Launcher to a
        Plug-In since we wanted to put in a Railgun.  The Railgun is currently
        under work.
-v1.5:  The newest release.  This version is still iffy, with a new interface
        and a new weapon:  the Railgun!  Urban Nightmare's first level is
        officially released, with the second one under work.  I also updated
        the text file while listening to Imperial March a zillion times.
        Doom 1 compatability is totally gone. This should make things smaller
        and easier.  The Railgun's noise is from Quake2, if you care.
-v1.5D: The next installment in Plug-Ins: the Dual Pistols.  These are okay,
        but nothing great.  I kinda like that new sound!
-v1.5H: Yet another Plug-In: the Hyper Chainguns!  I found these in Doom2
        X-treme Gold and thought they looked good, so I went ahead and took
        them.  Pretty nifty, huh? (Aaron's Note: I read something about TCs
        have a love affair with these...whoever said that, deal with it!)
-v1.5a: I added the AT-ST Walker in, fixed more graphics, and changed some
sounds.  There are now a few changes text-wise.  This one is more 
stable than v1.5 itself.
-v1.5b: I fixed even more stuff.  What I fixed, I don't know.  Wait: I changed
the AT-ST bouncing box!  You can get close to it now!
-v1.5C: Flak Cannon Plug-In.  It was a plasma gun in another patch, but
we wanted a flak gun!  I fixed some of its graphics too.
-v1.5c: GunX is now Legacy compatible!  Damn!  Download it and run GunX on it!
It kicks some serious ass!
-v1.5M: The MP5 submachine gun plug-in.  It looks pretty neat, but some of the
        frames needed to be redone.  So I fixed them!
-v1.6U1:This is just a few of the Plug-Ins crammed together since some said
        they wanted it like this.  I think its pretty neat, but was hard to
        piece together the DeHackEd patch.
-v1.6a: This has the newest batch file, the crazy one with the sub menus.  I
        also fixed a couple of problems in the GFX dept.
-v1.7:  I got rid of the plug-ins, created 2 more Assault Packs, and rewrote
        that stupid menu (again).  And got GunX a nicer home!
-v1.7a: Misc crap got updated.  I rewrote the damn menu AGAIN, hopefully for
        the last freaking time.  There are now a total of 3 fully working
        Assault Packs, and a 4th under development.  I created a title screen
        for GunX a while back, it's in now.  It looks pretty cool.  I'm not sure
        if I released this version, I'm waiting for level 4 to be finished.
        Aww, hell, I'll upload it later.  Justin is getting behind.  This is
        what happens when the GFX/Dehacker gets tired of waiting for levels,
        he makes 3 Assault Packs (1, 2, and 4) and rewrites the menu.  Oh, I
        added in Doom/UltDoom support again.  Yay!
-v1.8:  This will probably be the last release for a very long time.  Level 4
        has been released.  I changed Map32's music from Soviet March to
        When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again.  Sounds better, believe me.  The
        only foreseeable updates will probably be more Doom/Ultimate Doom
        support.  Oh, there is a new enemy too, an attack helicopter.  Its
        pretty neat.
-v1.8B: I brought out the bug spray and zapped some small problems in the original
v1.8.  All the version numbers are correct now, maybe Justin fixed Urban4.
Who knows?  Watch for GunX 2000 and GunX II!
-v1.9:Discovered the installation was deleted off the original webhost.
Modified the batch file for Windows 2000 compatibility.  Released again by
special request of people.  No real major updates, just cleaning it up a bit.
Updated the version of Legacy that's included to the current release.
-v1.9a: Repaired the batch file for Legacy 1.32 beta 4 compatibility, included the new
Legacy files.  Corrected some ugly text mistakes from v1.8.
* Stupid Stuff the Authors Have to Say *
Originally this held the specs of the computers used to create the first mod.  How times
have changed.  Here's an updated specification:

-Prometheus II- (Aaron)
Dual Pentium 3 Coppermine 1.0GHz (what's that?  SMP?  yes, please!)
IWill DVD266-R motherboard
40.0GB harddrive (no RAID yet...but soon)
52x CDROM Drive
8x4x32 CD-RW Drive
Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+
Creative Labs Inspire 5.1
Windows 2000 Professional and/or Advanced Server (depends on my mood)
ATi Radeon 8500 Retail
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
D-Link 10/100 Ethernet Adapter
17" monitor

-Vulcan- (Aaron)
Duron 800MHz
Epox EP-8KTA+ motherboard
30.0GB harddrive
44x CDROM drive
Sound Blaster Live! Value
USRobotics 56k modem
Windows 2000 Professional
Altec Lansing ACS44 speakers (reduce, reuse, recycle)
Lucent Orinoco 802.11b wireless adapter
D-Link 10/100 Ethernet Adapter
ATi Radeon 8500 Retail
A4Tech wheel mouse
15" monitor

-Epimetheus- (Justin)
AthlonXP 1800+
Epox EP-8HKA+
40.0GB & 1.0GB harddrives (the 1.0 is for linux)
48x CDROM drive
8x4x32 CD-RW drive
Sound Blaster Live! MP3+ 5.1
FPS2000 Digital speakers
Windows 2000 Professional and Red Hat Linux (6.1?  6.2?  i dunno, 6.something, I don't like Linux)
ATi Radeon 8500 Retail
A4Tech optical mouse
Linksys 10/100 Ethernet adapter
That bastard Sony monitor

These are what's around now.  There's been some interim computers, like Atlas and Clicky,
as well as some old school laptops i have for typing on in class, but after dropping close
to $2000 on Pro2, Aaron's done upgrading for a while.  04-28-02: Not really, Pentium4 on the way.
And for old time's sake, here's the originals.  Prometheus is dead, but "The Big Computer"
is still around as "Pandora", I hotrodded the good parts out of Prometheus into it.  Take a
look to see the computer progress that's been made!

-The Big Computer- (Justin)
Pentium Classic 150Mhz
48 megabytes RAM
2.0 & 7.0 gigabyte hard drives
56K Modem
24x CDROM Drive
Sound Blaster AWE64 Value
6 Speakers & a 20 watt Subwoofer
Windows 95 (It was 95a, but somehow C:\windows\system was deleted out)
Intergraph Intense 3D Voodoo
MS Serial Mouse, converted to a PS/2
4 Gravis Gamepads, 2 of which DIED thru the construction of this patch
A 1.44MB Floppy Drive that doesn't understand writing
Lexmark Z11 Printer
Sony Monitor (Justin burned out his old one)

-Prometheus- (Aaron)
200Mhz Pentium MMX
32 Megs of RAM
1.0 GB & 8.4 GB hard drives
33.6K Modem
44x CDROM Drive
Sound Blaster AWE64 Value
Altec Lansing Powercube 44 Speakers (got a subwoofer)
Windows 98
Intergraph Intense 3D Voodoo
A variety of mice that don't work
Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro
A NEW Gravis Gamepad (no more thumb damage for me)
Epson printer (works now that I installed win98)
Some nameless monitor that is really nice :)

We're no longer on IRC for various reasons, so email is probably the best way to contact us,
though I'm very slow to reply to anything with college now!
* Copyright / Permissions *
GunX, GunX 2000, GunX II, Urban Nightmare, and all associated concepts/designs are
the sole intellectual property of Aaron and Justin.  All graphics/sounds are the 
property of their original creators.

Authors MAY use this as a base to build further levels or patches, as long as
they give us credit for putting this together and the other people for creating the original
stuff.  We ARE NOT claiming ownership of any graphics used.  They are the
property of those who created them.

You MAY distribute this patch, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact, and contact the authors at <email removed>.

We are in no way responsible for any damages or problems this patch may
cause with your computer, operating system, or other software.  By using
the patch, you agree to this.  Use at your own risk, but don't let that 
stop you.

This patch is not a product of Id Software.  It is in no way connected
or affiliated with them.  Do not contact them regarding this patch.
They will offer no support for this patch.
* Where to find this file *
-Personal request to <email removed>.  We'll send you the latest version!
-PC Gamer's June 1998 CD (This used to say "Hey, PC Gamer, put it on your CD!")
-You have it, don't you?  Wherever you got it from.
* How to contact us *
E-mail us at:  <email removed> (Justin)
               <email removed> (Aaron)
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