A wham-bam, bippity-boppin' good Time wreakin' havoc among them Satanic civies and mutated meatheads. Watch your step and ALWAYS watch your back. I...

HUNTER.WAD, release 2
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credit where credit is due.....
Title                   : HUNTER.WAD, release 2 
Author                  : Jin H. Kim  "Time Traveler"
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Mein gott in Himmel, I actually worked on this thing
                          during finals week!
                          circa 5/14/94 - circa 6/2/94
                          *** II ***
                          circa 7/4/94

Description             : A wham-bam, bippity-boppin' good Time wreakin' havoc
                          among them Satanic civies and mutated meatheads.
                          Watch your step and ALWAYS watch your back.  It's 
                          not an impossible level and is quite solvable within
                          a couple of tries.  Well, maybe.  Swap some lead.
                          *** II ***
                          There are no mechanical differences between my first
                          release and this release.  In this release I improved
                          Y alignment, changed some textures, and added a few
                          more dead bodies here and there.  If you happen to 
                          have the first release, you probably got it from one
                          of my friends.
                          This wad is the first of a pseudo episode 4 series.
                          Play difficulty is at least as difficult as the 
                          mid-episode 3 levels when set to ultra-violence.

Additional Credits to   : Absolutely nobody.  Why should I.  I'm a greedy 
                          bastard.  (Now go read the first line of this text.)
                          I thank the Cohan brothers for their ideas and Jer
                          for being the network deathmatch "guinea pig."

* Play Info' *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1 
Single Player           : Yep.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yep.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yep.  (see description below)
Difficulty Settings     : Yep.  (what the hell for, though.  No Doom'er worth
                          his salt even CONSIDERS playing anything less than
                          Ultra Violence)
New Sounds              : Yep.  Shotgun from Terminator 2.
New Graphics            : Nope. (so what.  at least I avoided wholesale usage 
                                 of STARTAN3!)
Demos Replaced          : None. (so what.)

* Construction *

Base                    : Again, no Doom'er worth his salt even CONSIDERS 
                          pirating someone else's level, regardless of whatever
                          permission the author grants.  Be unique.  Be
                          creative.  Spend your life making levels.
Build Time              : Hmmm......60+ hours?  Took a while to do, but that's 
                          ok.  I've never made a level before.  And just when
                          you THINK you're done, there's more to add.
Editor(s) used          : DEU5.1, (DEU5.2 locks up my system..)
                          BSP1.1x, graph paper.
Known Bugs              : For the longest Time I didn't know why some of the
                          graphics would appear see-through after building the
                          nodes.  Eventually BSP 1.1x showed me the error of 
                          my ways..  Ommm.......
                          There is still one persistent and inexplicable
                          problem... in the very lower right hand corner of
                          the map, there is an area that you cannot walk 
                          through.  It's not crucial at all to the game, but
                          even under the closest DEU scrutiny, no human error
                          could be detected.... weird.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels.  And why should they?  Be original.  Let me be more specific.  I've  
seen far too many levels based on the original Doom levels.  Some of those
levels can be quite unique and impressive, but that's still not a good 
enough reason (IMHO) to use them.  Bah.. I'm babbling.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: ftp.uwp.edu (originally)

BBS numbers: The Wine Cooler (310)860-9171
             and wherever else I can put this up.


The story thus far:

        "All right, meat heads, listen up!  You've made it this far, which 
means you're either insane or lucky as hell.  This will be your first true
test in a hostile environment.  A wide range of bandits will attack you from
every side, front, back, topside, bottom side, inside and out.  
        "SomeTimes the man standing next to you will be your bed buddy.  You
will fight with him and knock out the bad guys.  Other Times you're gonna be 
staring at the business end of his plasma rifle!  Either way, you better keep 
sharp or you're dog food!
        "Just remember, to keep you punks from getting out of line, I have the
right to substitute in any one of you fairies with a real marine, fully 
knowledgeable of all the nooks and crannies of this place.  You'll never know
what hit you unless you PAY ATTENTION and learn for the next Time you cross  
that area!
        Ok, boys, lock and load.  The chief's given us the go ahead.  Time to
separate the men from the children we ship back to earth on the first mineral
scout junker!"
        You nervously eye your fellow marine recruits.  Most of them are
equally preoccupied, but you swear that one or two are actually smiling.

                 ********  AN IMPORTANT NOTICE  ******** (yeah right)
        In order to MAXIMIZE your enjoyment of this particular wad, I highly
recommend that you play with at least 3 people on a net.  Have one person 
(usually the best player) study the level thoroughly using whatever means to
discover all of the secrets.  The rest of the group should have just whatever
familiarity they can gain by playing once or twice WITHOUT the IDDT map cheat!
The level has been designed so that one person can be the "hunter" and the 
rest of the group must try and track him down, in the process learning the
hidden nooks and crannies of this level.  Don't spoil your own enjoyment.  You
have been warned.  Obviously I'm saying that Deathmatch is just as interesting
without simply being a "shootout at the ok corral" where people try to nail
each other at long range with plasma and rockets.  Cooperative is also fine.
There are plenty of monsters to slag.  Try "close-in" fighting in the maze.
The maze and "pillars" tends to be slow when there's lots of monsters.  Start
hosing!  If it slows down too much, try a lower difficulty setting.

        If you CAN'T play over a network (or even over a modem) there is no
reason why you can't enjoy this level as it is.  It's not easy and many-a-Time
you will wish for someone to cover your six (in particular, there is a maze in
my level that I fondly call the "meatgrinder.")

        There are some areas (namely the "hunter" areas) that you cannot get
to unless you're playing multi-player.  Call someone or hijack a networked 
office building if you dare.

        And if you have trouble accessing some of the items, drop me a note..
I may even respond after having a good hearty laugh.
        Lately that EXIT sign in my CS building has been looking mighty 

        You know.....  dead bodies and body parts aren't there because they
were in perfect health and then suddenly collapsed........

        One final note.  Read only the alphabetic capital letters....        
q=Yf\,d@Oy#uiUo49a Cf^aAf#af'h6Nhr?*Ngo,O>T.t Gf0aE0%o|Talg 
TioHxb=2kE3[wj qB`q%w>Fa8-^uG!3[

No, what you just read isn't text garbage.. sheesh.


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